Crosby, Matt Young optioned to make room for Weber, Fister

Tigers manager Jim Leyland wasn’t sure how rookie left-hander Casey Crosby would react to starting on extended rest. His wild outing Friday night brought a reaction from the Tigers, who optioned him back to Triple-A Toledo for more seasoning.

Outfielder Matt Young was also optioned to Toledo.

The Young move opened the spot the Tigers needed to activate Doug Fister from the 15-day disabled list in time for his scheduled start Saturday afternoon. The Crosby move created room for Thad Weber, who was recalled from the Hens as an extra reliever for the weekend. For Saturday, at least, the Tigers will have to fill innings without closer Jose Valverde, setup man Joaquin Benoit and hard-throwing right-hander Brayan Villarreal.

“We’re really short for tomorrow,” Leyland said after the game. “We’ve got major problems.”

No decision has been made on how the Tigers will proceed with their rotation, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said, which suggests they weren’t planning this initially. With an off-day Monday, they could go with four starters until next Saturday at Pittsburgh, when they would need a fifth starter the rest of the way to the All-Star break.

Their other injured starter, Drew Smyly, won’t be eligible for come off the DL in time to fill the spot next Saturday.

Crosby took Fister’s rotation spot after he aggravated his left side strain in a Memorial Day start at Boston. His rookie jitters didn’t help in his Major League debut against the Yankees, who hit him for six runs on just four hits in 3 1/3 innings with four walks June 1. He was significant more composed six days later against Cleveland, but his wildness returned Friday night, walking three of the first 12 Rockies he faced.

He recovered from a two-run third inning to enter the fourth with a lead thanks to a Tigers rally, but a two-run homer from Chris Nelson and an ensuing four-pitch walk to Dexter Fowler brought manager Jim Leyland out for the pitching change.

Crosby took a no-decision, giving up four runs on six hits over 3 1/3 innings with four walks and four walks.

“In fairness, he hasn’t done terrible,” Leyland said. “I think if you’re judging it from a professional perspective, he’s not ready. He’s got 93, 94, 95 [mph] in there, but I think he’s a little concerned about being able to throw it over at that velocity. And so, until he can conquer that, I think his bullpen sessions will be important.”

Coincidentally, Jacob Turner gave up a lone earned run over at least six innings for the third straight start Friday night for Triple-A Toledo. He allowed four hits, walked two and struck out six at Norfolk to outduel Jamie Moyer. After going into spring training as arguably the favorite for the open spot in the Tigers rotation that eventually went to Drew Smyly, Turner is making a case for a midseason promotion.


We need an extra reliever for the weekend because Jim blew out his bullpen in one wasted effort. That was just poor management of his pen. “It is what it is.” He’s not doing too well, have to say.
Crosby has pitched to (my) expectations. If DD really passed on Oswalt because Smyly was in the rotation, I’d be, well, stunned, frankly. Drew could have gone down for more seasoning at 22 years old and we could have signed the veteran for $4m. If DD was saying “who do you think you are, Oswalt” (or words to that effect), that I can understand.

You don’t know what you’re talking about cuz before the season started we offered Oswalt a 1 year 10 million dollar deal and he declined.

Give Below the start for that game before the break. He was supposed to have gotten one already, anyway (vs. Kansas City?), but it got rained out.

It’s not all that bad. Heck, Don Kelly can pitch, too.
He’s pretty much hitting like a pitcher anyway.

Didn’t Oswalt turn us down in the spring and said he didn’t want to come to Detroit? That’s how I remember it!

That is what I thought too, GK.
— Bob

Yes, he turned us down in the spring, but then later in the year- his agent called the Tigers and said he’d changed his mind. By this time Smyly was pitching fairly well and DD passed.

Valverde just shit the bed idk what to say. I don’t see how it is JL’s fault I would have done just what he did.


Finally someone with some sense. How is it Leylands fault that Valverde is incapable of throwing the ball to first? That’s how it all started. Before that he gave up a weak single to Cuddyer and then after the sacrifice and error the next few batters nothing was hit hard just found a hole then he blew up after that. Not Jims fault.

I agree with u Evan. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Papa Grande this year, but he sure as hell isn’t giving me any reason to count on him when it matters. Tired of all the people trying to put the blame on Leyland, and calling for his job! Some people are just ignorant I guess…

They offered Oswalt supposedly 10 million and a personal call from Verlander this spring.. Didn’t want anything to do with Detroit.until he couldn’t get a job, Perhaps his agent did come calling but it was too late. I took it very personally when he turned us down the first time.

Trying to blame Jim for using his pen? WTH? WHat do u want him to do Rich? Not use the pen in a tie game? he has to try and win every game. how is a tie a wasted effort, unless you r using ur 20 20 hindsite again? that doesn’t fly among knowledgable fans!

Amen, brother

hoping Fister can be pitch efficient and/or the offensive support is better today. Fister will no doubt be on a pitch count, even if it’s not reported, and the bullpen options are mopup type guys.
Remember John Lannan, the Nats lefty starter who was on the trading block in the spring? He’s at AAA with a 5-6 5.27 record.
Tigers are getting a first hand look at a couple of NL teams who will be sellers at the trade deadline.

There is some doubt whether we will actually be buyers or sellers ourselves.
This team is beyond redemption as it right now. If they make any changes to the roster they have to be momentous and not tweaks. There are a lot of leaks in this boat that plugging them with corks won’t fix.
They need to get rid of Delmon Young, a quality 2nd baseman and a stalwart LHP for the rotation. Not to mention a re-thinking of how to close out ball games when and if they are in them.
That’s a tall task and an expensive won for a MLB team that seems to be in hand-to-mouth budget scenario.

I shouldn’t have to explain this to knowledgable (sic) fans, but here you go.
The mistake in the game was his use of Below for only 1.2 innings and 24 pitches. Duane hadn’t pitched since last Friday, a week ago, and could have gone much longer last night. He was effective and rested. By pulling him, JL forced himself into using more pitchers than would have been necessary and the bullpen wouldn’t be shot this morning. It all comes down to that. A decision in the 4th inning was the fatal one in regards to the bullpen.
Now, if someone can inform me that Below had an injury of some kind, I’ll back off the statement. If not, you’re still free to disagree but don’t attack my knowledge of the game. And don’t accuse me of hindsight. I’m not going to text people during a game to prove that what I say after the game is the same as what I’m thinking at the time, before the results.

No the mistake of the game was when Crosby was incapable of getting through even 4 innings. No matter what manager you are and how good/bad your team is that is tough to get through. Now I will agree to some extent about Below but either way. If Jose could throw the ball to first we probably wouldn’t be talking about this and the whiners wouldn’t be bitching right now.

No problem with Leyland’s use of the bullpen on Friday night. Every game is big as the Tigers try to create some momentum.

So. It appears that Jacob Turner time is near. I expect that he will be the one to finally steady the rotation. It would be nice to have a lefty, particularly against Cleveland, but it’s more importance to have some consistency from the No. 5 starter.

I’d be shocked if Turner came up anytime soon to be honest. His control has been very shaky this year for some reason.

Need to offer/trade Porcello, Castellanos and Crosby to Houston for Jed Lowry and Wandy Rodriguez.

Game #2 with Colorado. Managing the pitching staff. Fister on pitch count of 75 to 80 pitches. Well he should be. That’s okay because we have a tandem of Putkonen and Weber for long/middle relief. Luke P. last pitched 6-10 so he needs the work. Very capable of throwing 30 to 50 pitches if needed. Thad W. was knocked out on 6-11 and he will be on regular rest and needs work, too. Since he is a starter for Toledo , he could go 60 to 70 pitches in relief if needed. One of these three guys should win it or lose it. After these three pitch, we still have Marte and Coke to finish out or perhaps get a save. Does everyone remember the Coke save in Tampa Bay?? Let’s have another today. Although it would be better if the hitters pounded the Rockies about 15 to 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Tigers.

how many pitches can a reliever throw with 3 or more days rest should be more than 24 for the money they are getting paid

back in the 60’s & 70’s pitchers throw 100 or more per game unless they got into trouble what changed,

As long as Raburn is in the lineup – I have no sympathy for Leyland. He’s a joke plain and simple. How can anyone justify why Raburn is back on the team? He wasn’t even batting .200 in AAA. And on top of that bench Berry in lieu of that loser he should be embarrassed. One more thing – why hasn’t Below gotten a chance of a start? He’s more than proven he’s capable yet Leyland has him be what we used to call a “mop up” pitcher.

I’m just disgusted with this team – my hopes were raised a bit when they sent Raburn down – but now with him back in play (literally instead of Berry) I’ll wait until they reach the .500 mark before I start watching again. Or, for that matter – they get rid of the manager and his posse of worthless coaches that are firmly latched on his coattails.

Sorry but I’m a lifelong Tiger fan and seeing the damage a delusional manager can do with his stubborn endorsing of a .200 hitter as an everyday player makes me sick.

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