Valverde encouraged by initial tests, getting MRI

Jose Valverde said after the game that he was told by the Tigers medical staff that initial tests on his injured right wrist suggest it isn’t a serious injury. However, he left the ballpark soon after that to undergo an MRI at Detroit Medical Center.

Valverde said the wrist is sore, not a sharp pain. He hurt it while warming up in the bullpen in the bottom of the eighth. He felt it immediately, tried to throw another pitch after that and couldn’t.

“I threw like 10 or 15 pitches. I’m almost ready for the game, and the last pitch I throw, I noticed my wrist started getting sore, tight,” he said. “I had to stop, tell them what’s going on, because I don’t want to be out for too long if it’s something serious.

“But I think I’ll be OK. I’m getting an MRI right now to figure it out.”

It all happened so quickly that Coke didn’t know what was going on until bullpen coach Mike Rojas told him to start warming up. He saw Valverde put down his glove and sit down and thought he had simply finished his warmup routine.

If Valverde is out for any length of time, look for Joaquin Benoit to fill in as closer. The way Benoit has been pitching for the past six weeks, that shouldn’t be a weakness at all. It’s the trickle-down effect to the earlier innings where a Valverde injury would create the biggest issue, because after Phil Coke and Octavio Dotel sharing the eighth inning, the relief corps gets very young. One would imagine Brayan Villarreal getting a good amount of seventh-inning hold chances.


Encouraging news.

That splitter is hard on the forearm, and some good young pitchers had their careers cut short in the 80s because of it. The pitch kind of fell out of vogue after that.
Even if this isn’t serious, we’ll still need to shuffle the relievers for the short term at least. I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with Valverde, but I’d rather not have to continue short in the bullpen.

Nothing encouraging about that news…. unless you are a rival team fan.

Three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Getting on the board first and early, and then a couple of add on’s. We haven’t been doing too much of this lately.
2. A clean crisp Bullpen. Valverde’s injury, I hope is a minor blip. Assigned roles are becoming recognized and fulfilled. These guys can make the adjustment during Valverde’s absence.
3. Delmon making a positive contribution with the bat; Boesch actually walking.

JV, as always gives you a chance to win. Had a control issue tonight, bu he is second to no one. From the movie, “The Rookie”, I’ll paraphrase what each player told Jimmy Morris after their state title run: It’s your turn Rick. Keep it low, and trust your defense.

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Great to see us creeping back into it. But, where are all these homers this club is supposed to be hitting? If that starts to happen they could really get on a roll.
Cabby is due to start one of his tears where everything he hits are ropes.
Fielder is going to start reaching the seats eventually. The keys are Boesch, Avila and Peralta–I suppose Young too. When they can supply power this becomes an incredibly dangerous lineup.

delmon has quietly regained his hitting form.
So what is the word on that MRI results????
What’s the word with Dirks?

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