Leyland uncertain about Avila return next weekend

Among the many injury updates Friday afternoon at Comerica Park was a very cautious report on Alex Avila, who just began doing baseball activities again today with batting practice and some early work.

Basically, manager Jim Leyland said, they’re trying to get an idea how far along he is, and how long he’s realistically going to be out.

“We’re evaluating him today as far as where his hamstring’s at, basically going by what he’s telling us, how he feels,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Friday afternoon. “He’s going through agilities, he’s going to do some running today, going to swing the bat. He’s out there swinging the bat. … We’ll get a feel for him from an activity perspective today.”

What that means for his timetable is unclear.

“We like to shoot for Pittsburgh [next weekend],” Leyland about a return, “but I don’t know if that’s possible or not. A lot of positive stuff’s got to happen.”

Simply doing any baseball activity is a step up for Avila at this point. He spent the road trip watching them on TV.

“It’s been driving me crazy,” Avila said. “I definitely have more of an appreciation for Skip and the coaches to sit and watch. I was more nervous watching than playing.”


scary stuff!

Tigers are playing Rox at the right time…no Tulowitzki, long losing streak, starting rotation struggling. they face 2 journeymen starters and a rookie lefty. time for the offense to make a statement. should see Jason Giambi at DH a couple games this series. they do have several professional hitters who could really work Crosby.

I’m really nervous about this weekend actually. Not that I think the Rocks are good, but they’ve lost I think 11 games in a row and are probably due to win.

Jason, good Father’s Day story on Phil Coke and his dad over on the main site. Phil is definitely a family favorite in this household.

Thanks. I’ll have another one on Verlander coming this weekend with the book his parents have written.

Ramon has always been the “better” option. The best option is a figment of JL’s imagination. (Tales of Brave Ulysses and the sirens sleepy singing…..) Don’t judge Ramon on his small sample hitting stats this year. He got off to a slow start but has hit respectably more recently. Or you could just continue hope and dreaming for some team to beg you to take an all star second baseman off their hands. Could happen any day now.

Let’s keep in mind that those Colorado pitchers work in Coors Field and may not be as bad as their numbers indicate. One inning at a time.

the Rocks hitting is probably over inflated……

Same umpire crew we had in Boston, right?

Yes, but no Bill Welke. Cory Blaser is filling in.

Hhey guys at the game couldn’t tell for sure if raburn was out or safe.? Now that I know its the same crew as in Boston my guess is that he was safe, ssince they proved to be as incompetent as they come.

I don’t think CC is long for the majors.
Now I must say I also think it not very smart baseball to have the rookie catcher catching the rookie pitcher in a MAJOR league game.
These are major league hitters and we need someone in the battery that knows what to do.
This is a prescription for failure.

@chris_iott said that if Raburn stays more than 6 days , there is no more option. He will have to pass waivers to go to Toledo.
Is that true?

The missing play by Cabrera took him out of the game but he went back. Good sign


As to the option—no.
They still have the option but Raburn has thr right to REFUSE to go–meaning they would have to waive him or trade him I believe. Or he could go, just like Inge did last year.


Below has been able to keep us in ball games. Let’s hope for more of the same.
Geez, Holoday, loosen up man! Almost has a frightened kind of look to his demeanor.

Ya know what we need more than a 2nd baseman, another pitcher who is half way decent. I see glimpses with Crosby and Smyly but they just aren’t good enough yet.

Penny drove me nuts, but his 11 wins and ability to eat innings as a #5 look very good now.

Not a good time for Worth to bunt, no matter who made the decision. Time and place, and that was neither. Killed the inning.

I understand DD passed on Oswalt, saying they were happy with Smyly. Roy signed with Texas for a year at 4m.

Time to find a long reliever and give Below a chance to start

Agreed, and we can probably find that arm inhouse.

Hmmm-Can’t agree about the bunt by Worth. I don’t think It is ever a bad idea to have a guy on 3rd and 1 out IMO. Granted the #9 hittter and rookie was up but you nevr know about a passed ball or WP.
The best thing we’ve got going for us tonight?

Jason Gimabi.

Bette qualify that “never” statement above. Obviously it depends on the score and what part of the batting order is up.

What a Buzz Kill DY is.
Just about every time. And he does not seem to hit on theat 1st pitch unless the bases are empty.
Biggest good hitting rally killer we have had in a long time.

What’s with Cabrera playing 2nd base now? Didn’t I see him involved in 2 DP’s?

You can just see what Prince is muttering—he busts himself to put himself in scoring position and then he has to watch DY and RR be undisciplined and siwng for the fences against a guy they need to wait out.
Bad hitting and horrible coaching to allow these guys to play this way and in fact to be even in the lineup with that approach.

7 runners stranded, and a second wasted 1 out double. Same old habits appearently.

Illini–yes overshifted on Giabi–playing near the bag with JP playaiang to the RF side of the bag.
I like Below and he certainly deserves to start but I don’t think he would be successful there. He does not have a lot pitches and his often high in the zone with a pretty hittable fastball. Again, does he deserve a start? Yes.
4 innings to figure out how to score a couple of runs.
Being that we don’t know how to hit a HR with men on, nor do we have much in terms of base speed—it may be challenging.

Jeff Francis is the latest dud to benefit from a dose of Tiger Tonic.

could go to Berry as PR here to try and manufacture a run.

DY another rally-killing at bat.

Buzz-Kill again.
At least we go back into this but why aren’t our big go to powarful hitters not “really” doing the job the way they should be.

Villareal. Many wanted him DFA after one bad game.

Villarael can only be better if he starts to throw 0-2 sliders. He started scutaro off with 5 straight fastballs and didn’t throw the slider till it was 1-2—now it’s 2 &2 and you almost have to go back to the pitch that is being timed. A bigger batter than Scutaro put that ball against or over the RF wall.
He’s got a good slider and presumably he has a manager and a pitching coach.

Well—it is about time that Tiger fans are treated to a walk-off victory. Meat of the order coming up.

Now wasn’t that nice polite baseball!
Maybe Carlos Quentin wouldn’t be that bad after all! At least you know this guy is max effort. Just kidding-don’t need the glove, or the legs on this team, such as it is..

This is gonna be a heartbreaker I fear.

My computer keeps losing internet connection, so haven’t been able to comment. I take it they lost. I shut the TV off. Completely disgusted., Fire the hitting coach. Do something. Give Miggy a day off. gawd, I’m disgusted.

Hard to believe how many hours many of us (fools?) have invested in these Tigers—only to be subjected to inferior baseball. Some of it so inferior it could be deemed laughable.
This is pony-league caliber baseball.
Valverde was brutal (why can’t we miss bats on 0-2 pitches?)
The good thing about tonight is that at least our starting pitcher didn’t get “jobbed” by the play out there.
Valverde doing anything beyond holding a ball in his bare hand and throwing home is impossible.

Gong show!!! .. These guys can’t get out of their own way. They are their own worst enemy. 3 for 14 with RISP and sandlot defense in the 9th.
— Bob

A damn joke. Just when ya think they might be getting out of it, they bring ya back down to earth and remind you that they are terrible. All those 11 runners stranded hurt

Brother! that was coyote ugly. Kathy as frustrating as losing the internet connection probably was–watching that 10th inning was certainly worse.

JL did it bass ackwards again. VV has a history of not doing well in non-save situations. Now look at the mess. Is this the worst Tiger defeat of 2012? 12-4…..UGH!

Can’t f…… Hit.
It goes on and on. The stranded runners. Rally killing. 1st pitch swinging. Poor at bats. The spectre of a ball team circa 2003.
And we have guys on our roster like:
Young (actually both of them)

Realistically, what can we expect

Coyote with mange ugly.

Coyote with mange in a dung pile ugly.

The coyote has creativity, hunger, poise, focus, resilience and puts effort. The Tigers as know are not like the coyote but for the ump twisting it in favor of the roadrunner

Valverde is no longer a premier closer. Even in save situations he can’t be depended on.
I’ve been lobbying for DD to go out and do something to inviigorate this ball team. To be an early buyer and get this fixed.
I know I am being over reactive but it is quite possible we would be better off selling than buying. This team is going nowhere. They just don’t have it.
Our farm system is as bad as the parent club—they may as well start dumping salary and going for prospects that others have developed.

I figured the game was lost when we went into extras, and man was I right.
Why do pitchers, who make a living throwing a ball, throw like sissies when not on the mound?
Delmon has hit behind Cabrera and Fielder all season and has 22 RBI. What more can be said? Get him out of the spot. Try Peralta, or anybody.
JL used up his entire bullpen for no real reason, when he could have left Below in there longer. Now he’s got Fister coming off the DL on a short leash, then Scherzer, the 6-inning wonder. This could be a rough weekend.
I think Below should be in the rotation. At least prove me wrong by trying it. I like the way he comes up in the zone by design to change the hitter’s eye level. What’s to lose?
Santiago over Worth? Please?
We do very poorly in the opener of each series. You notice that?

Yes, since last year , especially after trips

They have now lost the first game of the last 6 series…..Red Sox, Yankees, Indians, Reds, Cubs, Rockies. How nice.

That’s true about series openers. But our team is just inferior to the opposition most of the time.
Price figures the injuries have hurt us. Even with Avila (you can’t expect him to duplicate last year), Dirks (virtually a rookie) and Fister out it is not going to propel this club to a championship calibre ball team. They’ve been pretty bad the whole year. The only game that fun and exciting and full of the season’s promise was the 2nd game of the season..
I don’t wear my Tiger hat or shirt too much anymore.

I mentioned I feared this might be a heartbreaker. Well I was anatomically high on that comment.

Well, I wear my Tiger shirt and hat ALL the time! Where was Peralta playing on that crazy bouncer? Leyland has got to go! What kinda throw was that from Valverde to Prince? The team is a reflection on the manager! What do y’all see? Let’s win it in the bottom of the 9th! Not! Go Tigers! –Dave

Well they were playing in, for a possible play at home. Normal depth that’s a double play.

DB–you must live in Michigan!

BTW, I think the only thing Tiger related that could interest about now would be an interview with Katie Leyland. Now that might be interesting.

Yup. The air was so thick with the smell of coyote you could cut it with a knife.
I’ve been arguing for Santiago and Worth for a while now but I think I was wrong on that idea. Peralta and Santiago might be our best bet. But we’ll get Peralta and Raburn. Rich, I assume you’re saying play Santiago over Worth. “Santiago over Worth? Please?”
I think Delmon needs a change of scenery. Maybe a new team will get him going. That would be fine with me. Can’t carry Delmon and Raburn on the same team.
Wonder what Valverde would bring in a trade. Being sellers might not be a bad thing. Reload for next year.

That’s correct, Marty. Worth isn’t providing any offense.

It’s coming to that.

Two and Three missing, huh, Greg? Kind of like outs in a Velverde performance.

Three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. NOTHING! Oh well, that’s two and three also.
Benoit must become the closer!

At least we got a Line of the Day out of it. Dan with “I mentioned I feared this might be a heartbreaker. Well I was anatomically high on that comment”

Yes, slowbyrne, I was disgusted with the internet disconnection. This morning it’s working fine. Could not believe the score when I turned the TV on right before going to bed. OMG, I almost fell on the floor. Something is wrong with Valverde, but I said that over a month ago. Put him on the DL or something and use Benoit. Other than that, it goes right back to to the same thing…couldn’t hit if they’re life depended on it. I still think Miggy needs a day off or just DH for a day and frankly, so does Prince. No interview with Jim after the game. That’s interesting. If this is it, and it looks like it is, we’ll be luck to win 70-80 games. Haven’t see Victor around, wonder where he is. I was embarrassed for this team. Yesterday was the first day I wore my Old Englist D pendant around my neck. I work in a store so I see lots of Tiger fans and several of them comment on it and where I bought it. Last year I wore it every day til the end of the season. It’s coming off today. Does Mr. D think this team is still coming together? I don’t.

Valverde is consistently pitchig under stress. When was the last time he pitched a 1,2,3 inning ? I mean outs, not runs. He always has men on base. It’s time to make a change. Then again, change is not something the Tigers ultra predictable management are used to. Like, when will Leyland change the ugly habit of replacing defensive players with Raburn? The only thing worse than his glove is his bat. His head is never in the game. How long will JL go with Boesch as the #2 hitter when he knows that Quinten Berry has both, a superior bat and glove? Boesch and Berry have both shown us what they can do…… So has Raburn and for some wierd reason, Leyland keeps going with the losers, game after game after game. Perhaps the change that will make a difference, for me anyway, will be when I start watching Family Fued re-runs instead of Leyland’s predictable performances. At least I won’t know what’s coming. The Tigers are worse than game show re-runs and at least I can make changes in how I spend my evenings.

Ca Ca Grande

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