Updated: Laird leaves game with left hamstring cramping

UPDATE: The Tigers optioned Luke Putkonen back to Toledo to make room for Jacob Turner in time for his start Thursday, but they held off on activating Alex Avila until they can assess Laird in the morning. If he’s good enough to serve as a backup catcher, the Tigers will likely option Bryan Holaday to Toledo. If Laird is going to miss anything more than a day or two, don’t be surprised if he ends up on the 15-day DL.

“He’ll be re-evaluated tomorrow. We’ll see what we have to do,” Leyland said. “It’s obviously pretty simple: Holaday will either stay and Laird will go on the DL, or Holaday will go down and Alex will be here and Gerald will be backing him up.”

Just as the Tigers were readying to get back to full strength at catcher with Alex Avila’s return, the injury bug has struck again. This time, it again hit Gerald Laird, who left Wednesday’s game against the Cardinals with what the team termed as left hamstring cramping.

Laird is listed as day-to-day.

Laird missed time earlier this month with a strained right hamstring when he tried to hustle out an infield hit. This time, he seemingly injured himself tagging up from first base on a fly ball to center field. He grabbed at the back of his leg afterwards, prompting head athletic trainer Kevin Rand to emerge from the dugout.

Laird limped back to the clubhouse almost immediately. Bryan Holaday pinch-ran for him, then replaced him at catcher for the sixth inning.

The Tigers are expected to have Avila back for Thursday’s series finale, so they’re covered. However, they’ll have to decide whether they can afford to option Holaday back to Triple-A Toledo to open a spot for Avila, as had been previously expected. Avila went on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring.

If the Tigers send out Holaday, they could have Avila as their only healthy catcher, with utility player Don Kelly as an emergency backup. But they also have limited options for sending out other players. Ryan Raburn reached the five-year mark in Major League service time on Wednesday, earning him the right to decline an option to the minor leagues. Danny Worth had been splitting time at second base before ceding more starts to Ramon Santiago lately.


BV–don’t get fastball happy!!!

He’s just been G$$ for real this season. Hate to see him hurt.

Another error that costs the Tigs a run. Pretty disappointed, in pretty much everyone but Porcello and Jackson, the rest of em are sleeping.


Back to Loserville! Pretty disappointed with the effort at the plate.

Cy Westbrook.

Nice Polite Baseball. Keep Smilin’ Prince.

They should be embarrassed at the way they played tonight. Gave away way too many at bats tonight. I’ll say it agin Westbrook really isn’t that good. Waste of time they shouldn’t even have shown up tonight, they were non existent at the plate.

The thing that has surprised me the most this year is a lack of power especially by the dude at 1st. He’s a great singles hitter.

3 homers by this whole team in the last week. Cabrera 1, Jackson 1 and Boesch 1.

Nine years ago a skinny rookkie missed a sign from Guillen and jumped over the first pitch to hit a walk off HR. The first game in MLB for Cabrera .As told in ESPN in español

Well, Miguel was never skinny. Good story, though.

This is the photo. They showed the clip during the broadcast:

Baby face handsome. Still is!

CoPa taking out the power of a slugger is no surprise.And he is not a fit there. It is a field for line hitters that can run with the ball in the gaps.

So of course the rumor is that we’re interested in Carlos Quentin. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

He has 6 HR at Petco Park. That means 7 or 8 at CoPa.Pehaps the same 6 because of the better pitching.
Unless someone knows the Dean Palmer´s secret or is the second coming of Kingman i don see anyone hitting 40 plus at CoPa

We really need to have more homers. You have to be able to score without a ton of hits. And I don’t mean some dude who hits 20 homers with a .240 BA. We probably need to increase longballs by some 50% and I don’t see that happening. With it being the way it is, JL has gone to a more sensible lineup although it didn’t work tonight.
Westbrook is the kind of pitcher that has become increasingly tough on us. 16 groundballs tonight, that’s a lot. At least they didn’t prolong it. Quick game. Porcello pitched well, or at least got good results.
Another blast from the past tomorrow, Kyle Lohse.

Lots of things I didn’t like about tonight’s game. That heavy sinkerball is a wicked pitch if you have the feel, and Westbrook had it tonight. But here we go:
Three things I liked about tonight’s game, even though we lost:
1. Rick’s sinker was the best he’s had in a while. He can build on that.
2. Three well executed double plays. Santiago really tightens up the defense.
3. Jackson’s continued development as a solid ball player. We can’t win at all without him in the lineup.

Turner will be under a lot of pressure. Hopefully, Miggy and Biggy will want to hit tomorrow.

For all our sakes, here’s hoping Turner has a good outing.
You always make good points, Greg. Really enjoy your input and positive takes even in a loss. Jackson is turning into an elite ballplayer. He’s a blessing. Santiago is the man. Those double plays don’t happen without him. Porcello kept us in the game.

I miss Magglio. He hit HR’s all over the place.

Sorry to correct you but Magglio hit 16 HR on the road and only 8 at CoPa during the 2006 season. He used the gaps to hit 50 plus doubles .
Victor last year only hit 12 Hr but had 100 RBI.

True, he used to hit more, though. He could drive the ball with men on base. That’s what I miss.

24 homeruns sounds pretty good to me.

For sure since there were no solo HR , he got 100 plus RBI

Homers from Young 5, Avila 5, Peralta 4, and Boesch 7. Not asking for much, just a few more from one or all of them, and they’re all capable of it. This is what’s missing from last year.

Add Raburn to that list.

Rayburn would probably be considered a “dirtbag” by Jim. On the other hand, when you say a**hole, I can only think of guys like Youklis…tremendous competitor.

You can add Fielder to that in my opinion. I really thought we would see a bit more power out of him. But like I said he’s a great singles hitter!

Homers, homers, where are the homers?? How many are we missing?? As a team we had 68 homers thru 72 games last year on 6/21. This season we have 63 homers thru 68 games on 6/20 . Did we expect to have more homers this year?? You better believe it. How many?? Let’s look at it this way. I think DD would want us to have at least as many homers as all our Central division foes. Right now the White Sox have 22 more homers than us this year. So we are down at least 33% and your 50% would give us maybe a 5 game lead instead of our current deficit. Or could it be that this is a year the pitchers are dominating.?? Cain a perfect game. Dickey for the Mets TWO consecutive 1 hitters. Your analysis that we should have a lot more homers is spot on regarding our Detroit Tigers.

Best thing that happened today for the Tigers?
Nick Castellanos had a double,a triple and a homer for Erie tonight.

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