Jacob Turner to start Thursday against Cards

So much for the bullpen start idea for Thursday. Instead, it’ll be Jacob Turner facing the Cardinals in his first start for the Tigers this season.

The decision came down too late to get a pregame explanation about it from manager Jim Leyland, but it’s quite possible he just didn’t want to leave his bullpen that stretched, or take the chance that his bullpen would be ready to cover that many innings after Rick Porcello starts Wednesday night.

Turner was winless in three spot starts for the Tigers last season, but pitched decently well in two of them. The 21-year-old went into spring training as one of the favorites to win the open spot in the Tigers rotation, but early spring struggles put him behind before mid-spring shoulder tendinitis left him starting the season in extended spring training rather than Detroit or Toledo. He has 11 starts between Class A Lakeland and the Mud Hens, the last three of them going at least six innings with one earned run each. He allowed four hits and struck out six last Friday against Norfolk to outduel Jamie Moyer.


I wish I could be wrong sometimes. Bases loaded, which hasn’t been a good sign for the Tigers. Boesch at bat. I could see a DP coming There it is. (groan)

I posted this elsewhere but I just really wanted to register my disgust with Leyland ( on an otherwise) fine day.
An incredible, insulting, embarassing and unnecesary SMM.
Other than 2 stupid managerial moves, this was a pleasure to watch. I’m ashamed of Jim Leyland for doing that to Boesch. That just shows him up and adding insult to injury ( this is a 5 run game after all) it was done in the guise of being a smart defensive move. I’d take Brennan out there any day rather than Raburn.
I would not ‘understand” but it would have been slightly more palatable if it been a 2 run game and he used DY tp to PH. Raburn’s use was demeaning.

wasn’t it against a righty, tho? that must have some managerial credibility…..

They didn’t need the runs but the LOB was terrible today. Jackson 5, Cabrera 5, and Boesch 8. I lost track of how many bases-loaded situations they blew. But I’ll take that Max more often. After Friday’s 12-run debacle, Fister and Scherzer shut out the Rockies and the bullpen only allowed one run Saturday. Cleveland lost today and the Cardinals haven’t been playing that well but the Tigers seem to give up the first game of each series. That’s 3 series in a row they have taken after losing the first game. Reds, Cubs, Rox.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. We used the rain delay to go up onto our little main street where they were holding an antique car show. Got back just as the game resumed. Nice little break.
It shouldn’t take 15 hits to get 5 runs. We really need some homeruns. Really need a 5-hole hitter too. Maybe Peralta? It would be a huge boon to get Victor back to take that over.
Scherzer was about as good as he gets. Excellent and much needed long outing. Berry and Santiago are staking a claim to the starting spots.
I didn’t see any real insult to Boesch when Raburn pinch hit preceding the expected defensive replacement. In his postgame, JL stressed that he would put his best team on the field. That can be taken in a number of ways, I know, but the statement was in answer to a question about starting Berry. I took it to mean that the Youngs and Boeschs need to step up or they’d go in a different direction. Some of these guys are complacent and need a wakeup call. Berry brings a totally different dimension and tons of genuine enthusiasm for the game. I expect him to start against the RHers, at least. That move right there puts the other outfielders on notice. You CAN be replaced.
We threw away three games of the last nine, otherwise we’d have a 9-game winning streak. We’re getting there, slowly.

Sox lose, three back. Cut their lead in half in one week.

Not Boesch. He has more dimensions than ONE and far more potential than Delmon Young.
I think this is a player to be handled with some modicum of psychology. He at least was getting his bat on the ball. Raburn? in that situation at that time—no way.

BTW, Rich, you may not see the insult—-but did Boesch? Was it necessary? Did it accomplish anything?

I see what you’re saying and agree with most of it. I certainly don’t want to compare Boesch with Young. Delmon is as good as he’ll ever get, while Brennan has potential. Whether he took it as an insult, I have no idea. I do think that JL was trying to shake him up a little. Again, don’t know if that’s the right approach with him. If Raburn had hit a grand slam, we’d still be having this discussion but at least Ryan would have gotten a shot in the arm. Raburn should have known that umpire’s strike zone by that late in the game, even if he had been on the bench. The hitters do talk in there. Took strike three on a pitch that had been called all day.
In 2010, JL left Boesch in the 5-hole to die. I’m sure that didn’t help him. Maybe he’s trying a different tactic with him.

Why has Raburn been starting more than Berry lately?

He’s starting Raburn against the lefthand pitchers. I expect we’ll see Berry all this week against those RHers.


Three things I liked about today’s game.
1. Max’s delivery looked more fluid and less like the “Scarecrow” from “The Wizard of Oz”.
2. 1-2 Lineup Punch played very effectively; They were waitin on you, Miggy and Biggy.
3. Gerald Laird has filled in effectively for Avila.

Dare I say it! Is the rotation coming around? Your time is coming Rick.

Rick doesn’t have the “will” that Max and Fister have. He’s got the talent but not the determination and edginess that the other two have.
When RP throws you should be scoring at least 4 yourself.

Judging needs by position, as Morosi does here, is misleading. The .507 OPS at 2ndbase is due entirely to Raburn’s struggles. We have Santiago, who strengthens the team, rather than weaken it. Talking of the LF position leaves Delmon completely out of the discussion. He is one of the LFers. I expected more from Jon.

When do we get Dirks back?

They don’t seem to know when Dirks comes back. He should be getting better, not worse.

ramon santiago has a detroit-career OPS of .660 btw.

I don’t see Quentin fitting. Unless DD is planning on shelving DY. Scutaro makes a lot of sense. If Berry keeps going and Dirks comes back and picks up where he left off do you sit BB?

Delmon is DHing, and was replaced in the batting order by Kelly while Cabrera DHed. If they play Santiago, Berry is platooning with Raburn.
I’d worry about Dirks when he comes back, whenever that is. Delmon might be gone by then.

This is just something I made up for humor, and not to be taken as fact:
Miggy to Prince: “I no hit when I DH.”
Prince to Miggy: “Wow man, it’s that tough?”
Miggy to Prince: No no, I mean, I no hit when I DH.” (winks)
Prince to Miggy: “Oh, I get it. Good strategy. I hate to DH too.”

I think Quintin has moved above both Raburn and Young in the depth chart. This is the type of player I’ve been looking for for a long time. The guy deserves a chance and he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the game. Santiago, despite the bone head pick off at second, came up big when others failed. Austin is playing like an All Star. The table is getting set so often lately, I don’t think MC is used to it yet.
I read the trade talk on the link El Tigre. I hope Tiger management don’t give away too much to get what they think they need. If I thought there was a good chance VMart would return before or by September I’d maybe hold off on acquiring the RHB (the price will be high). Also the poor second base ranking is not really a fair reflection of Santiago who I still feel can fill that spot admirably. Of the names mentioned, I do like Scutaro. He plays solid baseball and I think he has the winning mentality and leadership quality that would be valuable in the stretch run and playoffs.
Things are looking brighter lately and we are in the Central. Not out of the woods yet though. Important that JV, DF, and MS continue pitching deep and winning most of their games. I do think the offense is improving. Quintin has been an impact player. You can write him off as an AAA player who is playing above his head (and will come back down to earth), but I prefer to think he is for real, and, given the opportunity, will continue to energize this team. QB=MC2

I read your above comment Rich. I agree with your assessment of Santiago. That was my point also. The ranking was more due to Raburn’s and Worth’s performances. I predict Ramon will climb to .250 before all is said and done. Of course that’s based on him actually getting to play. We know how that goes.

So I see 4 roster spots available for upgrades and 2 guys to come back from DL. Holliday, Worth, Raburn, Kelly. Avila and Dirks will probably force Holliday and Worth back to Toledo. Then we could get Scutaro to replace Raburn. And I think we all like Kelly on the bench for his flexibility.
Of course I think just about everyone on the active roster can improve their play.

Forgot to mention. I’m heading down to Pittsburgh next Saturday for the Saturday and Sunday games. Good seats near the Tiger dugout. Wasn’t so enthusiastic a week or two ago but am looking forward now. I see Max will be pitching Saturday. Who will pitch Sunday? Looks like I’ll miss JV again. Nuts.

I would think you would see JV on Sunday. He would be pitching on rotation and it looks like Turner, Fister, Scherzer (Thrs, Fri, Sat) then Ver. Keep your fingers crossed Marty.

I hope Turner does well in his start, but still hope that they give him time to develop. Nothing wrong with giving him a look, but don’t even think about trying to bring him up too quickly.

Thanks Dan. I will.

C,mon Tig’s, do you see the Yanks have won 9 in a row?

Giving Turner a spot start in his hometown is smart. Smyly’s innings need to be watched and I would rather see Turner given a couple spot starts instead of Crosby/Oliver.
I *really* liked AJax/Berry hitting 1-2. Speed puts so much pressure on pitchers, ride Berry as long as he is hot.
Wonder if they are thinking of DFA Delmon if he doesn’t start hitting. Delmon fetched only a low A prospect last year, and this year he has regressed.

One wonders what Delmon would be like if he could transform himself, and by that I mean in baseball terms. More precisely, becoming a thinking man’s hitter with plate discipline and patience. Our team can’t afford to wait for this to happen. He pretty much has to go.

Avila will be catching Andy Oliver tonight. I think Andy might have some trade value based soley on his arm. His wildness is actualy getting worse. In 2010 he walked 50 in 130 IP. 80 last year and this year he has walked 54 already, in just 74 IP.

Well, he’s lefthanded, which gives his value a slight bump. Seems that other clubs usually want Smyly instead and who can blame them? I’d say Crosby has much more upside than Oliver. Casey has to hit his spots while letting his fastball loose at the same time. I saw him do it in one ST appearance, so it is there. I thought they brought Casey up a little early, but he didn’t really disappoint in the potential department.

Back from vacation and not watching/reading about the Tigers for a full week. Saw a few highlights and scores on sportscenter, but that was it and it was nice to miss that frustration. the good news is we are closer to first place and closer to .500 so if it means I take more vacations I will! I do’nt know much so won’t comment on what has happened this past week, but will tell you about my trip to see JV pitch against the Reds. It was something special to see JV pitch in person, albeit from nosebleed seats. He hit 100 on the radar I think 8 straight pitches, not sure if that was smart but you sure could tell he meant business. He burned out too quickly, but was a treat to see Benoit and Valverde produce like last year. It was the largest non-opening day regular season attendance at their ballpark, and Tiger fans were everywhere, it was amazing to experience, it almost felt like a home game. Way to represent Tiger fans!

Hoping Turner will be decent then our rotation will be set. Dirks back soon, Avila on assignment. 3 series in a row, this could be our turn of the season. A sweep of STL would be nice

Hate to be the wet blanket, but Dirks is not going to be back soon according to the press. Turner is up for a spot start, then I anticipate Smyly back.
The bright spots are that Avila and Smyly will be back soon. Not sure about Dotel….
How smart was the G-Money signing this year, he has played very well.

You do realize the game is in Detroit that Turner is pitching?

anybody remember when i WONDERED what ppl thought about trading for ALTUVE……

he’s called a “best option” here

I would think that Altuve is out of reach. They will want Turner or Castellanos for him.
I’d offer them Oliver or Crosby and Delmon and/or Raburn.
In reality Houston would drive a really hard bargain and want something like Porcello AND Turner.
Altuve would be a nice acquisition but , like I say, that is little more than an exercise in velleity.

I agree we should not trade for him. Unless they would accept Delmon + Prospects not named Nick C. and Jacob T.

Darn, had to look that word up! Nice one, Dan.

I know a RHB we won’t get (or want). KY from Boston. (Ricky already has a room-mate on the road!)

lol ! I hate that guy so much still!

Who is the best internal solution to replace Valverde, assuming he is not on the team after this season? My vote is either David Villareal, Al Alburque[sic] or Benoit. What do ya’ll think tho?

Benoit–without reservation.

BUT–Jose ain’t gonna’ lose his job. Not with JL here.

really? i would think he is gone for team salary reasons…idk….maybe you are right. does seem like we’ve developed a few bullpen arms and next year would be a good time to move forward on that front.

Oh—next year? I was thinking you meant this year!
He’s history next year. They could elevate Benoit if he’s comfortable with it but they will need another closer. No Way Jose.

yea next year.

Quoted from the above linked MLive article re 2ndbasemen: “While the trio of Ramon Santiago, Danny Worth and Ryan Raburn have been unproductive, is someone such as Barney or Scutaro worth dealing a prospect for?”
For the love of all that’s holy, stop linking Santiago with Raburn and Worth. Please!
Over the past month, Ramon has hit .290. His OBP is .380. His SLG is .403. He plays a sharp 2ndbase.
We’re tossing about the same tired names that we tossed about all winter and now we’re going to do it again? Santiago is better than ALL the players we could realistically acquire.
Stop the madness!

he is when he gets going – that is for. sure.

They should settle on Ramon but I’d take Altuve in a heartbeat if he were available at a cost that was reasonable (to us).

He’s not.

Alfonso Soria”NO”.
Linked to Tigers need for a RHB at DH at MLBTR.com Huh? He’s another Delmon at the plate. Older and way more expensive.
I’m sure this is just talk at MLBTR and has no substance to it. Wasn’t VMart’s MRI supposed to have been on the 15th?
Was it put back till the end of the month?
Almost ensures DY’s fate. At least I hope it does. maybe we can get a prospect for him. Heaven knows we need to beef up the farm a bit.

Vmart = takes DH away from delmon
Dirks/Berry = taking LF away from delmon
sadly tho, Raburn going again will = everyday 2b.

A big RHB? If they get VMart back in August why not use Eldred? He is not Mike Hessman. He might go the way of Big Mike but just because of the physical attributes does not mean he will hit the same. The Tigers ar famous for “stop-gap” solutions. This one could work better than doling out for some faded star till VMart arrives.

the only way I could justify it is if that big RHB was a 2Bman. Isn’t there a guy on Toronto like that tho?

Vmart might not come back this year fellas – i mean, i’d give it a 10% chance he does not come back. And then on top of that, it’d give you a 25% chance he doesn’t hit well when he gets back. By my calculations thats like a 68% chance Vmart comes back and hits like the G he was the past 3 years.

The guy on Toronto is probably Kelly Johnson—bats LH. Not a good enough fielder.
Better off with Ramon. Ramon makes the plays out there. If he could hit north of .260 he would help the team. Anything under .250 doesn’t help us enough. That’s my opinion of course and I do know what opinions are “like”.

AH yea it is him and yep a LH.

Ramon hasn’t hit below .260 in six years. Over his last 223 ABs, he’s hitting…., .260

Alex flew out to the warning track his 1st AB.
BTW, Eldred was a late scratch as DH!?

@Chris_Iott Japanese team showing interest in Eldred

Hope he makes it. He can make good money over there.

Best of luck Jacob Turner. We are all pulling for you to do well. Beat those defending World Champions. Let’s see, what has that competition for the fifth spot in the rotation netted us so far? Drew Smyly won the competition and has a 2-2 record in twelve starts in which I believe the team has a 6-6 record. Duane Below received a call up because of an injury and has been a solid contributor in the bullpen all season long. Adam Wilk 0-3 was called up and roughed up, but he still might help us out before this season is over, as a lefty in the bullpen. Most recently, Casey Crosby went 1-1 in three starts. Go to Toledo and just keep working. You have the stuff now find the control. Andy Oliver was in the competition and has not been in the show this year but wait a minute the season is not even half over. Stay tuned.

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