Raburn can now decline option to minor leagues

Wednesday was a very big milestone for Ryan Raburn, and another potential roster road block for the Tigers. If Detroit wants to option Raburn to Triple-A Toledo again, they’ll need his approval.

Credit WalkoffWoodward.com and Chris Iott of MLive.com for picking up on it last week. Based on the Major League calendar of service time, Raburn today achieves enough time to qualify for five Major League seasons. According to the collective bargaining agreement, he has the right to decline a minor-league option, even though the Tigers still have an option available to use on him.

What Raburn has is a different scenario than having his options used up. A player who’s out of options must pass through waivers before he’s outrighted to the minors, giving every other Major League club a shot at claiming him if they’re willing to keep him on their 25-man roster. If the Tigers tried to option Raburn and he declined it, he would stay with Detroit. he would become a free agent, free to sign with any club. Sorry for the mix-up. Just got a clarification from a baseball source.


Assuming DD is totally aware of this, checkmate? Raburn wins either way.

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Ryan takes another step closer towards the door – works for me.

I could live on 2.1 M to play AAA baseball, considering as a free agent his value is $0.

An update on our lack of 2+ run homers thus far:
0 from 53 for bases loaded;
0 from 49 for runners on 2nd & 3rd;
1 from 61 for runners 1st & 3rd;
4 from 47 for runners 1st & 2nd.
Only 5 homers delivering 3 runs or about 1 every 14 games.

who is the winner in this trade: Boesch and Raburn for J. Francoeur?

This doesn’t explain why Holaday was sent down and not Worth though. I’m surprised they are keeping Danny around. He doesn’t (and isn’t likely) to play much and they really don’t have Laird physically ready to back-up catch right now.
All the interest in lack of homers by our fans here is justified. Our hitting and slugging are the primary reasons for the sub 500 record. With normal projections of the above we would have put maybe enough losses in the W column to have ourselves in 1st place.

My guess is that Worth starts against lefties, as does Raburn in LF.
Maybe three days in Texas next week will get us in a homer groove?

[shudders] worth and raburn in the same lineup

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