Sunday night: Tigers at Reds

Jhonny Peralta is still on paternity leave, so the lineup remains the same, with Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth comprising the middle infield. Delmon Young starts in left.

Forget the Quintin Berry debate, because he’s now in the lineup. Brennan Boesch has been scratched with a right ankle sprain. Berry will start in right, batting 2nd.

One thing I’ll say about the Quintin Berry debate: The way Brennan Boesch is hitting right now, it would be very tough to take him out of the second spot, where he’s seeing strikes ahead of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. And if you play Berry over Delmon, your options for hitting behind Fielder are Santiago, Worth and Laird.

1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Brennan Boesch Quintin Berry, rf
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
4. Prince Fielder, 1b
5. Delmon Young, dh
6. Ramon Santiago, ss
7. Gerald Laird, c
8. Danny Worth, 2b
9. Drew Smyly, p


This might be the only lineup we could put out there. Haven’t been impressed by Matt Young yet.

Valid points but I would as soon as put Laird there and drop Delmon to 6th

I think the Tigers are going to regret not being involved in the Soler Sweeps.

3 runs in a game aren’t gonna put many check marks in the “W” column.
This team needs to start hitting.

So we get a guy, Boesch, finally starting to hit and he gets injured. There’s no justice. Good spot for Berry. Did anyone see yesterday’s pregame show when Rod Allen had Quintin demonstrate his bunting technique? Picture perfect. This guy’s got that bunting thing down. Why more players don’t learn this simple technique is beyond me. Even our pitchers could do it.

Agreed. Good points all. Haven’t heard any specifics on BB Anything known?

Sorry, Jason, but Berry subbing for an ailing Boesch doesn’t end the debate. It just postpones it – conveniently. Unless Delmon Young hits at least .280 and starts driving in runs, he’ ll continue to waste one of the most important spots in the lineup. (And that says nothing of Boesch’s shortcomings on offense and defense.) At this point, the only outfielders/DH candidates who merit playing full time are Jackson and the injured Dirks. The rest, including Young, are platoon players.

Hopefully DY can do as you suggest. Although presently not at his best, DY is young and has a .286 MLB lifetime average with 21 HR and 112 RBI as recently as 2010. Plus, DY was a monster in the playoffs last year. I don’t think this kind of potential production can be ignored.

No intelligent observer of the game would ignore Young’s two good seasons – or his three mediocre ones. If he really gets hot, play him every day. But he has not produced this season; and unlike several of his teammates, he cannot help the Tigers with his defense or baserunning. The prudent decision would be to platoon him (as Ron Gardenhire did in Minnesota). He will not be a Tiger in 2013. In fact, it’s quite possible he will not be a Tiger in August.

Hope his ankle isn’t too bad? Is this another DL stint?

Boesch said it’s not too bad. Very little swelling, just some pain, and he didn’t want to be hobbling out in right field and not be able to chase a ball. He thinks with the off-day Monday that he can be ready for Tuesday at Wrigley.

am expecting a “homer” fest tonight. Smyly 9 in 60 IP, Bailey 10 in 65IP. hopefully Tigers hit em with ducks on the pond. i’m guessing at least 4 balls leave the yard.

Is “Fister not ready to pitch” code for “his rib still hurts”?

some good food in Cincy…Montgomery Inn for ribs, Skyline Chili. Skyline is iconic…imagine they offer it at the ballpark. Delmon is listed in the lineup at DH…is that an unconscious indictment of his defense, Jason? ha ha Interleague gotcha


The slide at home on saturday?

This time the break goes for the Tigers

The slide by Berry was as good as possible with a RH hitter

Let’s see if here in the 3rd the Tigers feel like hitting? I like how ESPN called Berrys almost catch a miscue? This is why I hate espn.

I guess the answer is no they ont feel like it. Grounding out is the specialty so far.

The spanish broadcaster, Candy Maldonado said it was the right thing to do. It fell after hitting the field with the glove

Could Laird go to talk to him? JL wont do it until is too late. Calm him down

Amigos, there is a new heading to post your comments.

Candy Maldonado also saw him safe

11-11 in one run games
46-34 Baker- Leyland
Villareal winning thanks to a wild pitch
A triple ( double by fan) with bases loaded by Jackson who took it where he left it
A perfect Valverde

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