Tuesday: Tigers at Cubs

I’m off for this series, but I figured I’d pass along the lineups. Brennan Boesch is back, as he expected to be. So is Jhonny Peralta. Ramon Santiago and Quintin Berry head to the bench.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Gerald Laird, C
  8. Danny Worth, 2B
  9. Max Scherzer, P


  1. Tony Campana, CF
  2. Starlin Castro, SS
  3. David DeJesus, RF
  4. Alfonso Soriano, LF
  5. Bryan LaHair, 1B
  6. Steve Clevenger, C
  7. Darwin Barney, 2B
  8. Ian Stewart, 3B
  9. Paul Maholm, P


Delmon in LF, right?

Why do we keep asking that?

Haven’t seen that name Clevenger since mid 1950’s to early 60’s Tex Clevenger Pitcher, any relation..grandson?
Tigers pitchers prepared for more 4/5 out innings with corner outfield defense, or lack thereof sigh.
Please be Blue Eye Max tonight.

With the exception of Verlander, none of our pitchers know to break for first on anything hit to the right side. Drives me crrrrazy.

Here we go. Another sub standard starter who is making us look like minor leaguers at the plate.. Maholm has been getting torched lately, then again so did Bard.
Bad swings and I include DY in that. Good swing but bad in that it was once again on the very first stinkin’ pitch.

Can we win 3 in a row?

Softball pitching and we can’t seem to hit it.

We’ve never scored a run on Maholm in two starts. Shut us down last year in Pittsburgh.
This is former Tiger Joe Coleman’s boy coming in to pitch right now.

Those soft tossers, get us every single time!

You sure can hear the tiger fans. Hit,

Tie game, folks.

And here comes the lefty for Boesch. I love it.

We got two breaks in that inning. Young was out at second on lack of hustle and a crappy slide and Peralta was struck out. Two bad calls go our way and we’re tied.

How could Prince not get to that ball there in the 7ths. His name really shouldn’t be Feilder. Haha

That’s pitiful. How could Fileder be any worse. That ball he didn’t get to right there in the 7th?

Coke got four outs. Good pitching. Picked Prince up.

I havent seen the whole game, but not every impressed with the way balls and strikes are being called.

Boy even though it aw a bad throw, I can’t believe they didn’t call him out, didn’t it look like his foot was on the bag? Wow. Coke sure not getting help from his friends?

Clown show.

Thanks umps. I know they were bad throws by Peralta, but it appears that both should have been called out. At least give us one of them, so we get out of the inning. But no. It just seems like it isn’t the Tigers’ year.

Geez what a joke of a inning? First of all he had a guy struck out and secondly Santiago got the out at second. I hate umpires. What a joke!

They didn’t look ready to play tonight. Too much fun in Chicago, I guess. Awful, just awful.

The umps missed them but that’s what happens when you don’t look good.
Boesch and Cabby didn’t come through in the big inning. That hurt.
Coke not being able to miss a bat when ahead 0-2 hurt several times.
Peralta had twins—errors that is.
Brutal he’s been a dud this year.

Ya your going to miss some but, it seems to me they are missing a whole lot and not just against the tigers?

There practically isn’t a game that goes by that I don’t wind up pissed off by umpires and feel like we got jobbed. I watch the baseball programs and if you watch the recaps it’s happening all over the place. But we don’t need any help losing games, we do just fine on our own. Is it me or does it get worse and worse all the time.

Coke pitched two innings and got nine outs. And Fielder was on the bag. You can’t make this stuff up. There’s no excuse to be made for this umpiring, I don’t care who “looks” bad.
Does Peralta have an arm injury or something? He’s been looping throws all season. We don’t need injured people out there.

I watched the Cubs broadcast. Bob Brenley is totally in favor of instant replay.

Dan & Jim agree that the team looked awful,bad calls, and lots of disappointment in their play.

Maybe we should just all start smiling and cracking jokes and not think about the game. That’s what our Tigers just did.

Okay, that’s hard to believe. Are you sure about that?

I don’t know where to go first, the umpiring or the disastrous defense. If we quit thinking of keeping players happy, our best team is actually Berry/Dirks in the outfield, Santiago and Worth at short and second, and Prince as DH. Then we’d need to acquire either a slick fielding 3rd or 1stbaseman. Of course, that would never happen in real life.

Are you sure about that?

That I’m sure about. 🙂

Interesting comment Kathy. I too, wish they would start playing with a visible level of intensity.
That was bad baseball out there tonight. Pure and simple.
They actually let the Cubs have their way with us on the bases. Very discouraging.

I”m in favor of instant replay now, along with an electronic strike zone. The umpires are having too large an impact on outcomes. Of course, the sheer number of calls that would have to be reviewed would make the games interminable. Those guys miss a lot.

I’m afraid this is is real life.
Amazing what a year can do—last year Jhonny was strong and accurate—chest high throws every time. Now we need that from him with the big target gone and he doesn’t do it.
You’re right about his throws they are now just getting there ahead of many runners, even on the routine plays.
I don’t think Ramon is an answer there but he sure did look good when JP was out.

That is exactly what they need to do Rich and I’ve mentioned it a few times. But I’ll repeat. It’s about pitching and defense. Worth, Santiago, Dirks, Berry, Jackson, Laird, and lets find a first baseman somewhere. It’s not complicated.

I interned in the legal department at Minor League Baseball this spring and got to know the umpiring coordinator for the minors, Justin Klemm, a little bit. He seems like a quality, competent guy. MLB should look into bringing him on board to do ump evaluations, because whatever system in place now is not working, across all of baseball. Maybe the barriers to entry (several thousands of dollars to attend umpire school and then only a small percentage chance of getting selected for the minors, let alone making the majors) are keeping away the kinds of people who could do a good job???

Doesn’t change the way we hare playing.
BTW, If Leyland comes out and argues that call at 2nd there is a much better chance we get the call at 1st.

That is a good point. Is he embarrassed to do so because the play looked so sloppy?

Phil Coke says “bear with us, hold on.”

It’s already been stated. We don’t hit the back of the rotation guys at all. Then when you have to face their Ace, you’re already in the hole. Ladies and gentlemen, it just might not get any better. The infield defense needs a dose of some kind of magic spray. Coke actually has one of his better outings and is the losing pitcher. Keep Razor in the lineup until he falls over from his “lack of stamina”.
At least one middle spot would be safe. As previously stated, Fielder is a quality hitter, but he fields the ball like a gnome. If Rick’s sinker is on, I really feel sorry for him.

Yeah, it really is about pitching and defense. In addition, we don’t have the right kind of lineup. You don’t need big sluggers everywhere (JL’s guys that drive ’em in), you need to mix it up. Berry, Dirks, Santiago, even Worth would complement Miggy, Prince, Jackson, Avila and Boesch. We made this mistake in 2008. You have to be able to create scoring opportunities when a guy like Maholm is shutting us down.
In that regard, the team is flawed, as has been mentioned by several people.
MLB needs to address this umpiring situation. We’ve had TV replay for many years and we easily see that the quality is getting much worse. I think we had five bad and potentially game changing calls tonight just over the final three innings, and against both teams. These bad calls can be spotted in real time even before seeing a replay. It’s becoming as bad as the NFL and NBA.

Another day……..another way!

No way this team can beat out the competitors if they can’ put more than 3 runs on the board. I would venture to say we have scored 3 or less a pretty good percentage of the time.
No hitting. Inability to do damage to opposing starters. No speed, unreliable bullpen (worst ERA in the league) and poor defense. Doesn’t look good.

Jhonny is s pretty quiet guy. He should have been quiet after the game:

“They missed both plays,” said Peralta.

So did you Jhonny.

I think regardless of how sloppy it looked and it did, the umps still screwed up again and again and again. And not just against up but the Cubs as well. It shouldn’t matter how sloppy it appeared to be GET IT RIGHT! Guess what it’s fast out there, things aren’t and don’t look perfect, but an ump needs to see beyond that look at actually took place and make the call correctly. Not punish you for style points it’s not ice skating or gymnastics. And with reprucussions for umps they can do whatever they feel like! It’s like tenured professors and teachers, doesn’t matter hw good or bad they are!

And we have to face Garza today, a pitcher the Tigers were interested in, if I’m not mistaken, or maybe it was just the fans talking.
I thought the Tigers came out “flat” last night and just weren’t working the pitcher early in the game. Just a perception, but that’s how they looked to me. Too may quick outs and men left on base. Berry and Jackson did their jobs.
Rich, I never thought I’d see the day to hear you campaign for instant replay. Selig has never wanted it, but the screams heard round the MLB might force him into action (I doubt it, though). MLB and the player’s union need to sit down with some tech professionals and figure out a way to implement it and ease it into the game. The electronic strike zone would seem to be the easiest and they would have to adjust it to the batter’s height, wouldn’t they? Just don’t go by the height they list on a player’s profile page or stat page. Even my Dad always said he was 5’10 1/2 “. So that means I was 5’11. Ring the wrong buzzer. I’m not advocating for umpires to be removed from the game, only some of their decision making. Just way too many mistakes.

This post will be about umpires only, not whether the Tigers should or should not have won the game. Here’s what we got:
The actions within a baseball game will not always be performed to ballet perfection. Peralta throws high to second. Instead of letting the ball sail over his head, Santiago executes a superbly athletic play and does indeed get the force. Peralta throws low to first. The throw isn’t on the money but does Prince just watch it sail by? No, he hurls himself forward to snag the low throw, again a superb athletic play for a guy his size, and gets the out.
There is a lame defense of umpires missing these calls because the “play didn’t look right.” That is nonsense. This is not gymnastics or figure skating. Just like the athletes, the umpires need to able to adjust on the fly and follow the play to the correct conclusion. This did not happen last night. It leads one to wonder if the game is too quick for them. If that’s the case, you need a backup system. This is why the NFL instituted replay, as did the NBA and NHL to a lesser extent.

I am not excusing the umps. They were brutal. You mentioned “real life”. In real life both those plays looked like the runner was safe because the throws did pull the player of the bag. Did they get the call right .? Absolutely not. Should the ump have been more closely focused on the ball, the catch, and the foot on the bag? For sure.
My point is we are not playing well. When you don’t play well you will often lose. You will often not get the call. Leyland did make a mistake by not arguing the 1st call. We would quite likely have gotten the next one. That’s “real life” too.
Both of those were not difficult plays for MLB shortstops to make.
Is this all Peralta’s fault? No. He had a lot of help from guys who didn’t hit the baseball and were able to manage only 3 runs.

Well, that’s a separate issue from umpires and replay. Yes, the Tigers are playing poorly on most nights for some reason(s). I used the term “real life” when suggesting a lineup that JL would never ever use. In real life. In fact, replay would be more likely than him using that lineup. My lineup omitted both Peralta and Young.

I get where your coming from, my problem is that these horrible calls are not occassional. They are nearly every dang night. Sometims for and sometimes against. I just don’t remember in past years seeing so many bad calls.

Why is it that Porcello can throw a 94 MPH fastball but it is a lot easier to hit than the same velocity from Max?
I know the movement but given Porcello’s “mix” you’d think that 94 would be a bit more effective.

Possibly Scherzer’s delivery has more deception? It appears that way when I watch from behind the plate. He “looks” faster. When Max is on, he pounds the bottom of the zone with his heater.

Max also is effective up in the zone with the pitch that appears as a rising fastball.

Wow Johnny got really ripped off by those umps. my gawd.

turning this series around tonight! heading to Chicago tonight for JV’s game tomorrow! Go Tigers

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