Avila having sore left knee examined

Gerald Laird is starting behind the plate for the Tigers, and he might have done so regardless of Alex Avila’s situation, since Avila caught all three games in Pittsburgh. However, Avila’s left knee is giving him trouble, and it has the Tigers concerned.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” manager Jim Leyland said. “We’re having it looked at, but I could tell he wasn’t feeling right in Pittsburgh. He wasn’t moving right. … I’m more concerned with this becuase he was off for 15 days (with the hamstring strain), and it’s sore.”

Avila said he was feeling pain in the knee on Sunday. It was particularly bad after the game, so the Tigers scheduled him for an MRI exam Monday morning. A Texas Rangers doctor will look over the results and check out the knee himself Monday evening.

“I mean, some days are better than others. Some days, it’s not as painful. It kind of gets to a point where I want to be able to knock it out and not have to deal with it, or least be able to manage it a little better. …

“It’s frustrating, because I was on the DL and had days off, and right when I come off, I start getting pain again, which is kind of concerning for me. I don’t understand why I would be having pain in my knee when I got off the DL.”

Avila said he doesn’t believe there’s anything structurally wrong with his knee, because he’s able to squat. It’s running and hitting that brings out the soreness. He’s frustrated, he said, because he had trouble near the end of last year, geared his offseason workout program to strengthen it, and now is feeling soreness again.

“All last year, at least the second half, I was playing with it and got it to a point where this may be something that I didn’t get fully taken care of and didn’t realize what kind of damage I did,” he said. “I’m getting another opinion today, so we’ll find out what he says.”


He looks to be putting a lot of stress on that knee with his batting stance.

You mean grounding out to 2nd and whiffing causes stress to the knee? Lol.


It began last year, overworked to the break point
“He’s headed up, which would allow him to start here Thursday and give Alex Avila his first game out of the starting lineup in three weeks. Considering the Tigers don’t have another off day until Sept. 8, the game off could be huge.”


So is that on the manager, or do we once again blame the player? The player will always tell you he’s good to go, even when he’s not.

I would blame DD. Once VMart got injured, they had to get a backup. DD even called up Inge instead of a catcher during that stretch. The “flexibility” of having Inge while having Betemit, Kelly or Raburn while having Santiago was costly. I said it last year beginning august.They even entretained the idea of going without Santos in the postseason roster

Plenty of blame, from the GM down to the player it seems.

“The Tigers gained roster flexibility by having Martinez simultaneously serve as their primary designated hitter and second catcher”
i may add a second catcher not catching


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VMart is no longer a catcher. Emergency only. He should be uses as much as Kelly and/or Raburn was/were.
It was noticeable that Avila wa shaveing mobility problems to me. Just the way he walked after a foul ball up the line the other day, and the way he walked back to the dugout after inning ending Ks.
I have been worried about thim ever since the 1st occurrence of the telltale “knee” problems came up.
As many attributes that he has as a backstop were compromised with that injury. Unfortunately, the next natural position for him is, alas, 3rd base.
Dilemma time.
No Hidden Agenda

The post are from last year.When Vmart came back from injury but was not used as backup

They are going to have to call that guy up from AAA again, or go looking for another catcher. Looks like Al’s kid has alot of injuries.

Like it. He throws strikes( a lot) , go for him early.

He did not give me time to write it. It is a perfedct fit for DY

Seven for nine through the order. Five runs. Great job.!!!!!!!

What’s going on here? 5 runs! Hopefully Rick can keep them down some.

They have their hitting shoes on tonight. Texas is going to have to bring in Feldman……”from across the hall” real early.

I’m thinking I should feel sorry for Grimm, but no can do. We’ve suffered from the “drought” long enough.

I know Kathy normally I would too, but we’ve been hitting so ad I just can’t!

Well let’s keep those hitting shoes on! No amount of runs is enough against these boys!

I actually thought Alex looked miserable yesterday, like he was fighting pain with every step. He took weak lethargic swings, and when he put the ball in play, was real labored running down the line. Why JL started him over Gerald (and kept him in) is beyond me. Glad Laird is in there today.

Great job so far, Lloyd Keep it upI

Ya know having 1 game in like a million doesn’t mean the hitting problems are cured by any means. But it’s still nice to see and a lot more fun. I personally am not one to blame managers or coaches especially for these hitting and fielding problems the guys on the field are the ones that need to execute. Also if one of these players were performing somewhat close to their averages we wouldn’t even be talking.
But you sure like to pick fights on here don’t ya?

. Glad you got the point, finally. Fights? Just telling it like it is without being a hater. If you want to hate on the coaches for failure, then be fair and give love for success. Frankly, there is only so much coaches can do. The rest is up to the players.

I’ve never been a hater of coaches, but if you’d been around for the past 6 or 7 years you’d know that. Im one of very few on here who lokes Leyland. But I’m not, going to sit here and watch this day after day and think everything is wonderful when they get 17 hits and 5 runs in four games, some against fairly mediocre pitchers either. They deserved my criticism and everyone else’s. Even in their wins it’s been very difficult to watch because they simply arent playing well and it’s not getting any better.

That it true. Gk always has put it on the players to perform.
Richard, just some friendly advice. Until you get to know us a little better, you might be better served to keep your comments to a more general nature, rather than addressing individual posters so much. It takes awhile to build up the rapport and things can be taken wrong. You do seem to have good input to offer.

Not a good swing Brennan.

Beltre:54 games/ 5 E /7 DP/ 959
Cabrera: 70 Games/ 7 E/ 15 DP/ 962

And the difference in range can be that much. Beltre was not that good until last year

Good add on run. Porcello putting up some zeroes.

Missed the first three batters of the game. What was the count when AJ and Cabby got their hits???

Miguel on the first pitch
AJax on 1-2
Young on the first.

Thanks, El Tigre. When a couple of guys do damage on the first pitch, others tend to follow.

Jhonny had a couple heartbreakers again yesterday. Took Mccutchen to the wall. Between Saturday and Sunday he needed some encouragement after one of those flies yesterday. I saw Octavio, on his way out to the bull pen, trot up along side of him and gave him a one arm hug and pat on the shoulder and some words of encouragement. Good teammate. Dotel looks like he has a genuine sense of humor.

He gives very nice interviews and always has a smile.

Nice job Ricky!

Brian? I was expecting Below

Nice job by Laird too.


And Benoit

2 out of last three first games of a series won

This is an excellent turn of events. I was hoping to win one in Texas and we’ve already done that. I don’t hold out much hope for Smyly tomorrow night. Looks like a bad matchup for him.
Porcello shows that potential in games like this. Once he gets his consistency, everyone will be real happy with him.
That thing in the first inning with Hamilton is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Fans behind the dugout hold up bullseyes and signs that say “throw your bat here, Josh”, and then he lets it fly right at them. Then does it again two pitches later, down the firstbase line. Definitely a WTH moment.
I wouldn’t say we’re out of the woods yet in the hitting department. Ambushing a AA call up in his second start isn’t a real big accomplishment, but it beats the alternative. Delmon looks a little more dangerous going the other way. Boesch, I can’t even figure out what he’s trying to do up there. I’m not sure he knows. I think his PT should be cut severely. I’d rather see Raburn at this point. Even Kelly.
Don’t have the scoop on Avila yet, but they might want to consider starting Worth at second tomorrow to rest Santiago, then sending Danny down in favor of Holaday. Don’t want to wear down another catcher in this heat.

The beauty of this Blog is we play the ball and not the person.
Sure nice to have the closest thing to a laugher since opening week.

Thank you Rich. I am sorry if fellow Tiger fans are offended by my posts. But I tire of the negativism in the face of adversity. I value critical analysis, but I abhor whining when things are not playing out in favorable fashion. And …this is generally the most intelligent and passionate group of posters I have experienced. Thus, I am conflicted.

Most of the negative posts are made during the heat of battle, while the game is on. It’s a form of venting, and better than directing it at family members. 🙂 Your marriage can have a short shelf life if that happens.
One phenomenon of internet comments is that they dramatically increase in volume when negative events occur. Regarding the Tigers, comments on many boards nearly dried up completely last August/September as they drove to the division title.

Well, I’m glad to see that everyone is up late and singing Kumbaya. I having nothing but the utmost respect for this blog. My biggest complaint is to keep it clean, and not throw spears at fellow bloggers. We can at least celebrate a nice win tonight. Lots of you all have mentioned positives for the night, so I want to share three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1.A team knowing that they had to seize the moment, and strike first against the Rangers. Five runs in the opening inning is a tremendous confidence booster for a pitcher who gives up 1.3 hits per inning pitched. Just as important were the add on runs in three different innings.
2. The fluid swing was back. Cabs shows again why he is the best RH hitter in the game. He’s not embarrassed to go with the pitch.
3. The strikeout of Napoli by Ricky in the bottom of the sixth. This was his game statement. I’m not going to let you embarrass me tonight.

Sadly only three hits after inning one, and Boesch is still lost. But we beat Texas in Arlington. If we did it once, we can do it again. Good night to all!

According to Leyland, Avila has patellar tendonitis. Among other things, that condition requires rest. Yet Jim says Avila could possibly play tomorrow. Those two comments are in conflict with one another. They can ice and stretch, but the man will need some time off or he’ll never get better. This is where the manager needs to act responsibly.

Rich, what are the tigers long-term catching solution options, now?

Long term, now. Love it. 🙂 I addressed the now above. Holaday can replace Worth in the short term so Avila can get some days off. After that, JL will need to resist the urge to automatically insert Avila into the lineup everyday. We have a very good 2nd option in Laird.
Despite what Alex said, you can do further damage to the knee by playing, and the tendonitis gets worse and more painful. It’s not a surgical condition in most cases, but the pain will slow you up. He just needs to play less.

What I loved best tonight, beside the win, was what Berry did in the 1st inning. Showed bunt and got brushed back with a ball, then went for a hit and fouled it off, then came right back in for a great bunt. You don’t see that very often and I have wondered out loud and questioned why a player might not try it. Never got an answer, either. The Rangers weren’t expecting him to bunt. Gotta love him!

Nothing better than batting through the order and putting up a big crooked number in the first inning. Especially since it was a payback for the very guy who was pitching for us tonight.
Way to continue to throw up those zeroes, Rick. Hope to see you pitch against these guys in October. Go Tigers!!!

just want to recant my comments about Grimm bracing for a cy young-like performance. Maybe I should dog the boys more often if they are going to have 1st innings like that. Great game last night.

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