Tigers announce 15 draft signings

The Tigers officially announced their deals with their top two picks from last week’s First-Year Player Draft, Texas high school talents Jake Thompson and Austin Schotts. They also announced contracts with 13 other draft picks, all of them college players. Among them:

  • LHP Joe Rogers (5th round, Central Florida)
  • RHP Charlie Gillies (10th round, The Masters College)
  • C Bennett Pickar (11th round, Oral Roberts)
  • RHP Julio Felix (12th round, Pima Community College)
  • SS Jordan Dean (15th round, Central Michigan)
  • RHP Slade Smith (17th round, Auburn)
  • LHP Alex Phillips (21st round, Kentucky)
  • RHP Nick Carmichael (24th round, Palomar College)
  • SS Jared Reaves (25th round, Alabama)
  • RHP Josh Carr (28th round, Kennesaw State)
  • OF Zach Kirksey (29th round, Mississippi)
  • RHP Matt Davenport (34th round, William & Mary)
  • LHP Ryan Longstreth (40th round, Central Michigan)


Can any of them play now???

All right, if I am Delmon Young I must be wondering about management.
First they appeal a ball should be charged an error that he muffed with Schlereth on the mound then they appeal the ball hit by Votto the other day with JV on the mound. So my team is saying I should have caught those balls and the results were my fault not the pitchers. Hmmm-yet they pencil me in LF day after day after day. (Interleague notwithstanding).
Delmon is hitting again, I hope DD is smart and realize that perhaps they can get something they need ( and there is a lot of need) for him and not stupid and think now that he is hitting everything will be peachy keen.
I expect the latter.

They might be wise to give Laird a blow tomorrow.
What is the real injury to Dotel? Elbow or shoulder? Depends on where you read your information.
Hmmm-Jaramillo gets canned in Chicago and they don’t have hitters with the reputation that we have.
Wonder if the BoSox are wondering if they bet on the right horse (Valentine)?
Funny MLB won’t consider instant replay (with the emphasis on “instant”) but they review and dignify a YouTube video posted by a fan?
Benoit warming up in the 5th and Marte in the 8th?

@tigers :Lineup vs. Cubs: Jackson CF, Boesch RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young LF, Peralta SS, Laird C, Santiago 2B, Porcello P

Not that I think this is a possibility, nor a solution, but how do you feel about a guy like JP playing 2nd base? I actually thought it would have been wise for DD to go full tilt boogie on Jose Reyes and move JP to 3rd before the Fielder thing developed.
I still have confidence that Miggy will be OK at 3rd and will actually improve as we go. He’s not been that bad.
This team really needs a slick middle infielder (who can ignite the lineup offensively in his spare time!).
2nd basemen are a bit hard to come up with now (Cleveland must be ecstatic about Kipnis)–but I think you can take a flyer with a guy like Kyle Seager with the M’s. Altuve would be another solution. Not sure how Seager fields.
Too bad Danny Worth will never be able to hit enough. Ramon is a great guy to have on your team but he is actually getting long in the tooth (like all of us). The Tigers really felt Scott Sizemore was the answer (and with no back-up plan)–and then they abruptly gave up on him for a guy (Purcey) and shifted their direction leaving really no one except Mr Hope or Mr. Dream to man the fort.

There are rumors about Jed Lowrie as a trade target. He is a SS but supposedly could be a 2b. And would be easier to get than Altuve.
There are also rumors about Dempsey. But if they want to spend what reamis in the the farm Grienke would be a better option


The thing with the YouTube video was absurd. Why did they even qualify that?
Delmon Young does nothing correctly on a ballfield. A number one pick, he obviously has never found the need to actually learn the game. He can’t be gone soon enough IMO.

Totally. Delmon goes and the lineup improves.
I know he can rake, he can even carry a team with his bat, but he always will be Delmon.

Tonight could be a long night Tigers in general don’t hit Garza well at all, no hitter aside. It really is frustrating.

That no-hitter in Tampa was memorable. Johnny Damon had never participated in one.

During the pre-game show, Mr. D said the the team is looking better, they are getting things going. La, dee, da, etc., etc.

Well I’m already frustrated by the umps, after the first inning. I was looking at the lw pitches Garza was getting thinking well that’s a good strike zone for Rick if he gets the low pitch. Well appearently Rick doesn’t have the same one.

Get a run- give em 2. That being said, Rick still not getting the same strike zone as Garza. Heck the first 2 pitches to Castro in the 2 both actual freaking strikes and called balls. Must be good o e Garza!

What would you expect, after those clubhouse comments last night?

I guess its too much to ask for an ump to be objective and do their dang job. Silly me.

Good thing the umps aren’t hitting for us. I’m not sure they would be a whole lot worse.

I’m sure Garza is shaking in his shoes. 3 hits and 1 hit batter through 5!!!!!!! firecesome bunch!

We don’t hit enough homeruns. Pretty much comes down to that.

Singles hitters.

That’s true and the ones we have been hitting have been wit no runners on. The hitters are not “alive” or intense at the plate with men on. They don’t seem to grasp the energy that base-runners should instill in the hitters. Bottom of the 5th now and this is a big one for Rick. If he doesn’t get through this one he’ll be finished.
I believe he is not getting the same strike zone either. He absolutely needs the low strike and hasn’t been getting it with his sinker.
The lack of hitting on this team, besides being amazingly mysterious, has become so tedious as to be sickening.

Exactly. Pitching bad, hitters horrible, defense abysmal. I just dont see this getting any better. I don’t know if they are feeling orry for themselves, or pressing too hard but it’s just not working. And I have to believe that these pitchers are feeling pressure knowing that if they give up a couple of runs that could be enough to sink them!

4-1 probably out of reach now! Congratulations Rick and the Tigers! Again laying a big egg out there.

Game Over.
No way this feeble offense can score 4 runs.

Mysteriuos is the word, collective batting:
Fourth in the AL.7th SLG.7th OBP. 9th in RBI.2nd scoring position. 12th with bases loaded.10th in HR.
No speed , no smart base running , not enough hit and run. Fielder and Young unable to get to home without the help of a tow

My honey bun hit a double.

Please let’s have something exciting for Detroit fans to look forward to this year.
-Nick Castellanos taking over at 3rd and Fielder moving to DH
-A trade of Jacob Turner and Delmon Young for a quality 2nd baseman with scads of speed
-Prince Fielder actually starts to hit what he was paid to do (homers)
-We fire the hitting coach (what do we even need one for?)
-We fire Jim Leyland and bring in Andy Van Slyke or Jim Price or Brookens.

None of those things (other than Fielder maybe) are gonna happen but they would be at least somewhat exciting.

Mr. S & F bunted.

Meanwhile back at the ranch–I stand corrected. They id get 4.
Now it gets interesting again with Villarael in.
Smart baseball by Laird ( no not arguing with the ump, but dropping that bunt down.
Not smart Kelly 1st pitch swinging..
Big break for us that inning-nice to take advantage.

Heck of a play by Castro to rob Cabrera. Guess we were wrong about Tigers being able to get more than I run.

That catch by Boesch just put a big smile on my sour old face.

Brennan is a different ballplayer when things are going good at the plate. He exudes confidence in the field an on the bases.

Well, Jhonny missed his chance to hit for the cycle with that walk.

Well I think you should all thank me for Brennan’s resurgence. He was on my fantasy team and I kept on putting him in there thinking he had to turn it around. Well last week Thursday, I finally gave up and dumped him. Friday he started to hit. Coincidence I think not.

And that’s why Leyland sticks with players for so long. 🙂

Nice play by Jackson to save Valverde!

There have been so many issues in different areas this year that it’s hard to keep up with them. All of them, however, are magnified by the lack of offense. And the lack of offense has much to do with a lack of homeruns in big spots. That’s one thing that can be pointed to.
If we look at it as trying to fix a piece at a time, I’d say the bullpen is pretty much repaired.
Offense no problem tonight. 40,000 Tiger fans in the place and 1,000 Cubs fans, it seemed. This club sure has die hard fans, that’s for sure.
When they get back to Detroit, Berry should get the starts in LF, I’d think. I like his enthusiasm.

I hope our Tigers know what loyal fans they have. The biggest game of the year at Wrigley and it’s filled with Tiger fans showing their love. It was a joy to hear and see them just waiting for something to happen and the Tigers finally came through big time.

That was a big hit by Berry too.
Yes, Rich JL sometimes sticks with players and sometimes, unfortunately, sticks with players who aren’t players.
Matt Young is 9 for 10 now. How ridiculous is that? This team can afford that?
Good win.
Brennan was very impressive.
Look for Miggy to break out tomorrow big time.

Three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Add-on runs. We kept adding on each inning. Haven’t done that much this year.
2. Instead of Miggy and Biggy, it was Brenny and Jhonny. We need more of that.
3. Bullpen Excellence in spite of Valverde. It’s looking like the pen is getting cleaned up.

Villarael was outstanding. JVII was good but you just can’t keep throwing the same pitch all the time. What has happened to the splitter? If he cold harness that again with the renewed command of the strike zone that he’s done the last few games.we might get some of last year’s mojo back.
It is really nice to see Boesch hitting and playing like this again.

When was the last time that Avila, Boesch, Peralta, and Young were all batting over .250?? And to your point Greg, have we scored eight runs in a game this year without Cabby and Prince knocking in any runs?? Santiago had two rbis on groundouts. Good job. In fact, our 5th thru 9th place hitters using Berry’s PH rbi single had a total of six ribbies. Outstanding. And after we took the lead, Villarreal, Benoit, and Valverde put zeroes up on the board with super outfield defense from Boesch and Jackson. Can anyone ever recall Boesch making a better catch?? Now can our ace get back on track tomorrow?? Go JV!!! Go Tigers!!!!!

Just checked the pitching probables for the next four games and we will face three lefties before we see another righty. The next three games we need Jackson, Cabby, Young, and Peralta to step up.

Cain throws a perfect game! Brings to mind one of the best perfect games ever thrown….Armando Galarraga. What a game. What total dominance—other worldly. And what an anomaly in the context of most perfect game pitchers. Most of them were fantastic pitchers and probably hall of famers.
14 Ks by Cain tonight. Impressive.
Verlander will get one one day—maybe today!!!

Didn’t even know it was going on that night. Good for him. Although I must admit I resent when there is another one thrown and Tigers fans and Armando were robbed of the excitement.

From Tigers Rumors – MLBTradeRumors.com
“After last night’s Tigers’ victory, Detroit News Tigers’ beat writer Tom Gage sent out a tweet that Thursday morning could possibly bring about “multiple roster moves” according to Jim Leyland. Leyland did not have anything more for reporters last night. Earlier, before the game, Gage was also tweeting that Dave Dombrowski and Leyland were in a closed-door meeting that usually does precede a move (or moves?). Gage does not completely count out a trade going down.

Drew Smyly’s blister issue may be necessitating a move. Matt Young’s inability to put a ball into play may be another issue being cleared up. Either way, be on the lookout today for roster move updates. Give us your thoughts on what may happen….”

Just read on MIlive that Raburn is being recalled from Toledo and they are putting Smyly on the DL. Appearently hitting .184 against minor league pitchers gets you a spot on the roster. I’m a Raburn fan, but I just don’t get it?

he better not be taking starts at 2B away from santiago. I feel he has been hitting ok – aside from too many strikeouts this past week.

The Tigers are interested in trading for Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (Twitter links). Quentin’s $7MM salary could be an impediment for the Tigers, Morosi adds.

Quentin figures to be one of the best available hitters this summer. Since returning from arthroscopic knee surgery, the 29-year-old has a .421/.542/.921 batting line with five home runs in 48 plate appearances. However, the Padres could wait to make major trades until they settle their ownership situation.

There’s room for improvement on Detroit’s offense. Tigers right fielders rank second-last in MLB in OPS (.637) and the team’s designated hitters rank last in the American League in OPS (.604). The Tigers could use Quentin as a designated hitter at the expense of Delmon Young or mix him in at the corner outfield positions along with Brennan Boesch and, once he’s healthy, Andy Dirks.

The Padres could theoretically obtain compensatory draft picks for Quentin by retaining him and making him a qualifying offer after the season, when his contract expires (it still seems unlikely that they would make such an offer). If Quentin is traded, his new team wouldn’t be able to obtain compensation picks under baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement.

Morosi is usually dead on, but this sounds like a dumb idea. It doesn’t improve the club.

Could be they’re planning to platoon Raburn and Berry in LF starting tomorrow. That would make some sense, but there’s JL’s mission in life to “get Raburn going” and that could lead to 2ndbase. We’ll see.

what is wrong with delmon young – the SOC just said yesterday that they’re gunna play him in LF more

delmon isn’t playing terrible…..power is up at least….

Smyly to DL. Yardbarker indicated he has been diagnosed with ebola. Is this true? I went to the CDC website but could not find any outbreak documentation to that effect.

i heard the Ebola bit was a joke tho. it’s just a bad blister.

Thank you. That’s a relief. I don’t understand that kind of humor.

The lineup for today’s game is posted and RR is playing 2nd base.

This is a ridiculous day in the life of a Tigers fan. Raburn (still sub .200 in Toledo)?
A sideways move at the very best.
Talk of Carlos Quentin interest? We need another RHB DH with no speed, high salary and coming off an injury?
A lacklustre and utterly powerless bench with Kelly, Santiago, M. Young, Berry, Worth and Holaday? JL is fascinated with playing ball in the NL but he’s got no imminent threat on the bench for the late innings.
Carlos Quentin? This one ain’t gonna fly.

Away from NL parks, there’s not much use for Matt Young.

As far as Carlos Quentin, maybe they’re just hinting to put some heat on Delmon to
produce more. Another possibility is Dirks injury more serious than is being reported. Also, Victor is supposed to have his knee checked out this month. Wonder if that has already been done. Won’t know if he will be back, either.

Even so, the last thing we need is yet another right handed DH.

You saying they’re hintin’ with Quentin?

VMart’s knee was supposed to have been looked at again by now. Or was it on the 15th?

Well, Raburn is in today’s lineup at 2ndbase. Here we go again. Here we “get Raburn going” again.
I guess Santiago is on the trainer’s table getting another IV to replenish his strength.

Well we’ve got our rock solid infield back together again eh!

Three lefties in a row and RR comes back to Detroit. Very similar to when B. Inge
returned from the DL. He has less than two weeks to get it going. And I’m rooting for him to do it because I know he is the one man who could give us ten to fifteen homers at second base. If Smyly does go to the DL that shortens his season quickly by three games. Then maybe we get some good news that Fister is good to go on Saturday?? Carlos Quentin for Delmon Young?? Let’s see, our last three trades for everyday players would be Delmon Young from the Twins, Wilson Betemit from the Royals, and Jhonny Peralta from the Indians. Quentin because of the seasons with the White Sox makes this a possibility. CQ absolutely murdered Detroit. What’s his history against the Indians, Royals, and Twins?? Could he have a revenge attitude against the Sox??? I know it is over a month away but who do you think will get Inge at the trade deadline, the White Sox or the Indians???

Saw where the Cubs are considering letting Castro go for two “impact” prospects.
BTW, apparently Cole Hamels is going to be available—now there’s a guy that would absolutely make the Tigers a better team. One can only wonder what the Phillies would want for him though. I’m not suggesting we will be in the running for that—we don’t have enough to give.

Cole Hamels will be a free agent so it would be a “rent-a-player”. I would be interested in that as long as the price wasnt too high (no NC nor JT). I think we need to hold on to Turner. I think it is way too early to peddle him yet. It all depends on how the next month shakes out. I would be more interested in Castro if that is a “real” rumour. I might be willing to part with Turner for him.
For RR’s sake, I hope he gets it going this time because the booing will be very ugly at Comerica over the next 6 games after today if he doesnt.
Need a series win today to keep the positive flow going.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I’m okay with calling Raburn up. I’m not okay with sticking him in there forever. Jim says he’s not going to do that. We’ll see.

Well we have learned to take much of what JL mumbles with a grain of salt.
Raburn can help. I don’t think he can sustain it though. He’s too inconsistent and with too many flaws in his game to excel. If he squanders this chance he should be let go.

Oh, and I’m not OK with him being called up! He didn’t earn it. He’s being handed a gift once again. At least Inge went down and earned his way back.

Good news on Fister coming back, and Smyly’s innings do need to be numbered. He has only 1 year of pro ball under his belt so we can’t overuse him.
Raburn – well….. put up or shut up time. No more minor league options. I hope he gets hot. He can really do some damage when he is hot.
Carlos Quetin would have been a good move with no DY. With DY on the roster, it makes no sense.
I too am worried about Dirks’ injury. Achilles are very tricky.

Raburns option is for the the whole season, he can go up & down unlimited times.

Seems fitting (up and down unlimited times)–that’s what he’s put the fans through.

Shoot me if Carlos Quentin comes to Detroit.
They better get JV enough run support. It’s getting ridiculous!

I am not sure if the option was used up and it might be why today is the day he was called back up. I read somewhere that an option is not considered used if a player spends less than 15 continuous days off the major league roster. I believe he was sent down on May 30th which would make yesterday: Day 15. I could be wrong on that. Still having the option may make him a little more attractive in a trade (if the .148 batting average, doesn’t 😉 ). Somebody, correct me if I am wrong.
— Bob

I could see bringing Raburn back to play second base if he had caught fire at Toledo, but I don’t really understand this move, which weakens the infield defense again….

Oh no….. Rod just said Wood is a left handed soft tosser like Maholmn which we can’t well typically. Are we sunk?

An option can be used as often as one likes over the course of a season.

One danger of hitting .146 is you forget how to run the bases. Nice RBI double, Ryan.

Reds putting the beat down on the Indians, now we need to take care of business.

We definately haven’t seen the same JV we are used to seeing. He’s really been fighting it. Letting some pretty mediocre squads get to him. Early in the game but giving up 2 runs this early rather disappointing. He just seems off to me??

His off is still better than most. But they are following off a ton of pitches which is what they did earlier in his career. His not missing as many bats is he?

Fouling off…… I hate auto spell correct.

He’s fastball happy. When he gets fastball happy the hitters get happy too. He really needs to get a slightly better understanding of this aspect of his repertoire.
This is especially true when he just blows one by somebody at 100. You can almost bet 5 of the next 6 pitches will be the same.
Bad base-running by Raburn and bad managing by Leyland. JV should have been bunting.
All the hype about JV getting his 1st hit is even affecting the manager.
BTW, Don Kelly catches that ball off of Barney’s bat.
Also, Barney is available from the Cubs.
What is Cabby doing not going to RF? Holy cow!
We’re seeing bad baseball so far.

Grounding into 2 double plays in 2 innings……………..geez boys. Get JV some run support for gods sake! Looks like after 2 okay innings at the plate Wood has that soft tossing lefty grip on their psychie!

another wasted oportunity there in the 5th. Boesch swings at a pitch waaaaaaaaay out of the zone and Cabrera pops up. Jv is going to have to pitch shut outs inorder to get a win because his team hitting wise sure doesn’t support his efforts.

Amen. Cabby has let me down today. He’s off his game entirely.

Wow–this Wood gets good Wood!

Another leadoff man on (every inning). The simply must take advantage.

Nope a hard hit liner and yet another %#€>~?!%#}. Double play! I really should learn not to start feeling good about the Tigers, I only get disappointed.

Three DPs in six innings. We can’t be losing all these Verlander starts.

Looks like they are simply treading water. Must be frustrating for Verlander. It’s only a matter of time until the Cubbies get a bloop and a bomb.

Justin looks pissed to me. Lead off runner on yet again and they will screw it up I’m sure!

Nope AJ comes through!

Miguel sure looks bad at the plate today, unMiggy like!

I thought he would come out with a vengeance today but he looks pretty ordinary and not very selective. Almost unmotivated it would seem. BUT, he’s playing solidly in the field.
Man we need the Prince to pick things up.

Funny that JV giving up 2 runs is cause for concern to some. We sure got spoiled by Verlander. Enjoy him!

Key inning for JV and key leadoff batter.
Barney seems to be enjoying himself at Tigers’ expense.

I blame Laird. Fastball happy. I hate it. just hate it. It’s arrogant stupid baseball

Before the game started, the camera was focused on Verlander. He kept shaking off the catcher. Not sure if Gerald was getting him warmed up then.

He better not pinch hit for Verlander at 101 pitches. Don’t do it, Jim.

Decision time for JL. What do you do with JV in the 9th? I still don’t trust JVII but realistically, It may not be a good idea for JV to face this lineup being turned over one more time.
As to actually hitting for him—we don’t have much on the bench!!!

All star CFer

Sure is. Mr.D sure looks good getting AJax. One of the best in MLB.

Austin hasn’t missed a beat

JL comes out lookin’ like a genius………….so far, anyway.


Couldn’t have given up a more bloopie double to campana. Game of inches. Those add on runs are looking huge!

Best 3 run lead closer in the business

Three things I learned about today’s game:
1. Ajax’s absence was far more severe on this team than we realized. He is truly the most valuable to our success.

2. Even Delmon makes an occasional contribution. Nice throw from left field.

3. In many games, the weakest hitters on the team hit JV the best. But I’m not convinced that Wood is the weakest hitter on the team. It’s the fastball thing. These guys usually get 92-95, and any big leaguer can time that. The stars get 95+, and usually end up as a strikeout victim.

Great job today JV. Welcome back Doug.

You had to be watching the Cubs feed to see this, but comedian Jeff Garland (never heard of him) sang “Take me out to the ballgame” at the 7th inning stretch. When he got to “root root root for” all those Tigers fans roared “THE TIGERS!!!”
When the song ended, Mr. Garland announced “I’ve just gotta say, all you Tiger fans suck!”
This series drew 124,000+ people, the largest attendance for a mid-week 3-game series in Wrigley Field HISTORY. For helping to make that happen, we were told over the ballpark PA that we suck.
How nice.

What a classless jerk!

That’s Chicago fans for ya!

Fox will broadcast national and internationaly the saturday´s game .

Shame on our guys if they don’t pummel the Rockie pitchers this weekend.

From out there in Ley Land:
We need a RHB” the only guy we have down there is eldred.

Guess that completely explains Matt Young!!!

A scout for an unnamed big league team sits in Wrigley Field, sizing up possible trade targets. Raburn rips a double off the wall and the scout says “Hey, this guy can rake. Maybe we can use…..” (Raburn breaks for third on a grounder to his right)
“…….never mind.”

Rich – we can live with the blunders if he hits the ball. When he goes 0-the week with 12 Ks, then well, he could be the best base runner in the world and it wouldn’t matter.

Tigers playing a little better. I am really interested in seeing how Fister looks tomorrow.
Still trying to translate what Leyland said about Eldred. Trade?

Yeah, it was just an attempt at humor.
I think that JL was/is thinking about NL parks and double switches. Thus, Matt Young. Eldred isn’t versatile enough, position-wise.

I’m surprised JL even knows his name!
Eldred at leas puts a trheat on the bench. Right now opposing managers know there is no pop on the bench from either side of the plate.

threat (sic)

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