Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

Alex Avila might play less from here on out, but he’s playing today.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Drew Smyly


I feel this group can score runs. The defense looks great too. Break a leg, alex! not literally tho.

I hope Avila’s playing time doesn’t become an issue we’ll have with Leyland. Don’t need anymore issues. If his PT isn’t cut down, he won’t be around by September. This tendonitis seems to be taken too lightly, from what I gather from the quotes. It can and will get worse if he plays too much, and that’s a fact.
I lived in south Texas for awhile. It wasn’t so much the heat during the day, it was the 95 degrees at midnight that was weird. Not a totally dry heat, either.

I know a thing or two about heat waves….might have a paper published soon on the topic actually. heat waves with elevated daily highs AND daily lows are deadly and that was seen in chicago in 1995, st louis in 1966, europe in 2003 and to a lesser extent russia in 2010. lack of stress RELIEF is just as important.

nothing’s been reported about whether Smyly got the blister from throwing a certain pitch or whether he decided on changing his grip. i guess that’s inside information. it will be interesting to see whether his pitch selection changes from usual in this outing.

Nothings been said about this, and Smyly has certianly been ok, but since smyly seems to be prone to long ball Texas might not be the place for him. I really thought Turner would get the next start.

I would expect Darvish to be tough on us tonight. Hopefully we take advantage of the men we do get on base. There have been 7 stolen bases against him in hi last 3 starts. So a guy like AJ have to be ready to run. Obviously Berry will run on him, and to our enjoyment, almost on anybody. Maybe even Cabby will give it a go! He’s a lot spritelier (sic) between 1st and 2nd than home and 1st!!!

Anything can happen in a baseball game but on paper, this looks like a mismatch. Maybe we’ll receive a pleasant surprise. If not, well, turn the page.
I’m about ready to go Raburn over Boesch. Brennan has got to get something going. He’s too easy to pitch to.

Weird, last night I almost didn’t watch the game. Thought for sure the Tigers would get creamed, big time. Shows how fickle the baseball gods can be. Like this line-up, I have always put defense first when wanting guys on the field. Still have more faith in Boesch than in Raburn, hope he proves me right,

Boesch is batting 6th because he is LH. JL could forget about that L/R obsession and put there Peralta.
Boesch is now a normal LHB. He has a little more avg against LHP but only has power against RHP.
Darvish has no control . Patient could payoff

Smyly is in tough against the Rangers lineup. It seems that he has had a few games where he does well at the start–gets out of trouble in the 2nd or 3rd only to give up a dinger or two in the 4th

Drew is around the plate all the time and will give up homers. The key is making them solo shots.

Cleveland already down 3-0 to Yankees. Can the Twins hold the W Sox again? The Tigers have their work cut out for them. Will they hit anywhere near like last night?

I was in the upper deck at the Ballpark in Arlington early in the 1984 baseball season watching the Tigers getting beaten by the Rangers. I wouldn’t leave although my girlfriend wanted to leave. Sure enough Gibby hit a line drive HR to right to win it in the late innings. Nice memory.

I have been following this blog since I got re-interested in the Tigers in 2006. I really appreciate all the great insights and funny comments.

My baseball knowledge is somewhat limited. Played high school ball, coached Little League for 10 years, so I know little to nothing compared to some of you.

I don’t understand why Delmon is so undisciplined at the plate -and why he is in the five hole. Brennan is lost – why can’t the coaches help him? His approach seems to be swing early and often.

That was criminal.

One day a strike machine, the next a no control machine

Brennan……..you had your walk but you swung at ball 4 and then flew out. Good thing that Darvish didn’t really hurt Miggy, and good Prince made him pay

Don’t go Grimm on us, Smyly.

Peralta could give Hamilton the tar supply he wont use

Joel Peralta!! 🙂
But peaking of our Zperalta, the dude can’t buy a hit, he’s getting robbed left and right!

His babip is 295 compared to Cabrera´s 321. Yes, he is finding a glove eveywhere

That was scary. If it happens again next at bat there could be trouble. I don’t think he was head hunting as El Tigre is right–the kid is a little wild. But he was absolutely going inside. Boesch is most definitely lost. I think many of us here probably felt no comfort even when he was ahead 3-0. Swinging with one hand is not working. At least Lloyd can do something about that. It’s not the only hole in his swing though.
Good thing Avila is throwing well because he’s not going to be helping at the bat much.

Avila consistently is grounding out softly to 2nd. I don’t know?…….. Brennan is lost and needs help.

Apparently the Tigers were completely satisfied with their one hit and two runs. Completely abandoned the game plan and being patient which worked, they’ve gone to the quick easy out route.

BB: bats with one hand, catches with two.

It works in Tigers favor so… Dewaine Wise made a spectacular non catch called out by the ump.4-0 in the 7th Yankees – beating Tribe

Somebody here said Smyly would cave in the 4th inning.

Slowbyrn hit the nail on the head. And our 2 hit attack is impressive.

Might want to just consider (sarcasm) taking Smyly out of the game. He continues to throw the pitch in the dirt, they aren’t biting then he has to go up in the zone and he’s getting hit. Granted they blooped a few in on him, but still just not god enough for prime time yet.
Just not feeling it tonight. By the way Darvish not that good, and apparently other teams have figured him out, but only Fielder has for the Tigers. Oops 3 hits Avila just doubled.

Kathy…Interesting take on BB. I don’t favor BB’s release of his back hand when hitting, but that technique has worked for some and was significantly popularized by Charlie Lau. The idea is that the bathead remains in the hitting zone for a longer period of time, which theoretically should increase contact and power potential..

Nice to see Alex get a hit. Still looks like he’s hurting.

Alex needed to be much better than that blocking the plate. Smyly needs to go to AAA. I see potential with him, I just don’t think he’s ready.


Sometimes is better to play against the Tigers than being good

I see ya, Rod.

Ya know the Rangers hitters have been moaning for two days about the strike zone, but their buddy Yu Darvish has had a most favorable strike zone and they should probably shut their traps.

I get the impression Smyly is going to have to be the type to have to reinvent himself.
He just doesn’t throw hard enough to be able to blow it by hitters and may need to become more of a finesse lefty. Seems a bit to casual to me on the mound. Kinda like a teenager hangin’ out at the mall.
I think Darvish is throwing quite well actually. I wish we had him–(not at the cost the Rangers had to ante up though). He’s going to be a tier one pitcher.
4th inning was unfortunate. Smyly didn’t throw well but there were at least 3 poorly hit balls that ended up as hits.
Nice to see Fielder gaining the long ball confidence. We need him to hit 30+ this year to satisfy the changes he precipitated in the lineup.
There is no guarantee that Dirks is going to pick up where he left off (in fact, he probably won’t) but we need him back. Boesch needs help and he isn’t going to get it here. Boesch and Avila are two of my favourite players. They have had brutal years and have hurt this team as much as Young and Raburn have.

I read something that said Dirks is still in a boot and probably won’t be back for quite some time. Now, I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, well, it’s not sounding too good.

I think Darvish isn’t that great he has benefited from his generous strike zone and a poor hitting Tigers club. Darvish benefits from a high powered offense as well, they’ve scored him a ton of runs. But some rather poor offensive clubs have hit him pretty well. Tigers played right into his hands. Believe me I thought there was about a 10 % chance or less of winning this game, I foolishly expected Smyly to give up more and the zithers to hit more.

If that is the case then we need an outfielder via trade.

We’re now at the stage where our hitters start hitting like amateurs. 1st pitch swinging, easy outs polite baseball.

We’ve got 4 hits. Again. Subtract the hits we got off the AA kid last night and how many?

Well, tomorrow we will have the game on ESPN. They were expecting the tying the first place game for the night. It wont be

Below needs to start. Keep Smyly in the pen or call Crosby to fill the spot in the bench

They could give a try to Justin Henry plays 2b and OF. A contact hitter with no power but he showed here sure hands

We got 2 hits the final 8 innings last night. 4 tonight. We know the Pittsburgh numbers. The woeful offense is stunning, what with the season nearly half over.

I don’t think Crosby is going to help us much unless he can come back and throw 95.
Not too upset about tonight. I didn’t figure we were gonna do much with Darvish.
The season is getting on and we’re not. Keep waiting JL. Hope and Dream.

I mean Crsoby can sit in the bench day after day instead of Below. While the latter start

DD decides who plays on the team, who would you suggest JL puts out there? So many not performing it’s a crap shoot.

8th inning now or never

Two on, none out, 3-4-5 all go down. How do I count the ways? To lose.

Pretty disappointing yet predictable huh?

I’ve been saying Below should be in the rotation since January. He’s doing us no good as a bullpen spectator. JL has his selected people that don’t get a chance.

I really wish they’d give Below a shot, or Turner, but Smyly while good early on this season, not so much now.

Jim is so stubborn. He can’t/won’t for whatever reason.

Jim is mad and this is our punishment.

Papa looked pretty good.

That’s too bad the way that inning turned out. I though Miggy was gonna get him.
No faith at all in Young.
9th inning with the notorious bottom of the lineup coming up for us. There’s no way we come back from this one unless the we actually hit the ball and the Rangers kick the ball.
It’s pretty clear Texas is the superior team..

They hit, that’s for sure.

That wasn’t even close to a 3rd strike on Boesch. But appearently ump giving all Texas pitchers the 1 foot oujt of the strike zone pitch.

Well, Fister to win the series


Will someone check AA’s pulse? He couldn’t look more disinterested. You have to be a little mad at yourself once in awhile.
A tale of two worlds for this club.
Sorry to hear that about Dirks.
Boy, this team needs an energizer. Man. Give me a Brent Lawrie type anyday.
Not that it would have made any difference at all, but JL not running on a 3-2 pitch with AJ AND Barry on base defines his managerial strategy and lack of creativity.
Even when we have our 2 fastest guys on there is no willingness to try and make things happen. Just sit back and wait.
DD and JL could write a book on how to make a good team bad.

Now, remember, that’s not a fact that I can docomument. It’s only something I read. Said he was still in a boot which doesn’t bode well in terms of recovery time. Said it could be weeks before he’s ready to play and that probably depends how he heels and how fast. This lineup just doesn’t get it done.

I didn’t expect to win this game but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. If you subtract the 8 hits in 1 inning we got off the AA kid, we have 35 total hits in our last seven games. That’s right, 5 hits a game. It’s a real head scratcher.
I think expectations were put on Avila based on one good season. Pretty much the same with Boesch. Your catcher shouldn’t have to hit, your outfielders must hit. As must the DH, Young. Peralta is hitting but not getting any results. His 20 RBI and Delmon’s, what, 26, are hard to believe.
But that’s just what jumps out. To paraphrase that guy in the car commercial, that’s just one button. There are many buttons. At different times, we haven’t hit, we haven’t fielded, we’ve had bad bullpen, bad starting, and bad managing. Fix one facet and another breaks. And then there’s injuries.
The perfect storm.
Okay, Fister tomorrow, let’s try it again. 2 of 3 in Arlington borders on the miraculous but it’s right there for the taking.

I think the point about Below is well made. He certainly deserves a chance. But JL doesn’t base things on what players deserve. He bases them on how he wants things to work out like he had planned. Tends to repeat it until it does. Hasn’t quite figured out that more often it doesn’t. I think he figures if you pound that square peg long and hard enough you’ll make it fit.
I don’t think Below will be an answer as a starter. But he does deserve consideration. I sometimes forget he’s even on the team.
It is pretty obvious to me that this team needs rejuvenation.

Well, they could use a new manager to provide a different voice and culture, but when I say that, people defend Leyland and say it’s not his fault. And that is entirely beside the point.
Probably wouldn’t help this year anyway.

Just tell them before the game to treat the game like a HR Derby. They can’t get any fewer hits and JL is managing that way anyway.


Call me crazy but I still think we win the division. But, if you win it by one game with 84 wins, was it really that much fun? We could ask the Cardinals fans.

Prince was good but what difference does it make if we don’t games?

win is the missing operative there.

Since I started doing this, I try to find something good in every game the Tigers play. It’s been pretty tough lately, but here we go with three for tonight’s game:

1. For the second straight night, the team scored in the first inning; granted two runs weren’t enough, but it still beats being behind after one inning.
2. Prince again shows that a “gnome” with talent can hit. Watch his hands; he’s really a pretty good hitter. He will help us in the dog days, if we’re still waggin’ our tail.
3. We were never out of the game. Remember the April series; Rick loses 10-3; in this game, we stayed close enough that with one base runner followed by a homer, the game is tied. Texas did not bury us with ad on runs.

Kelly needs to play a couple for Brennan, and even Rayburn for Delmon. Couldn’t be any worse. You know my boy, Brandon was the first of many who will or have departed this team, but if he were here, he’d be third on the team in RBI’s. That should tell us what a sad state our hitting has devolved.

Your “three things” bit is an admirable pursuit, Greg. Keep at it if possible. You often mention something I hadn’t considered or had forgotten.
Going to Baltimore in July? I got Saturday and Sunday.

Unless our pitching carries the day I don’t see it Rich The Tribe and the Sox have some guys that play with fire and panache. I believe they have better all around players on offense and defense.
We need our pitching to be excellent and we need to crush the ball to make up for inadequacies on the bases and in the field. Not saying it can’t or won’t happen, but I don’t think it will happen with the current cast of characters.

I’m thinking we won’t have the current cast of characters by August. The team will evolve.
If there’s one thing we know about Dombrowski, it’s that we don’t know what he’s up to. They can swap rumors over there on that site all they want, but who saw us getting Betemit, Fister, and Young last season? It’s all part of the story that makes up a season, chapter by chapter.

They wont win it but they will be at the top of the division. I watched Cleveland last night. They are worse.

Fister is due to come around, so am hoping for a win tonight. I was hoping for a comeback last night too though. Brennan is very concerning, for my own personal sake I need him to turn it around, my daughter won’t handle it well if he stops playing, although if he gets sent to the Hens for a while she could see him much more close up. I like him, I think he just has lost something he had and can’t get past it. I hope he finds it, he seems like a good guy and hate to see young talent get stuck like he is.

Nice to see another HR by Prince.

The 5 slot in our rotation is turning into a black hole. When that spot comes up it regularly makes me feel I did not fully appreciate Penny’s 11 wins and ability to eat innings.

You put Brad Penny on this years team and he would be lucky to win a game.

True. I”m kind of surprised we didn’t sign Roy Oswalt a few weeks ago when his people contacted DD. Dave’s reason was that we have Smyly. That’s his public reason, anyway.

I meant true about not appreciating Penny.

people who hated brad penny last year are/were rubes

Think we have a “chance” with Oswalt, one thing our hitters can do is hit a fastball. The way Darvish had his pitches moving around I was surprised any Tiger could guess right and hit the ball. That was one of those games you give credit to the other pitcher, Smyly didn’t help his cause, but he has upside.

I don’t hate him but you count me in as a rube.
Out of starting pitchers with at least 25 starts last year Penny was dead last in in MLB in ERA at 5.30
Before anybody bothers to go out and say that ERA is not a good indicator of performance, I have two things to say:
1). I don’t agree
2) How about WHIP then?
3) Bat Avg against?

N.B. Brad Penny was a was also dead last in WHIP (1.56) AND BAA (.306)
All this with a run support average of 6.99
AND if you want to look at how those numbers were in the critical month of September. They were 6.75/1.97/.355

Not one major league team was interested in him this year. I assume he’s still in Japan. Just because he ate a bunch of innings last year does not make him a good choice (even if you accept the hypothesis of an innings eater).. If your last in the league —well obviously, that is kind of saying something. JL loved him I’ll give him that.

If you want to find 3 positive things for the makeup of the roster this year one of them has to be that Brad Penny was not on it.

It was a foregone conclusion Penny would not be on the roster this year, based upon many of the factors noted. I miss 11 wins and not depleting bullpen arms

Kenny Rogers, Joe Sparma or Dave Rozema could have gotten 11 wins for us last year.

Not Sparma. He’s been dead for 26 years. Put Buckeye Joe down for 5 wins.

Penny gave 6 innigs per start last year to go with his 11 wins. Our #5 starters this year have not even averaged 5 innings in 19 starts, and have only totalled 3 wins. If Sparma can do the job, dig him up.

Say it ain’t so Joe!
I did forget that. I really liked Joe. He did throw some pretty spectacular games from time to time.

Actually, Penny’s 11 wins demonstrate how much better the Detroit offense was last year. With Victor, who is being evaluated tomorrow.

Last year the team was 16-15 in Brad Penny starts. This year they are 6-7 in Drew Smyly starts.I consider the WL record a wash. As far as run support they both got 4.68 runs per game. As far as IP per start Penny 5.83, Smyly 5.23. Not much difference there either. ERA Smyly 4.48, Penny 5.30.

Good numbers there.

Do you not factor in Crosby and Wilk, who essentially competed for #5 and filled spot starts to a combined total of 19? Their stats bring average innings to below 5. Smyly has only 2 wins and the others accounted for just 1. Penny pounded out 181 innings in 31 starts.

Two quotes from Mr. Dave:
“I don’t think second base is going to be the reason why we win or lose the division”
“We have not received the production over the whole year at second base, but I will say that (Ramon) Santiago has played much better in recent times.”
“If you can get better (via trade), you’ll do that, but some of our other people will have to step up. Second base for us is more of a complimentary position, and you have to have some of those positions on your ballclub. Not everybody is going to be a star.”
Full article at http://www.mlive.com/tigers/index.ssf/2012/06/detroit_tigers_dave_dombrowski_11.html
I don’t know why DD is doing the Huge Show, but it appears he’s answering the so-called “experts” who keep beating a dead horse about the 2ndbase position. It’s like those national media types just copy what other national media types say.
The bottom line of the entire thing is for some of our people to step up. They don’t need to be named, everybody knows who they are.

Our #5 starter, Drew Smyly has pitched in thirteen games and all of them have been decided by two runs or less. No team has pounded him. He has kept us in the games he has pitched, which I believe we have won 6 and lost 7 . Not bad for a # 5. Any control problems?? Let’s see he was nervous his first outing and walked three guys and has never walked more than two in a game since then. Really if anything his control is too good as hitters are getting homers off him. He needs to put a few batters right on their back side. His next two starts will be a good test to see where he is. TB and KC were his first two games. Let’s see how he does against them the second time.

Last year our first #5 starter, Phil Coke, had a 1-7 record as a starter. He was followed by Charlie Furbush, Duane Below, and Jacob Turner. Which led us to make a trade to get Doug Fister. Brad Penny did some great work early in the season and kept going out there every fifth day all season long. By the end of the season, our three young bucks had passed him up and he was then #5. Now don’t get me wrong JV was always #1 but if you look it up Brad was right behind him in the rotation all season. He probably pitched #2 just to take the pressure off of Max and Rick.

there are lots of ways to paint brad penny as a team sore, and a lot of ways to paint him as a part of our success last year. There were lots of pitchers i was more disappointed in over the years. Jared Washborn to name one.

The fact we are talking about Brad Penny is almost more ridiculous than thinking he could helps us now.

Kinda agree with you. I don’t think anyone inferred he could help us now. My point is that in retrospect, I didn’t give Penny full appreciation for last year’s work.

Well good timing for the White Soxs and bad news for us. White Soxs getting set to play the Yanks and Sabathia and Pettite to the DL. Terrific!

Pettitte wouldn’t have pitched this weekend anyway. The Sox will miss CC.

You don’t miss Penny’s painfully slow and methodical performances? I mean, who takes their cap off between each pitch? He could have won 20 games and still drove me nuts.
On this #5 business, I forgot to mention last night that Smyly didn’t get hit hard at all. Dinks, dribblers, and dunks for the most part. What, two hard hit balls all night off him?
We have also once more caught Texas on an uptick, just like in April.

How about Scherzer-Shields on Thursday and Verlander-Price on Friday? That should be fun.

Santiago: 1 error. 16 DP. 992.%
Last 30 258/343/714
Last 10: 300
June 271.
A RF that can hit and can field is the real need.
Penny is the minors with SF after having problems in Japan

He didn”t last in Japan very long. Wonder what that was about.

Kinda stuck in his ways, I guess.

Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Raburn 4. Fister 1.


Well, the lineup is posted. Avila & Raburn are in it and you can guess the rest.

Please not Avila, not Boesch! My it’s exhausting.

I haven’t seen this much left right left right since I was in the military.

But AJ, JP bat better againt RHP
And BB, AA against LHP
PF, RR bat (or not) the same against both
Only BB, MC ( surprisingly, he used to hit far better againt RHP than this year) and DY have a great gap in the traditional way
Strictly on avg.
So in the end it could be meaningless

Here’s hoping Fister is Fister and the Tigers hitters are better than they normally are!

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