Avila could go on rehab assignment Monday

The timetable on Tigers catcher Alex Avila is picking up, enough that he could be ready to return when he’s eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list Thursday.

A full day of catching work, everything short of game action, has drastically changed the outlook on his strained right hamstring.

“He had a great day today, throwing, running, hitting, catching [Justin] Verlander’s bullpen,” manager Jim Leyland said.

The hitting and running were repeats of what he did Friday. Verlander’s bullpen session was a test for how well he can handle catching duties. Avila said he had no problems in the 25-minute session, which is about as long as Verlander normally throws.

He’ll try to do all the same activities Sunday morning, though he’ll be catching someone else’s side session. If that goes well, Avila said, the plan is for him to join Triple-A Toledo on a rehab assignment when the Mud Hens return home Monday.

Avila would play three games, then be re-evaluated after Wednesday’s game.


I think some of us have been saying this for awhile now.
From MLive.com:

“Absent is what Leyland called “a mean streak” and he’s still looking for it to appear.

“I can’t really put my finger on it,” Leyland said. “I’m embarrassed to say that because that’s kind of my job. We haven’t been able to for whatever reason we haven’t sustained that sense of urgency. When I say that, I don’t mean guys aren’t playing hard, guys aren’t trying. I just mean that little extra edge that you need if you want to be a mean bastard, we really haven’t done that very well.

“I don’t want to paint any excuses here. For whatever reason, we haven’t just done a good enough job of going for the throat. When you smell something, you’ve got to make sure you’re locked into that mentality. And we just haven’t done that as well as I would have expected or as well as I would have liked or as well as we need to if we’re going to be good like we are. We are good. We just haven’t shown it enough yet.””

Hey! Have had any left handed batters hit any out to left or left centre at home this year?

Prince and Avila did on the first Saturday of the year.
Other than those two, I do not recall another.
— Bob

Three things I liked about today’s game:
1. Mister Fister had no blister. Fingers crossed for the next start.
2. Infield defense solid again. Maybe getting better.
3. Worn Down Santiago is like a Timex Watch. He needs to keep on ticking.

Little baby steps each day. Of course, we have to remember that the Cubs were 21-42 and the Rockies 25-39. Win against Tampa Bay next week, and we’ll talk real progress.

“We are good, we just haven’t shown it enough yet.” What a bunch of crud.
When and if the Tigers can win 4 straight, I’ll put my Old English D pendant back on.
Mister Fister likes to be the best. He’s just a tremendous pitcher.

That thing that Jim says is missing is definitely missing. “Not too high and not too low” is valuable for getting through the day to day grind, but can’t be taken onto the field. Seems like some of the guys may be doing just that. Who knows. There’s not much scrappiness there. Hope they don’t really think they’ll automatically turn it on in August again. Related to that, it sounds awful quiet in Comerica much of the time, at least on TV. Some of those seats are so far away, and no roof to hold in the noise.
I get people being all in a knot over Raburn, but other guys, like Delmon Young, get a free ride. He had an AB today where he struck out, and the Fox track showed only one pitch out of some 8 in the zone. The others were all inside. I wished I had a screen shot of that graphic. He’s doing damage to his own team in that 5-hole.
Hate to say this, but I think it will get worse before it gets better. I’m looking forward to July. Just stay close.

……..and in other news,
a father today actually
got to sit and watch
a game in peace and quiet.
More on this stunning development later……….

Happy Father’s Day………a card from my wonderful wife.

Although almost inaudible at first, through the din the chant began to grow as it caught on throughout the ballpark………..San-ti-a-go, San-ti-a-GO, San-ti-A-GO, San-TI-A-GO, SAN-TI-A-GO………..!!!!!!!!

Santiago,again, proved JL and DD wrong. He wont hit 300 but gives reliable defense.
Peralta and Santiago making DP is something new for Tigers defense this year
Time to think in another starter and a LF if Dirks wont come back soon

Because of what some of you have commented on, this is why I am not a Jim Leyland fan. We need a captain to fire up the boys. Do you think Gibby would let somebody slack? NIce one about Kaline. DY and/or RR in left? Too bad Dirks is hurt. What would it hurt if Below started one game? Time to package Oliver and a few players to make this team faster. Going to a car show with my son. Happy Father’s Day! Go Tigers! –Dave

I seriously think Leyland saves Santiago for the stretch drive. I don’t know why he thinks it’s necessary to do so, but he’s not an idiot. He knows how much Ramon brings to the table. He must know…….right?
Marty, that chant has a nice rhythmic ring to it. How about you fans at the game try this chant, rather than booing whoever else plays 2ndbase.

Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera dh, Fielder 3, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Santiago 4, Kelly 5, Laird 2. Scherzer 1

Yesterday they showed a worrying stat during the game. Tigers bullpen has thrown more than 200 innings. . 5 th in MLB. Their bad numbers are partially to blame on the inability of starters to go deep.
JV, MS and RP must step up and go deeper or there will be no bullpen soon.

And this would help for sure:”Leyland considering a bullpen day Thursday against Cardinals. Not set yet”

IMO injuries are to blame – not overuse of the bullpen.

I can hardly believe the SOC is actually sitting Delmon today.I love it.

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