Avila heading out on rehab assignment with Hens

The rehab assignment is set for catcher Alex Avila, who will become a Toledo Mud Hens for a few days starting Monday night. He’s scheduled to catch five innings Monday and Tuesday night, then serve as the designated hitter on Wednesday. If all goes well, he’ll rejoin the Tigers in time for Thursday’s matinee against the Cardinals.


First family of MLB?
Choices were Ripken, Bonds, Griffey and Boone. If I had to choose from the 4 I would go with Boone. All stalwart people spanning 3 generations (that I know of).
Conspicuous by its absence are the Alous!

Fister & Scherzer have been dynamite and JL must be having pretty nice thoughts about those two and how they have saved his bacon these last couple of days–not too mention what this could mean for the rest of the year.

Didn’t the Tigers draft one of Bob Boone’s boys, maybe Matt? Don’t believe he ever made it to majors. Without family ties, Tigers probably wouldn’t have drafted Alex. Same for Dodgers and Mike Piazza years ago. Piazza was a low draft pick, “godson” of Tommy Lasorda.

good thing about baseball…nepotism might give a guy a shot in the minors, but performance determines whether he has a major league career.

OK—it is actually time for BB to do something. He’s so streaky. Was going well then looks like he’s forgotten how to work the count again.. Fly balls so far—maybe a long fly this time?

Brennan strikes me as someone who plays this game “in his head”. Struggles mightily at home. Game changes dramatically with no apparent easing in or out of slumps.
Foul balls get him behind in the count. Just missing a lot of pitches.
The good thing is he is at least not striking out too much.

Wow–we have 3 RHP that when they are on ON, are incredibly fun to watch.. And more fun when they are supported with 4 or more from their mates!

I’d love to see Max get a CG shutout but realistically, he is going to be replaced in te 9th.
This is where i would throw either Villarael or, if we get a run or two, Weber.

C’mon Brennan —-make them pay!!!!

Uh Oh—I think I see signs that JL is making a huge psychological mistake. I have a feeling he is going to put delmon in to PH for Boesch. OMG it’s not Delmon its Raburn.
I don’t care if Raburn slams.
JL has just “slammed” Brennan Boesch. This is an incredibly stupid managerial move.

An incredibly, insulting, embarrasing and unneccessary The SMM

An incredible, insulting, embarassing and unneccesary SMM.
Other than 2 stupid managerial moves, this was a pleasure to watch. I’m ashamed of Jim Leyland for doing that to Boesch. That just shows him up and adding insult to injury ( this is a 5 run game after all) it was done in the guise of being a smart defensive move. I’d take Brennan out there any day rather than Raburn.
I would not ‘understand” but it would have been slightly more palatable if it been a 2 run game and he used DY tp to PH. Raburn’s use was demeaning.

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