Fister to start Friday, bullpen day possible Thursday

Doug Fister felt fine this morning after his six scoreless innings of work Saturday, which is pretty much a best-case scenario for the Tigers right now. That said, manager Jim Leyland decided he isn’t going to push his luck, so he’s going to give Fister an extra day of rest and start him Friday night in the series opener at Pittsburgh.

Max Scherzer will also get the extra day then, starting Saturday. Thursday, meanwhile, remains a TBA assignment for the start.

“I’m thinking about making that start a bullpen game, depending on what we have to do before that,” Leyland said. “Sometimes that’s not a bad idea. … That’s just a thought. I’m not saying that’s going to happen.”

One possible reason behind the bullpen start is the increasing chance that they’ll only have to fill the rotation spot once before Drew Smyly comes back. He played catch Saturday and felt good, according to Leyland, and they’re hoping they can schedule him to pitch on June 26, the day he’s eligible to come off the disabled list. That would be the second game of the series in Texas.


Weber & Putkonen? I don’t expect Marte to be here much longer. Would not be surprised to see a couple of guys on that 40 man replaced with Bootcheck or Downs.
De La Cruz has been throwing pretty well in Erie. He may be in-line for a promotion should Oliver or ?Crosby go somewhere. Actually De La Cruz is ON the 40 man roster.

Below could throw 5+ innings as he has always been a starter in the minors. Plus, he has pitched as well as anybody all year. Let him throw.


Leyland pregame:

“santiago made a couple of defensive gems that really helped us out.”
regarding Thursday: “it could be a bullpen game, it could be a spot start for someone here or in toledo.”
“benoit and coke will not pitch today…coke wants to pitch today, he’s a warrior”
regarding Cabrera’s little league HR: “i was just glad he didn’t pull a muscle…when he goes 4 bases he’s usually trotting.”

they could bring Turner up for a spot start. 20 games in 20 days? not best time to run through the pen. i suppose if Putkonen or Weber are soon to be demoted, they could start either one.

Anybody hear if Castellanos has been injured? He’s not been playing the last 3 games for Erie.

He jammed his thumb a few days ago. No big deal. He also seemed to be pressing at the plate. No reason to be alarmed.

Inning #1 wasted opportunity #1 …. 2 lob. Guthrie has given up 7 earned in each of his last two outings. My hope is they don’t make Cy Guthrie out of him!

My first complaint and 1st SMM of the day is loading the top of the lineup with speed and then unbelievably not running them after BOTH of them get on!!!
What’s the point here? Everyone knows how hard Cabby hits the ball, how slow he is out of the box and the percentages that a ground ball DP are gonna take you right out of the inning.

BTW, can you imagine how much damge Cabby could inflict if he were comfortable with swinging on 3-0 pitches?

Thanks Chris. Not alarmed at all.

N.B. to Austin–Guthriw is not likely to pitch you inside bud. When he did in the 1st you got him. He’s gonna want to stay away and take advantage of the outside called strikes. Go with it.

Berry does bring some “game” with him doesn’t he?
Brad Lidge released by Nats.
Anybody think he may be a bit better than Putkonen or Marte?
Time for Prince to go yard.
I mean really this teem NEEDS a 3 run homer something fierce.

QED ,why you dont run with Cabrera on deck

A hit with bases loaded by Ramón. Making the most of his chance

Ramon has been a solid dependable player in the midst of a lot of Tiger Turmoil this year. Even with the low BA.
How’s the prognosis for the weather?
Here’s a question, why is it a an official scorer will give an error to the PITCHER on an untouched foul pop bunt but they will give a double when an outfielder butchers a fly ball and lets it fall to to the turf?
Boy—we need to get this game in the books

Apparently it is going to be an hour or so before the rain is expected to let up.

Left for work at 10:45 an it was raining. Didn’t last too long. Seems like they should be able to get the game in. I love Berry. Wears his heart on his sleeve and brings enthusiasm. It’s why the fans like him…it’s genuine and he doesn’t make millions..


So much for Below starting. Turner is up. Sorry, Rich.

Laird beat out an infield hit? Don’t tip the umps, but someone should check those cleats to make sure they’re within regulation. Also, Fielder with a headfirst dive into 2nd for a double. Who do these guys think they are?

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