Dirks not cleared for baseball activity yet

Andy Dirks will spend at least another week in a walking boot while receiving shock wave therapy on his strained right achilles. The Tigers outfielder, who hasn’t played since May 30, was examined by Tigers foot/ankle specialist Dr. Chris Zingas on Friday in Detroit.

“He’s not right. He’s not ready to start any baseball activities,” manager Jim Leyland said. “We were hoping for that. We didn’t get it.”

The examination, Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, showed improvement, but still some discomfort.

“He’s much improved,” Rand said, “but still has point tenderness there. So he’s going to continue to be in teh boot for another week and he’ll also receive shock wave therapy.”

The delay seemingly would push any timetable for a Dirks return past the All-Star break. While he was cleared to start running on a special treadmill, that’s about the extent of his physical activity. He’ll begin a more full-fledged running program once he’s cleared.


Well DD better get busy.

Brayan Villarael or Octavio Dotel for Peter Bourjos?

Before the season , Henning mentioned him as a target for Lf,before VMart injury.Now, you too. Morosi talks about Bourjos great production . At Halos´s blog he is mentioned as a future All Star. But he is hitting 237 with 3 HRs. Yes, stas are not all , what Im missing in the picture? Beside having a great CF ´s glove

Angels need a reliever but we don’t need Bourjos. I don’t mind trading a reliever but I’d want more than a Bourjos type. I don’t see where he makes us better.

Listening to the Rays pregame broadcast…it’s “Zimbear” night in Tampa…google that to see…pretty funny. Only memory for me of Zimmer is Pedro Martinez tossing him to the ground during a melee.

Geez, I remember when Zim was a PLAYER.

“The little soldier” as coach for Bostonduring the “Greatest WS of All Times” as is known. And the losing manager of the 163th game ( the original version)

believe Zimmer coached/managed with Cubs, Red Sox, Yanks. can’t imagine too many others who have done that with those iconic franchises.

Well Bourjos is about 10 times more talented than Raburn. Great glove, RHB, young, energetic probably develops a little more power.

Things are going to get real interesting for the Angels in the near future. Wells will be ready to come back soon and Bourjos is already the odd man out. Someone will probably have to go. It may be difficult to move Wells, given his salary.

Looks like Price is going to give us fits today.
JV has witnessed some poor fielding out there but he also is not on his game.
Hopefully somehow we can creep back into this one.
AJ starts thing off great in the 4th. I’ll bet Leyland doesn’t run him. Not that it would be easy against Price and Molina

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