Toby Harrah sticking with Tigers to work with hitters

Add the Tigers to the list of teams using two coaches to work with hitters. It’s a trend that has been growing in the big leagues, but it’ll be a first for manager Jim Leyland on his staff.

Technically, it isn’t a new hire. Toby Harrah, the Tigers’ organizational hitting instructor, joined up with the team here in Texas, where he was a three-time All-Star for the Rangers and remains a popular figure. Once the Tigers head to Tampa Bay, however, Harrah is going with them.

The plan is for him to stick around with the team off and on for the rest of the season, working with hitting coach Lloyd McClendon. reported the move Wednesday evening.

“He’s just going to kind of tag along up here for a while and just take a look at some guys,” manager Jim Leyland said after Wednesday’s loss. “We’ve had so many guys struggling, it’s nice to have another helping hand.”

Scott Miller of profiled the trend of teams adding coaches for hitting in a story earlier this month. The Braves, Cardinals and Padres reportedly use two hitting coaches, while other teams have added assistants to help out.

A large part of the trend involves workload. Between extra hitting in indoor cages, early batting practice for hitters working on adjustments, plus video analysis, the job has involved and grown.

“A lot of teams have gone to that now,” Leyland said. “This is really nothing new. I don’t know how long Toby’s going to be here. I think he’ll probably come and go a little bit, but he’s going to be around. A lot of teams have done this. I know Tony La Russa did this with the Cardinals. They had two guys over there to kind of help out, because when you get more than one or two guys struggling, it’s a pretty big job for one guy.”

But the addition also coincides with a Tigers offense that, while posting respectable stats among American League clubs, hasn’t put up the run totals that were expected once Detroit added Prince Fielder to go with Miguel Cabrera, Delmon Young and a young core. The Tigers scored five runs during their three-game series in Pittsburgh last weekend, and have had other stretches where opposing pitchers shut down the offense and induced hitters to chase pitches out of the strike zone.


What did they do, sneak him in the back door wearing a disguise? 🙂

SAD !!!SAD!!!SAD :{

IT’D ABOUT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Raburn can not field

Dan & Jim are having fits that it’s being called a double.

Yes it was the official score, still it was Raburn ´s fault.
And now Cabrera add his

Terrible. Not paying attention.

You gotta be kidding me. How fair to Dotel is it not to give Raburn an error? This game is ridiculous.

Two bad teams there

OMG, I’m shutting if off. It’s unfair to put him in that situation. He’s not a 2nd baseman.

DFA Raburn. How may times will he be allowed to fail? Worth in 2b . G Money for Raburn. Double switch , smart move. And the game was still winnable

Boy we finally get some hits and we don pitch a lick! Crazy game!

Can only imagine what the hosts on ESPN are saying. They came back, but all those errors and mental mistakes are inexcusable.

Is he allowed in the dogout? Last week two All Timers were expelled of the dogout by MLB because there is a limit of the number of people allowed there

Who? Raburn?

no, Toby Harrah?

Mazeroski and Virdon;

Rod said during the game that Harrah wouldn’t dress for games but would be watching the game and give in game suggestions.

Crazy game. And we go back to Texas in August, following a 4-game series with the Yankees in Detroit. Strange how the schedule looks so much tougher than it did when it first came out.
The only thing missing tonight was Tiger homeruns. Can’t win like this. Young, Avila, Peralta, Boesch, Raburn. That’s five guys with 20 homer potential and they’re not even close to doing that, none of them. Even Prince only has 12.
Raburn is a DH first, an outfielder second, and an infielder last. Don’t we have a speedy kid in the minors worth giving a shot?
So that’s the one out of three in Texas, as expected. Now the polar (literally) opposite in Tampa.

The clubhouse atmosphere can’t be terrific. Not because of this game but because of the many poor losses and the way games have been lost all year. I hope we are not seeing evidence of that on the field now.
Hard to slam Raburn. I do feel bad for him. We all know how many times we have seen him turn outs into doubles, triples and even homers. He is frightened out there and must feel he is a magnet. It would be easy to make fun ( I must admit I was laughing) but the loss was not Raburn’s fault. He should not be playing in the field ahead of anybody with the exception of DY. His manager is the one insisting on pounding that peg in the wrong hole. He shouldn’t be out there. Especially with Santiago’s ability.
The “team” blew this one away. Poor base-running. Poor fielding. Poor pitching (0-2 counts too) after the team does hit. Poor “team”..
Boesch might benefit from Harrah. One can only hope. LL has accomplished nothing with him. As I have said–Boesch is almost at his worst when he gets ahead 2-0.
He shouldn’t be playing either.
I don’t know if any of you folks get to listen to post-game interviews (I don’t) but I’d be very interested in someone sharing!
I expect we are not going to hear much more B.S. from JL about this being a good team and that he has no doubt they will start to turn things around. blah, blah,blah.
Their record, the poor play and the time of the season are all serious matters.

I watch the postgame, but usually limit it to Leyland’s comments. Most of the time, they’re not worth reporting, so you’re not missing anything. I’d rather be privy to what the “print” media gets, rather than those staged sessions with FSD.
The postgame starts with about ten minutes of commercials (seriously) then we get C-Mo with the designated host of the evening. There follows some over the top optimism from Craig, who’s just doing his job, then JL mumbles during his meal (I’m sure he’s very hungry by then), more from the “Call Sam” studio ( please), then your standard player interviews where nobody says much of anything. What I do is hit pause on the DVR when the game ends, come in here for some comments, fast forward to JL, then shut it down.
If there’s anything worthwhile, I’ll fill you in.

Jim was pretty honest for a change. The pitching was terrible, the defense was not good, it was an ugly, ugly game, but the team did start hitting.. That’s about it.

Fister “not sharp.” Brought in Below to get the LH batters “but he just didn’t do it. He hasn’t worked in awhile so that’s understandable.”
That’s about it. He does repeat himself a lot.

Another disappointing loss for the Tigers, but Texas really has a lot of offensive weapons. Murphy, a semi platoon guy has always had our number. Pitching just did not show up tonight. Having said that, there were three things that I liked about the game tonight:
1. WE had 17 hits, the most in a long time, with timely contributions from 6-9. Alex’s AB’s looked more like Avilla 2011.
2. Q B continues to make an impact on the lineup; even with the running error and strikeouts, we are better with him in the lineup.
3. Miggy’s Seventh inning defensive stop that led to a sharp, well executed DP. No comments on Miggy’s AB’s

We scored nine runs with only one RBI and one hit from Miggy and Biggy. Boesch is still lost, even though he contributed with the RBI single. The hitting approaches, especially after the first two innings was much improved. Was it a win? No way!
But it gives a faint hope that we might be able to at least compete in Tampa Bay. The most alarming stat of all though: same number of losses as KC. That’s frightening.

I just move on from that one. Those guys are tough to beat even when we play well. I just don’t like the sloppy play, and that’s a serious problem on several levels.
The game was interesting at least, albeit for the wrong reasons.

How about Boesch quit trying to swing at every low pitch he find. there is not a low pitch that he doesn’t love. He needs a 9 iron instead of a bat. How about Rayburn going to bat with a plan. quit swinging for the fences on every pitch. How about protecting the plate with 2 strikes. Delmon have you ever gotten a walk. Three pitches and you have a hit or an out. How about a longer approach and see some more pitches. these are just a few things that they could work on. Make Cabrera the hitting coach for 2 or three of these projects. I bet they would learn alot. Especially Boesch.

It’s one thing to have the occasional bad game but a whole other thing to have frequent ones. This season is frightening the daylights out of me..
Thanks Rich. Much appreciated.

The first thing Toby will work on with Brennan will likely be to keep his head down and make his eyes follow the bat to the ball. His last strikeout was a graphic example of what he is doing with his head. He actually was looking upward on a ball he missed down and away. He is jerking his head and it is causing him to either miss the ball completely or to miss the center of the ball and popup or top it for harmless dribblers and grounders..
It’s shame to see so much raw power and hitting potential squandered.

We could have used Brad Penny tonight.


“but he just didn’t do it. He hasn’t worked in awhile so that’s understandable” Who keeps him in the bench . And use him three times in a month?
Raburn had a good at bat beginning the game. But he was barely safe when did not slide when scored .He is and wont be ever nothing but a DH
Berry needs to work in the fundamentals. Fielder was angry at him , he even cursed him( it seems that on TV).

Sorry for the outburst, Raburn has acknowledged he has not been able to solve his batting. And he is put there and he tries to do his best.Andhe has never been delusional about it

For that reason, I’ve never disliked Raburn and root hard for him. Get disappointed a lot, no doubt of that. His hitting has perked up some. In fact, I’d prefer Ryan to Boesch at this point in time.

so mad at myself for staying up to watch that game – ugly, ugly, ugly. Shame on Leyland for continuing to put Raburn at 2nd, he just is not good there. That did not lose us the game, however it is so defeating to see if and that has to carry through to the guys, especially the pitcher who earned 2 outs and got neither.

some good hitting last night, we hit enough to win, our pitching/fielding iwas bad. Wish I knew what was different for Fister – is he still plagued by his injury? Or was last year just too good to be true?

another one tonight when we can yet again change the tide…

Boesch needs to quit trying to pull every pitch. When he is going good, he gets a lot of left field hits. I do not remember the last time he did not hit the ball to the right side when he put it in play.

hey today is the day VMart is evaluated! yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

We should have the faintest of clues by this evening on where that’s heading.

oh how i love the faintest of clues!

Fister had almost no spring training and his season has been interrupted twice. Perhaps he’s just not in the groove yet. On the other hand, his fastball last year was hitting the mid-90s and I’m not seeing that. I hope he’s not covering an injury.
For the pitching staff in general, I wonder why we give up so many 0-2 hits. Is that pitch selection between catcher and pitcher, or bad execution? Or both?

since we mentioned brad penny recently, and you mention 0-2 hits…….oh man did brad give up 0-2 hits!

Leyland said alot of teams are going with an extra hitting coach. Tigers need to become the first team with two managers. Let Leyland make-out the lineup – then let #2 manager call the shots during the game.

A lot of times the problem IS the lineup.

You’d need one manager to make out the lineups, one to handle the pitching, one to make the in-game decisions, and one to get the team’s attention. JL can do the interviews. See where I’m going with this?
It it true that extra hitting coaches are the new thing.

According to Rod, Ron Washington has Maddux make all the pitching decisions. I get the impression Wash is more or less a cheerleader. Funny how he didn’t catch much flak for the cocaine episode.

He admitted it and offered to resign. The owners liked him and he has brought them noting but winning ways. The camera shows him getting excited but I think there’s much more to him than that.

Mentioned to my wife last night the basic difference between a team like the Rangers and Detroit. The Rangers get men on they hit home runs. Yes the hit solos as well, but the 3 run HR is the most devastating blow in baseball IMO.They are usually game-changing. We just don’t hit them with men on. The last one I can recall is AJ a couple of weeks ago I think–with one man on. I can’t remember the last time we have had a 3-run homer. We have had a lot of so called power hitters up there in that situation though. This has accounted for a lot of runners left on base this year. And too many losses.

Berry hit one with Jackson on against Pittsburgh.

Right. Let me rephrase this. When was the last time one of the guys ,who are expected to, have hit a homer with a man on?

Cabrera , june the 7th . 1 on against Cle
Fielder may the 29th. 1 on . Pit

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