Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

Originally, Alex Avila wasn’t expected to start tonight, so that he could be fresh for Thursday night’s opener at Tampa Bay. However, he’s in the lineup tonight. When asked if that means Avila won’t play Thursday, Leyland said, “I have no idea.”

If he feels good, though, he probably will play Thursday, then sit Friday against Rays lefty David Price.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Brennan Boesch, RF
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, DH
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  5. Michael Young, 1B
  6. Nelson Cruz, RF
  7. David Murphy, LF
  8. Mike Napoli, C
  9. Leonys Martin, CF

P: Roy Oswalt



Chicago won.Tribe lost

That’s a good example of how Avila gets too much PT right there. Waiting for the LH pitcher.

Waiting for Godot. (And Avila and Young and Raburn and Peralta and Boesch).
Meanwhile Gearald (who exhibits enthusiasm, determination and results) does the same.

I just wonder how much that big passed ball last night had to do with Alex not getting that bad left knee down. You know?

I know. I feel bad for alez. The injuries are already shortening his career. BUT, he has to pick things up. I’ve likened him to a cashier at a toll booth with his demeanor. Especially on those called 3rd strikes.

Well, at least Roy won’t get a no-hitter.

Well that was some poor base running by Berry.

It looked like a botched hit anr run

What is with Hamilton and throwing the bats. Is it an attention thing? Because, that’s how it looks to me. He loves the attention.

Usually people with his problems do like attention, but seriously annoying.

Already, one poor kid’s dad died trying to reach a ball he threw up in the stands. Now, he’ll probablyl some kid with his bat throwing. They need to put nets up to protect the fans. That’s not funny.

I’m sorry Hamilton and that bat throwing is completely ridiculous, it’s going to be really funny someday when he winds up hurting someone. I just don’t remember tat happening like that before. But I guess he is hurt so often, it’s hard to remember.

2 outs, 2 on, you knew what was going to happen. If Berry doesn’t get a hit or do something, people are saying he’s washed up. Brennan just goes on and on. What is wrong with Leland. I got way more confidence in Donnie Kelly.

Avila hit with authority
Oswalt is throwing strikes. They need to jump on him early or go into a hole like Boesch there

Berry and Jackson 400 OBP

Here we go. Tigers a waste of time. I had such high hopes for today, apparently Fister is not his old self yet. Andthnks to Miguel it’s an extra run. Geez, I just keep thinking things are going to get better and they just dont.

Sorry or the bad typing there, but I’m frustrated and infuriated.

Ya, this team is not much fun to watch!

Lloyd McClendon has a helper.

Hamilton should be fined for this. You are right—it’s not funny at all. I don’t think he could possible be doing it on purpose but he could purposely try to hold on to the bat. It’s not THAT hard to do regardless of your type of swing. He certainly shouldn’t be so light-hearted about it. That’s a weapon.
Fister and Coke both really struggle with 0-2 pitchers.

How did I not hear of this Toby Harrah thing?

Rod and Mario just mentioned that he came on board as Lloyd’s assistant.

I think Texas is also the place where that guy fell out of the upper deck a couple years ago. Dangerous place to watch a game.

yea, that kid’s day.

dad. Happened last year, I’m pretty sure or the year before. Hamilton is an arrogant so and so.

It’s also the place were Hamilton threw that dad a ball and the man fell to his death with his kid there.

Ávila needed the rest. Ad finally Peralta is finding the gaps

If he were Dewaine Wise , that would have been an out

Mercy, mercy, mercy.

He does not trust other than his fastball?

Fister might not want to take Murphy so lightly and stop throwing him pitches right dwn the middle of the plate. Another difference between the Tigers and the Rangers they from 1-9 hit the ball out of the yard with regularity. Granted its an easier park to hit homers. And Kinsler just hit one out. Get Fister the heck out of the game! He s horrible today. Honest to god I’m. Ick of this crap.

I guess Fister was a fluke last year.

There are two guys who fell out of the stands in Texas. Two different events.
Even if we get into the playoffs, how on earth do we get by this Texas team?


Texas is dirty.

Well another base running gaff, but Prince not getting to 2nd in the run down is criminal.

Dont take is wrong but it is Fielder and with only and risking the third out was not wise( especialy in hindsight)

Jhonny made ’em pay.

And then the ump gave Oswalt a very generous strike 2 pitch and Boesch strikes out. Why can’t the Tigers hit home runs. We have 1 homer in this series in this ball park. I just don’t get it at all. Fister finally gets his run support and he can’t pitch tonight.

We have a chance if we can keep THEM from scoring.

Something click there: Berry was crying, Fielder was angry and Cabrera is frustrated ( the HbP affected him for sure). No more smiling
The game ain´t over until is over

That umpire is doing his best to give it to Texas, isn’t he?
Now, they’ve come up near the head on Cabrera twice in this series. It’s time to retaliate. These Rangers play tough so we need to match that. Also looks like that high tight one took Miggy out of his AB, unfortunately. Don’t like to see that.

They did last night, not enough hard

Oswalt threw at Miggy head. Miggy looks out of sorts…maybe from being beaned last night.

Do we have someone ready to put a zero on the board???

GK, you are right about the Ranger pitchers getting a bigger strike zone.

Okay, message delivered. Don’t be afraid to throw another one up in there if necessary.

Appear entry all the freaking hinting the ringers have done over the lat 2 days has worked this umpire is giving them a better strike zone in every instance. The first pitch to zmurphy from below was a strike and hence he would of been struck out. Instead he winds p getting single and another RBI. Thanks ump we ont need any help with losing you jerk!

Thats apparently all the freaking whining the rangers have done.

Should have given Murphy some of that chin music. Bob Gibson would have sat him down after 2 HRs.

More generous calls for Oswalt strikes out Raburn. Again not strikes.

The last one was outside and low.

Leyland on ESPN: ” they still lack the confidence of know they can win everynight”


Belter is an idiot. He asks or the appeal and when it goes against him, he whines. Seems like the Rangers whine an awful lot. It apparently works for them.

I am just so tired of the same blooey game after game. What more can any of us say? It doesn’t look like anything will change. What’s this story about Toby Harrah? Instead of just dumping Lloyd, they hire an assistant? Spend more of MI’s money? Every time a player gets sent to Toledo Bull Durham seems to help. Why not just bring him to Detroit and send Lloyd home? Instead we have to wait and wait and watch someone like BB make a fool of himself swinging at windmills.

Check the blog post on this site.

With Prince at 1st base, the Tigers have to have a great RFer, and a great 2nd baseman.

Well, we had our chances earlier. It’s not like we didn’t get some hits

Ávila and Peralta looked extremely well with the bat. Even Young and BB took at least one good at bat. Raburn hit a double.

Mario says “Jim Bowie, with his sword.” Biggest laugh I’ve had all night. Never heard of the Bowie knife?

Surprised he even knows who he is. Haven’t heard that name in a long time.

First out of his career BB. First hit Raburn. First K , Berry. First walk , Cabrera, First run, AJax. And hit by a truck. In his MLB debut

As we speak there are Rangers fans saying, “Fine, we won, but we can’t go around giving up 9 runs.”

And they are right , they were just less bad than the Tigers

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