Leyland planning to start Delmon in left on some days

Delmon Young returned to left field this past weekend out of necessity, thanks to Interleague play and National League rules. Turns out he might still get some starts there once the Tigers return home and get their designated hitter slot back next weekend against the Rockies.

Young went 2-for-13 with a solo homer, a double and four strikeouts over the three-game series in Cincinnati, where he started all three games in left field. He also made a costly misplay in left field Saturday on a ball he lost in the sunlight. His batting average for the season dropped from .261 to .254. However, he’s still batting better as a left fielder (.277 average, .759 OPS) than as a DH (.244, .640).

Young began the season playing in left field and struggled out of the gate in April. He missed a week on MLB’s restricted list in the wake of his arrest in New York City at the end of April on aggravated harrassment and hate crime charges, then returned in early May to find himself virtually a full-time DH.

Manager Jim Leyland isn’t promising Young a lot of play in the outfield, but would like to use him there a couple days a week, he said after Sunday night’s win.

“I talked to him a little bit about this — DH four or five times a week, but play the outfield a couple [times], but to break it up for him I think would help,” Leyland said. “I’ve talked about all these things. We’ve been making plans for it, but it seems like we have somebody different every day that can’t go, so we haven’t been able to do exactly what we wanted.”

Most of the starts in left will go to Andy Dirks once he returns from the 15-day disabled list, potentially later this week. Quintin Berry could stick with the team in a reserve role, though Young getting a start or two in left might work against the speedy Berry.

Leyland also didn’t commit full-time to Dirks returning to the second spot in the lineup. He said he could continue play Brennan Boesch there if he remains on a hot streak.


“Say it it ain’t so, Joe”

WOW, How can you continue to be so stubborn to commit to DY with the speed and all that Berry Brings to the line up? I know, I know, its all about $

but I don’t have to like it

This is just a classic example of Smokey Jim talking out of his hat. Yeah, right; he’s going to play Delmon in left when he’s got Dirks and Berry. Six weeks from now everybody will have forgotten all about it.

Only if DY is hitting .300 with power.

I wouldn’t put much stock in those comments either. I actually think that Young should get a couple starts per week in left if he’s going to be in the lineup everyday, but don’t be surprised if that persistent DH that we see in the lineup, even when he isn’t, doesn’t change. The key here is if he’s going to be in the lineup everyday. I don’t see why that should be engraved in stone. We do have other options, or will have. I definitely wouldn’t send out Berry just to placate Delmon. That will cause a fan mutiny.
Personally, I don’t think Young hits any better one way or the other. Sometimes he runs into one, sometimes he doesn’t. Playing LF or DHing doesn’t change that. This guy is a true hacker. Some homers with men on would be nice. DY has one 2-run homer and the rest solo shots.

i agree that DY should get 1-2 LF starts a week. Berry is green and Dirks won’t be hitting the cover off the ball all year (probably).

It’s true about Dirks and Berry but when you build these young kids up you have too at least give them a chance. Same thing with Young you have to give them players a chance and stick with them for at least a 2 week period.

It’s about defense and pitching. Stick with that philosophy and grind it out and the wins will come. Run, bunt, walk, steal. Worth and Santiago make the best IF combination. Jackson, Berry and Dirks the best OF. I’m with you on that Glenn. Hitting will come. That’s supposed to be Cabrera’s, Fielder’s, and Young’s jobs anyway. Not to leave out Brennan. If he continues to hit, his defense is sufficient. And dare I say we have given up nothing having Laird behind the plate, basing that on how he’s played this year as compared to Avila. All the injuries and under performing players have forced Leyland to make lineup changes, (changes he would probably never have tried) They’ve resulted in improved play. It’s getting more interesting. Welcome back from the mountains Rich. In terms of photography, mist is good. Rain not so good.

Against the Cubs, you should see Worth start two games at second and Santiago the other. Worth is hitting lefties better and Santiago is hitting righties better this season. Peralta probably three games at short . Let’s hope in the coming weeks we finish most of our games with Jackson, Dirks, and Berry in the outfield because that will mean we are winning a lot of games.
For this team, it’s supposed to be about solid starting pitching, good back end of the bullpen,
fairly solid hitting, and average team defense. I totally agree that the big surprise this season has been the play of G. Money.

Why can’t Leyland just stick with one lineup for a least 2 weeks. That’s rith it’s a LEFTY/RIGHTY pitching thing he has a feeling about.

Well for one thing they’re playing in National League parks now, so they can’t have the DH, so there’s one change right there.

WOW. He just started him for the past three games. We are headed to Chicago and the Cubs plan to start two lefties against us. DY is our second best right handed bat against lefties at .311. Of course, he will be running him out there. Last year he played forty games in LF for us and hit 8 hrs with 32 rbis and a .268 ave. We have about 45 games until the trade deadline. To get max production out of Delmon I believe he should split time between DH and the outfield. In Coamerica Park , he might be better suited to play right. Boesch could DH a few games between now and the All-Star game. We need to get both of those guys hitting with more power.

Mist is good for photography, Marty, yes, but this was pea soup. There were trees right in front of us that we could see barely a shadow. Besides, your camera gets damaged when you drive your car off the cliff. 🙂 I was happy just to get back down from there in one piece!
Delmon has more trade value if seen as a LFer, so we’re kind of stuck there. I shudder to think of him in RF with those slicing line drives.
We’re about to start winning some games now any way you cut it.

Avisail Garcia is 21 today. http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=541645
I would expect he will not finish the season in Lakeland. Has been hiting and is striking out less than previous rate.
What can you tell us about him El Tigre?

Not much. He plays in Venezuela for Caribes de Anzoategui. The team where Magglio is now part of the directive and used to play for. It is also the team of Villareal and Omar Infante.But he only took 9 AB here. So I have not watched him.
Miguel compared Avisail to him, a slimmer , undeveleped version anyway I would add.
The last time I read about him , he was in DL

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