Eldred, Tigers parting ways, reportedly to Japan

UPDATE: The move is now official. Brad Eldred has been released, the Tigers announced Tuesday afternoon, so that he can sign with the Hiroshima Carp.

Neither the Tigers nor Brad Eldred are saying anything at this point, but it’s clear that he and the Tigers organization are about to part ways.

“There’s nothing really to report yet,” Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin said, “but I think we’ll know something tomorrow.”

Eldred was a last-minute scratch from the Mud Hens lineup, but was not injured. After the game, he was shaking hands with teammates, who were wishing him good luck as they passed by his half-empty locker.

At the same time, a report out of Japan said the Hiroshima Carp were attempting to acquire Eldred, whose hot start made him the talk of baseball earlier this season. It could be a release and a signing, or it could be a sale of the contract.

At this point, though, neither Eldred nor the Tigers are confirming that’s where he’s going. But they’re strongly hinting at it.

“What’s going on is probably better for me and my family,” Eldred said. “That’s obviously the way I’m going to go.”

Meanwhile, there was a new face bringing his equipment into the Mud Hens locker room. That was Jeff Baisley, who played 62 games this season with the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico, batting .284 with 15 doubles, eight homers and 41 RBIs in 62 games.

“He’ll be added tomorrow,” Nevin said.

Put it all together, and you can figure out what’s going down Tuesday.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say anything,” Eldred said. “I wish I could tell.”

Eldred made headlines with a torrid opening month in Toledo, batting .388 with 13 homers and 35 RBIs in 20 April games. That prompted the Tigers to purchase his contract April 27 after they released Brandon Inge. Manager Jim Leyland installed him as the designated hitter for three games against the Yankees, during which he went 2-for-13 with five strikeouts.

He was 3-for-16 with six strikeouts when the Tigers designated him for assignment the next Friday to make room for Delmon Young’s return from Major League Baseball’s restricted list. Eldred accepted the assignment rather than opt for free agency, which was his right.

Since then, Eldred has batted .263 (41-for-156) with 11 homers and 30 RBIs in 43 games, while striking out 52 times.

“It’s been great,” Eldred said. “I couldn’t really ask for a whole lot more — obviously, more opportunity, whatever you want to call it. But it kind of is what it is right now.”


Best of luck Brad!

Yeah, good luck to Brad Eldred. Wish I could have seen him play in Toledo, especially in April.
According to MLive, Victor’s MRI is June 28, if anybody doesn’t have that info yet. Should have an idea of where we’re headed in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, the Cubs smashed the Sox at the Cell, so the deficit is now 2.5 games.

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yep best of luck to brad! Glad he came up for a minute last month.

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Hope he has a great few years in Japan. I guess Raburn is a better fit as a RH hitter than Eldred!! LOL..

Another case of no instant gratification and glaring favoritism. Since Eldred did not produce immediately, he went the way of Sizemore, Rhymes, Wells, that other phenom from Toledo (forgot his name already) and countless others. Meanwhile, Inge, Raburn and some others have been given way more time than they deserved. Good luck, Brad.

just out of curiosity what do you think the later group had that the former group did not? I mean, why would management favor those two guys over the guys that were cut loose? Think they just snuggled up to Mr. I?

He had hs shot, didn’t work out, good luck in Japan..

N.B. Marty:Justin Verlander is the Tigers’ scheduled starter against St. Louis on Tuesday, which means he’ll also be slated to start SUNDAY’S GAME AT PNC PARK.
(From MLive.com)

It appears Avila survived the Oliver physical rehab test in Toledo yesterday. That young man can really make a catcher work.

hahahah true true like catching Bad Maxx

Speaking of the catchers, Laird got nailed back there a couple of times on Sunday. It sure would be interesting to know which pitchers are most often on the mound when this happens. I had a thought that it was the movement on Scherzer’s pitches that caused the hitters to miss by just that much so often. There’s foul balls, and then there are those that the hitter barely touches. I bet this doesn’t happen as much when, say, Porcello is pitching. Any thoughts on that?

Is that because the hitters don’t miss many of Porcello’s pitches?

Rich, we should be concerned about Avila having concusssion problems somewhere down the road. I wonder if our power arms create more foul tips that score direct hits to the catchers mask??. Remember the sparks flying in Chicago last year?? And speaking of power arms, Jason, has anyone noticed that our pitchers lead the AL in strikeouts followed by the Rays, Yanks, Rangers, and White Sox. For the last three seasons we have never finished higher than eighth in the league. Good job DD for getting us power arms to the big leagues. Likewise, we are last in double plays followed by the White Sox, Rangers, Yanks, and Rays. There must be a direct correlation there somewhere. Our pitchers have 552 Ks in 584 innings and several of the other AL teams are past 600 innings.
I wonder if stat people keep track of the number of Ks that are the first, second or third out of an inning. The deal breaker for everyone looking for the inning ending double play is when the second out of the inning is recorded by a K. It obviously happens more often for us than other teams. The team with the fewest Ks and the most DPs is of course the Twins.

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