Avila rehab update

The catching portion of Alex Avila’s rehab assignment has ended without a hitch. He caught five innings of Adam Wilk and went 2-for-2 with a walk in the Mud Hens win over Lehigh Valley.

The evening gave Avila plenty of chances to test his hamstring while running the bases, which was arguably the biggest question going into this assignment. He was caught in a first-inning rundown on the basepaths and come out of it all right, according to John Wagner of the Toledo Blade.

Avila is scheduled to serve as the DH for the Mud Hens Wednesday night. He’s also scheduled to serve as a celebrity ice cream scooper at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit Wednesday morning. Unless something happens Wednesday, Avila will be activated from the DL in time for Thursday’s game against the Cardinals, which fellow Mud Hen Jacob Turner is scheduled to start.


that’s great news! Glad for alex – I hope he can fill G$’s shoes (offensively) as he is hitting like 300 since alex went down.

I am going to the Hens game on Monday, was hoping I would see him but sounds like he will be gone, don’t think anyone else is set for rehab as of yet. Laird is putting some pressure on him, his hitting has been pretty decent. Nice to see run support for JV, but man I am getting really cranky about the errors our team makes. I have not yet read the scoop on Big Potato but Coke did a nice job in his place. Almost back to .500, baby steps will get us where we need to be.

So here we are two games behind Cleveland, who has regained first place. It’s just there for the taking, isn’t it?
It would be nice to get this one tonight so there’s less pressure on Turner tomorrow. These Cardinals hit pretty well. Two sinkerballers tonight. We’ve had some success against Westbrook in the past, but that was a different group of Tigers. He might be difficult tonight.

Greg, I like your post always about “3 things”. And yes, where are the homers? I am begining to think Benoit should be the closer, even if he doesn’t look mean enough. His pitches can be mean.

Reading around, I discovered most people enjoyed being drenched by Coke last night, except for the girl in the white shorts.
I’d forgotten JL’s “bandwagon” comments last night. As with Brandon Inge, my advice to Jim is to just quit talking. Bandwagon my eye. If there’s a bandwagon, it gets empty when we win, if the number of internet comments are any indication. 🙂

you could make a case for Coke being the closer too.
but then again, the Nats put a case together for ryan perry to be a starter.

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