V-Mart’s knee good, but no return before September

The MRI results on Victor Martinez’s surgically repaired left knee were positive, according to Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, but his left leg strength isn’t quite there. Thus, he’ll go on what Rand called a single-leg strengthening program that will take up the month of July. If all goes well, he’ll start a running progression in August while gradually picking up baseball activities.

Bottom line, Martinez is still on track for a September return, but maybe not the grand stretch-run that has been speculated.

“Our best-case scenario for a return for him would be sometime around mid to late September,” Rand said.

It might not be what many were hoping, but as Rand pointed, they’re not just dealing with a return for this year. They’re looking at next year and the year after that.


About what I expected. Actually I didn’t really expect him at all this year.

Agree with you. Is it still possible for him to need a second surgery and miss part of NEXT season? We absolutely must avoid that. Doesn’t he have to play in August to be eligible for post-season?? Or just on the 25 man roster?? Too risky.


Wouldn’t y’all like to see him in the dugout?

Let him be. Let him heal. Don’t even bother with September if the team isn’t in a race and absolutely needs him.
Can’t be too encouraged facing Shields today. I don’t think he’s ever lost to the Tigers.

was expecting the Tigers to make a move to shake up the offense…sure didn’t anticipate that the move would be adding (if temporarily only) a 2nd hitting coach…interesting choice.
if Victor truly has ACL tear (reported initially), as he becomes more active, he’ll have a better sense of how stable his knee really is. if it seems unstable, then ACL replacement surgery becomes likely.

Well since Victor won’t be around to help this team, they will definitely need to make a move of some sort.
Does anyone else think that Fister might be hiding something or s it truly that his mechanics are that out of whack?

This is a man 6’8″ that throws across his body. It’s all about mechanics. He picked a bad team to be way off which he was. I don’t think he ever touches much more than 91 on his heater but the thing I noticed the other night was a lot of 85 to 88. Could be still building up arm strength, I guess.

There’s that two out double that will most likely get stranded.

As predictable as taxes and the sun coming up in the morning.

Max looks like he is throwing well. More power to him. Good luck Max.
He won’t be able to go 3 balls on batters very long and be able to get away unscathed

Perhaps Harrah could tell BB to wait until 3-1 before shopping, especially with ball four

Good time to go for second base

Sure looks like the ump got the call wrong at home…with Jackson. I would expect anything less though.

Just watched the replay, the ump did not even see the play and did not asked assistance from the 3b ump

Yes they have hits but also yes, they continue to have less than quality at bats. Those 2 LHB have really haunted us this year.
Another night of umpteen (literally) hits and relatively few runs produced.. Bad break on Cabby’s line out DP–real bad break. That could have been a put down inning..
Nice to see Max taking charge here. Hopefully he can keep it up.
We need more than 3 runs though.

Pretty disappointed in the amount of people left on base, but nice to see some hits. Not a fan of the home plate ump. He’s really inconsistent and down right missing some calls.

As now, last night game was like that slap on the face of the colony commercial of the 70s

Another very costly fielding error by Q and the Tigers. And all those men lob starting to hurt a bit.

Wow how many strikes does Coke have to throw to Jennings. Three were strikes that we’re called balls. I hate having to complain about umps all the time but they are worse than ever.

The Berry E was on a fly or a line drive? Did he miss it on the catwalk?

Berry’s error was on a ground single. he should have been able to hold the runner that was on 1st to 2nd base.
IMO—this run that scored should be an unearned run. It would not have scored without the error being made.. I’ll bet the official scorer won’t see it that way.
I continue to be much less of a Coke fan than many folks here. I just don’t have confidence in him.
Those LOB are like a death sentence. Not sure how many we had yesterday but we have to be around 10 or more tonight.


AJ is sure hitting the ball squarely. Two out triple in the 8th. Berry up. I think if I were he, I would drop down yet another bunt. Shields made a great play to get him last time and I don’t think this southpaw would have a prayer of getting him.

Raburn in for defense!!. JL is a SOC.

Valverde will be coming in when it matters. I’ll have to tell my wife. She actually likes to watch him pitch. I think she thinks he entertaining and dramatic.

I love to watch him pitch too, even though I have a hard time doing it. Just like I loved watching rollercoaster Jones!

I could be wrong but last HR with runner on base from the guys expected to:
Cabrera , june the 7th . 1 on against Cle
Fielder ,may the 29th. 1 on . Pit

Some of you have commented about BB’s swing. Miggy just executed a one hand high finish on his HR. Ideally, that is how it is done.

Nice to see Jhonny Peralta hustle out that ground ball.
He has been swinging the bat better if he could just chip in with some gappers, homers and RBIs it would be fabulous.
3-run save for Valverde–He’s good at these.

Very satisfying to see the bats coming around. Hopefully the power will follow suit.
Scherzer was outstanding.
They scorer did ding him for an earned run there in the 7th. Not the way I remember official scoring to be.
Doesn’t change how dominating he was. He could have been even better with a consistent strike zone.
Way to go Max. Good to see you smile.

DD stuck with Andy Oliver too long. Won’t get much of anything useful for him. Just had another abysmal day for Toledo.
Castellanos is hitting over .300 after his promotion

Picture perfect Brennan.

It was nice to see the hits, not nice to strand so many runners. Max was great again. Aj was outstanding along with Cabrera.

The last HR with a man on was Sunday in the 1st inning by Berry.

Dan asked HR from those expected to hit , I guess he wanted to know about Cabrera and Fielder

If a team draws few walks and rarely homers, it takes some 14-15 hits to get 5 runs. Hopefully with the bats seemingly waking up, the homers will come.
Good pitching tonight which I expect for the entire weekend. It was a strikingly clean game compared to that 3-day circus in Arlington. I like this kind better.
Max threw a lot of pitches vs the small amount of damage allowed, but that’s how he rolls. Good job there.
I’m not sure what that quick word JL had with the umpire was all about after the play at home. It was apparent that Lane was in no position to make that call. You notice that Leyland is a lot meeker with umpires since Boston? They got him buffaloed? A mandate from MLB?
To Rod and Mario: that abomination of facial hair sported by Luke Scott is NOT mutton chop sideburns. Go back to 1970’s NBA and check out Artis Gilmore. Those are mutton chops. So what do you call Scott’s whiskery configuration? Stupid, that’s what. Just plain ugly stupid. Although Mario’s “jawburns” isn’t bad.

Rich, I need to tell you I once considered you as the “Stat Guru” because you came up with things I generally did not consider. But…El Tigre is “The Man.” That guy is fantastic. I copied a link he suggested yesterday(?) Very helpful.

I did consider that funny being tabbed the Stat Guru because I actually dislike using them much. I get more interested in those hard to find numbers such as which pitcher is on the mound most often when Avila gets nailed by a foul tip,etc. I think most stats are pretty meaningless, especially the new ones, although I’m not above pulling out some numbers to prove a point. 😉

And I should add, El Tigre has forgotten more baseball than many of us know. This guy has the facts. (tips cap)

Thanks to both

Cabby is locked in. Could have had 5 hits and at least 1 more RBI. He smoked that liner in the 3rd inning.
I would bet JL is a smug puppy tonight. Especially with the “formula” working in the 7th, 8th and 9th.
Well, mostly working.

Tonight’s game was one of the calmest we have had in a good while. For some strange reason, I thought we would win. Maybe God was helping Max get through the game, and the rest of the weekend. I’m encouraged after our game tonight. Here are three things I particularly liked:
1. The team made adjustments to Shield’s change-up, and essentially negated it’s effectiveness. First win ever against Mr. James. Good up the middle and opposite field hitting.
2. Five through nine didn’t look like Lost in Space tonight. Alas, Ramon was the only hitless one; even Boesch had better AB’s, saw more pitches.
3. Miggy’s HR was the nail in the coffin run. That extra run made Jose a little less freakish in the ninth.

Still growing pains with base running and QB’s error. Can live with that though because you all know the old baseball addage,” You can’t coach speed.” And that’s one thing QB doesn’t lack. Good night to all!

Very calm analysis. Enjoyed it. Thank you.

There were two comments regarding Berry’s error, so I’ll throw in my pennies. It appeared to me that he got fooled by the bounce on the artificial surface. I doubt he’s ever played on it before.

Your probably right, I hate domes.

yep, don’t see those in AAA

Nice win tonight. Good to see Max have another strong outing. AJ, WOW, three hits up the middle and a triple to right center. And Miggy being Miggy. Need to stay in day tight compartments and pull out a couple more wins on this road trip. Tomorrow it’s JV and David Price. Can it get any better??. We have spent a lot more time on the road than at home the past two months. The next two months we get more home cooking. We must capitalize. This year our schedule is more of a big boys schedule. Not many places to relax. Keep grinding. Delmon has driven in runs in four of the past five games. Can he be getting ready to go on a tear like he did in July of 2010?? That would be a big bonus. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

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