Austin Wood retires from Tigers organization

Austin Wood, the lefty reliever made famous after throwing 169 pitches for the University of Texas during an NCAA tournament game in 2009, has retired, sources confirmed Thursday morning.

His decision comes three years after he achieved notoriety in college for his  12 1/3 innings of one-hit ball in the longest game in NCAA history, a 25-inning marathon that Texas won over Boston College in 7 hours, 3 minutes. The Tigers drafted in the fifth round of that year’s First-Year Player Draft a few weeks later.

Wood missed virtually the entire 2010 season with shoulder surgery, but came back to post a 5-5 record and 3.16 ERA in 50 appearances for at Double-A Erie, striking out 61 batters over 62 2/3 innings. He had similar success at Erie this year, but struggled in a few different stints at Triple-A Toledo, allowing 19 hits and 12 walks over 12 2/3 innings.

The 25-year-old told Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin after Wednesday night’s game and left the team. The move caught Tigers officials by surprise.


Quick 1st inning for Lohse, apparently the Tigers are going to be “polite”. Like Slowburn says!

Another polite 2nd inning. Avila was especially kind a quick 1 pitch out!

Lohse 33 pitches through 3 innings. Laying down for him!

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I guess I’m the only one watching today, or at least commenting. Turner doing okay. Can’t say so much for the dudes at the plate. 3 hits in 4 innings and no walks.

Avila has seen 2 pitches this whole game and made 2 quick outs.. he’s been really unimpressive almost all year.

Just got home for lunch. OMG, no runs again. C’mon, Tigers, wake up!!!

This is why pitchers that get contracts out of HS should sign on the dotted line and go to college when your career is over. College Managers kill pitching prospects cold with blatant overuse. Kenny Baugh comes to mind as well.
I wish Austin Wood well. The fact he got to AAA after shoulder surgery is pretty impressive.

ummm…I haven’t heard of this Austin Wood character previously, but it sounds like the shoulder injury is not really the issue. He sounds like a real talent that may have left the game before his potential was really realized. 25 years old, he should be encouraged to return should a hiatus from the game prove to rejuvenate him.

Thed hitting on this team is atrocious. Yes Fielder finally jacked one but his uppercut swing is far too pronounced right now.
Boesch has to learn how to keep both hands on the bat. He’s doing not bad but I swear this guy could become a better than average big league hitter.
i haven’t said it for awhile but I will see it (and be ridiculed for it) again. Things might improve noticieably if they got themselves a new hitting instructor. It is not a panacea but change is good—especially when things are going bad!

I love when Fielder hits an HR, but I sure wish he’d stop flipping the bat. Just go round the bases.

More easy outs, seems to be the theme of the series.

Holy cow, they made Boggs throw 7 pitches that inning! Hope they’re not to tuckered out!?

MLB TV and my broadband jumped. What happened to Don Kelly?

Banged his knee making a catch earlier in the game.


Are they without backkup catcher? or Laird is able to play?

Laird is ok. He just had a cramp. They gave him some IV fluids.

Who is going to be the hero for us?

Boesch being better against LHP than against RHP was supposed to be a settled matter

right now: boesch hitting RHP < young hitting RHP

hey i ment LHP!

You know, I was thinking when Delmon came up that, with the huge strike zone, we’re better off with a wild swinger like him.

Here we go Q … did it.

Thank you Q! Excellent job by our pitching staff today – could not have been better all around.

The umpire’s wide strike zone had a lot to do with how today’s game played out. It really served no purpose for either team to take pitches. Jacob Turner still managed to walk 5 in 5 innings, so he wouldn’t have fared so well with a different umpire.
In the end, it was a good time to have a hitter like Berry at the plate. He chops that into the ground and all hell breaks loose, even if it doesn’t go through.
Raburn took some good whacks today.
I hope we can go 5-5 on this tough trip coming up, but that will be hard to do.

Q is a major blessing since Dirks is hurt. Love the energy! 4 series in a row – that’s how you are suppose to do it! Lets have a good road trip and have a good all star break!

Three Things I liked about today’s game:
1. This Bullpen right now is “NO BULL$%#!”
2. “Q” continues to exude a passion and desire for winning.
3. Jacob Turner did okay for a 21 year old kid. I see potential.

Well, in the end 4 straight 2 out of 3’s. No Miggie today, but a little Biggie.

The starting rotation has not been that bad either

Beck said that Q ran like Willie Coyote. True ,he has hunger, poise and focus

Just got home from work and reading your comments. So Quintin came through. The antidote for turtlitis.

A further breakdown on Tig HR rates:
Bases Empty: 42HR’s/1304AB’s for 1 every 31.0 AB’s.
Runners On: 21/1012 for 48.2 AB’s;
Scoring Position: 11/571 for 51.9 AB’s;
Scoring & 2 outs: 3/234 for 68 AB’s;
Bases Loaded 0/54 and counting.
So much for the pitcher feeling the pressure more.
I really like the way Prince is starting to settle down the past month including defense. He is probably still trying to impress though hitting only 1 HR with a runner on from 121 AB’s compared to his 10/138 for 13.8 AB’s when bases are empty.
Miggs is amazingly consistent for his HR rates of around 1 every 20 AB’s for all situations despite often given poor pitches to hit in clutch situations.

That’s good stuff, Dave, I appreciate it. Are those numbers readily available or did you work it out yourself?
Just looking at total homerun totals per team, it jumps out that the leaders play in ballparks known for the longball.

Sorry if this was already reported but Cabrera´s “HR” is now a single and two errors

It’s pretty darn important that the TEAM starts to hit. letting starting pitchers have their way with us needs to stop.
Winning a game with 2 runs is not gonna win us a pennant.
Raburn swing pretty well today (at least the 2 at bats I saw). Actually had a fould 3-run HR.
I pretty much missed the game–how did he handle his job at 2nd?

He didn’t get much action. One grounder came up on him. It was a play a big leaguer makes and he made it. No doubleplay opportunities, I don’t think. Those DP turns the past few games is where Santiago is shining. Close plays on the relay at first turn into close outs rather than safes. Just that one beat quicker than the other guys have been, and it makes all the difference.

So now we have won four straight series against NL opponents. Good job. After sixty-nine games, the score reads Tigers 301 Opponents 310. That is not good and we better adjust that ASAP. The only comparison to focus on now is the White Sox 323 Opponents 290. With the games with the Cards, we started 20 games in 20 days and we are still banged up. The twenty five guys we have need to hang tough.
Pirates, Rangers, and Rays will be a tough road trip. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!

Watched the replay when I got home. The usual nailbiter, but a walkoff win. Terrific!

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I must admit Rich to being a lot lazier than in the past and largely now just use the MLB stats made available on their main and team websites. I never used to use it as it was fairly limited and difficult to use but the recent changes made over the past year or so have been a big improvement. The splits together with the season option for Player and Team stats make comparisons pretty easy for most basic stats.

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