Saturday: Tigers vs. Rockies


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Ryan Raburn, LF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Dexter Fowler, CF
  2. Marco Scutaro, SS
  3. Carlos Gonzalez, LF
  4. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  5. Jason Giambi, DH
  6. Todd Helton, 1B
  7. Jordan Pacheco, 3B
  8. Wilin Rosario, C
  9. Chris Nelson, 2B

P: Christian Friedrich

No word on a pitch limit for Doug Fister. Joaquin Benoit is available for an inning to close if the Tigers take a lead into the ninth. The other relievers available are Phil Coke, Duane Below, Luis Marte, Thad Weber and Luke Putkonen.


Does Friedrich get some Tiger Tonic today?

Last game: “Left-hander Christian Friedrich will try to bounce back from the worst start of his rookie season when he takes the ball Saturday for the Rockies. He gave up nine runs and 10 hits, including three homers, in four innings of Sunday’s 10-8 loss to the Angels.”

.237 opponents’ batting avg against on road.

How long with Rabidness,why is he back up?

The Fister injury has hurt us more than we expected it would.

9 pitch first inning for Fister…just what the skipper ordered. hopefully a crisply played defensive game behind him.

Is Friedrich the 2nd coming of Jim Kaat?
Wow–eerily similar as I recall.
Hopefully he doesn’t pitch us like Jim could.

11 pitch 2nd inning for Fister.

radio broadcast team says Friedrich likes to pitch up in the zone. unfortunately, wind blowing in from left. Cabrera took his HR opposite field to right.

Always interesting to watch Fister throw. His fielders must just love it.
The guy just seems as though he is on a mission. Love the intensity in purposefulness of his outings.
BTW, on rosario’s strikeout he kicked the ball on his way to 1st after the 3rd strike. Shouldn’t that be out for interference?

Thinking the same thing.

We are good at breathing life back into our opponents when they are in absolute dire straits. Heart of the lineup, guy is wild, can’t throw strikes and next thing you know he’s out of a jam and his team has a reason to fire themselves up.
Big inning for us and for Fister (the 4th) after that lost opportunity.

I know we got a run that inning but 3 more stranded and we have this knack for not being able to PUNISH pitchers who aren’t throwing well. It’s almost uncanny.
Delmon had the right idea about that kind of hit being a double—unfortunately he doessn’t have the right kind of legs or base-running ability.

Wasted opportunities is the name of this game and last night for that matter! This is what you’d call effectively wild I guess,

Bryce Harper has K’d 5 times in 6 ABs today…if 4 Ks is a golden sombrero, what is 5?

OMG—Cabby gets rewarded for not hustling to 1st base after being frustrated again at the plate.

A little league homer freaking hilarious!

send in the clowns

Dickerson says Friedrich’s nickname is “The Bird.” Has it stitched into his glove. The Bird laid an egg on that Cabrera grounder.

Woody—Bryce got the “Olympic Rings”, sometimes known as the Platinunum Sombrero.
Almost Monroe-like (Curtis struck out 6 times once in extra innings)

ha ha. the olympic theme would be perfect intro music for his next at bat.

Is that Craig’s other brother Curtis???

Fister at 82 through 6. he might be done.

Apparently the record for striking out in one game is held by a guy h=who has many strikeouts and many strikeout records.
Since we are in a festive mood here with this huge 3-0 (and Raburn swinging at the 1st pitch) let’s make it a quiz.
Who holds that dubious record?



Good guess but no.

Fister has somehow managed to escape the last 2 innings. I think you are right–he might be done. One more inning would be great if they could get it.

Reggie Jackson?

Well we have scored 2 runs today without somebody hitting the run home. We’re a real powerhouse .

Dave Kingman???
— Bob

How about a hint (and this is really gonna throw you off)-he was a RHB.

Rob Deer?

Good old Rob–no, not him and not Dave Nicholson either!

Holds the record for career strikeouts.

Baseball is a game of adjustments and BB needs to adjust. Opposing pitchers are constantly and consistently pitching him on the outside half plus. BB needs to get closer to the plate and become a yanker so he can utilize his body and not just his arms and/or he needs to stay balanced and keep his front side closed so he can drive the ball to the other side and/or he must follow the advice of Ted Wlilliams and not swing at pitches he cannot hit. ADJUST.

Good points. I was thinking about Breenan earlier today and though he can hit-he is not a good hitter. The + side is he is in his 3rd year only and played only a handful of games at AAA. If he had the baseball “drive” that Justin Verlander has this guy would excel.
I still find it weird that JL substitutes for him defensively but not Raburn.
How long will they be able to keep Kelly around for?
Ramon should be the 2nd baseman on this team, hands down. At least JL was smart enough to have him in today with Fister throwing.


Always thankful for a win. Benoit looked very good and theoretically the run they got off him should be unearned. With the way official scoring has been going you never know though.
Looking forward to a RHP tomorrow. Would like to see Quintin get a start in left.
Ramon played a good game today–had a bad at bat his first trip p to the plate but was really dependable all game long both sides of the ball.
Laird coming back to reality–needs to stay away from center field.
No comment on Yong other than the obvious.
Raburn, to say he’s an adventure is kind and about the best you can say about him.
Fister was worth watching–hopefully Porcello and Max were doing just that.

No Mayo.

A Rod?

Nolan Ryan Trick question.

No Mayo.
Frustrating for old baseball fans like myself. I’m talking about the trend in umping and in official scoring. Benoit got charged with an earned run.
How can that be earned. Cargo got 3rd on the error scored on ground ball that would have at most got him to 3rd with one out. Benoit K’d the next two hitters.
In other words he would not have scored had the error not been committed.
Tigers should appeal this. Yes, it matters.

You got it Mayo. A bit ironic eh?

Speaking of umpires, Fister did extremely well considering how awful some of the pitch calls were. I know Rich said not to pay attention to the Gameday strike zone but how about at least one ball was called when the pitch was directly in the center of the zone. I have never seen one called that way. Horrible. Fister also had some low in the zone strikes called balls.

The Colorado defense earned the top of the NO top Ten in Sportcenter. Fox replayed it once and again. it is funny when it happens to the other team.
Where was the first baseman? It the first time in a long while I have seen the catcher running behind the batter for something.

Yes, he did not intended to run but he did, unlike Fielder and Young when SO and the catcher lost the ball.
Santiago,again proved JL and DD wrong. He wont hit 300 but gives steady defense. Time to think in another starter and a LF if Dirks wont come back soon. Raburn had a good play and at least avoided the HR in the misplayed double but…
Peralta and Santiago making DP is something new for Tigers defense. Even if Peralta caused some problems there too.
Good fieldind by Cabrera stoping the double ,or triple with Raburn there ,by Car Go.
Henning has been pointig a supposedly weak body ( who says?)and the high number of walks( true) by Benoit. It looks like JL is planning to give Benoit the closer spot and someone does not like that.
A(ll Star) Jackson is batting .600 with bases loaded. 4 walks . The perfect leadoff.

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