Valverde out at least next few days with sprained wrist

Jose Valverde will miss at least the next 3-4 days with what has been disagnosed with a sprained right wrist, but neither the closer nor the Tigers expect him to require a stint on the disabled list while he recovers.

Valverde, who suffered the injury while warming up in the bullpen Tuesday night, underwent an MRI exam that showed inflammation around the flexor tendon in his wrist, Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Wednesday afternoon. He’ll wear a wrist immobilizer for the next few days before he’s re-examined.

If he’s pain-free at that point, he can try to throw.

“We’re just going to treat him day to day and go from there,” Rand said.

The Tigers medical staff is not expecting that to take long.

“We’re not thinking it’s a long-term situation,” Rand said.

Earlier, Valverde said he still felt soreness in the wrist, but that it was a little better than it was last night.

“Last night, when I threw the last pitch, I couldn’t move my fingers,” Valverde said. “It hurt too bad last night. I couldn’t do anything. I’m a guy who wants to compete all the time. Something simple, I’d never shut it down. But last night, I couldn’t do anything. …

“It’s better today than yesterday. That’s why I think it’ll soon go away.”

With Valverde out, manager Jim Leyland he’ll use his relievers by matchup when it comes to save situations. Phil Coke earned the save Tuesday night, but Joaquin Benoit filled in for Valverde while he was sidelined with back soreness earlier this season.

Octavio Dotel also has closing experience over his many Major League stops and stepped in to get the save after Valverde’s back issues forced him out May 15 at Chicago, though he failed miserably in a save situation a week earlier in Seattle.

Even if he’s not closing, though, Dotel has the potential to be a critical piece. If Benoit’s closing, or if Benoit’s off, Dotel becomes the primary right-handed reliever.

“He’s a big key for us right now,” Leyland said.


That doesn’t sound right to me. If it’s an actual sprain, there’s no way he pitches in 3 or 4 days. And if it’s just sore for some reason, we don’t need him going out there trying to pitch over it, especially since one of his pitches is a splitter. We saw him grimacing out there on TV. This situation makes me more nervous than anything that’s happened so far, just because you can’t be blowing saves. JL will have used up his pen for a game relying on Valverde to pitch the 9th, only to find out he can’t be effective.
I sure hope I’m wrong about this. Why short the bullpen when the DL is available?

Seems odd to me as well? I’m not a doctor, but I don’t get it.

Rich mentioned the dammage caused by the splitter in the 80´s( the pitch of choice of Morris). It was forbidden by the Giants after the string of injuries following the introduction of the pitch by Roger Craig ( who also taught it to Scott). As long as I remenber the injuries used to be to the elbow because of the strees put on it by the grip on the ball .

You may be right on that. I don’t remember it all that well. Jeff Robinson was one of them.

what is being reported on the MRI is a tendinitis in his wrist, no mention of ligament sprain. splint, rest, antiinflammatory medication is typical. in some instances, and cautiously, a tendon sheath can be injected with a corticosteroid to reduce the inflammation. it sounds like Dirks has a similar problem in his achilles tendon. can’t inject near the achilles due to increased risk of rupturing that weight bearing tendon.

You got it, Woody.

Love the info and sharing on this site. Thank you.

Well here in the 5th inning Rick is looking good. Not so impressed with the hitters tonight. But that’s. Typical for the most part this year.

Bad play for Berry. Cabrera was signaling 2b for the throw.He ought to know the throw must go to 2b. The good throw erased his mistake ( bailed out by their 3b coach anyway)
ESPN en español Valverde out 2 to 3 weeks

The ball did not hit the bat. Hit by pitch

Dan & Jim on the radio said it was a terrible call. He pulled the bat back and the ball hit him in the thigh. Clear as day.

How could the umpire mess that up with Santiago and the hit by the pitch. There’s almost no day that goes by that and ump doesn’t make questionable calls for or against the tigers. Just not sure how you can miss stuff like that.l

They said he made swing, no way

Uh oh not Gerald now.
Fyi Westbrook not this good.

Time to call the defensive replacement for Boesch after that shoestring catch

Tigers are good at that a 2 out hit and stranding it. Regression tonight.

Well, I guess my necklace stays in the jewelry box if the boys don’t come thru tonight. All I asked for was 4 wins in a row. I’d love to wear my Old English D to work tomorrow.

Nine years ago a skinny rookkie missed a sign from Guillen and jumped over the first pitch to hit a walk off HR. The first game in MLB for Cabrera .As told in ESPN in español

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