Leyland tabs Berry for bench role with Jackson back

Once Austin Jackson came back from the disabled list, it was a given that Quintin Berry would be out as the starting center fielder. The question was there was a role for him in another spot, such as the corners.

The answer at this point is no.

“It is what it is. He’s an extra player on the bench,” Leyland said of Berry. “Maybe he’ll pinch-hit to lead off an inning, maybe pinch-run. There’s a role there, but I’m not going to take Boesch out. Hopefully we’ve got him going. I’m not going to take Delmon out, and Jackson’s our center fielder.”

That was the lineup for Saturday — Jackson in center, Brennan Boesch in right and Delmon Young in left. Berry entered in the ninth inning as a defensive replacement in left field.

This was a much better question when Boesch was mired in a 4-for-42 slump. That no longer seems to be the case, the way he was hit the last few days. And though Young looked bad on the Joey Votto fly ball he misplayed into a double in left field, he is hitting.

Obviously, Young returns to designated hitter when the Tigers go back home next weekend and get away from National League rules. Could that be Berry’s opportunity? Not if Andy Dirks is ready to return, Leyland answered.


Beck claims that Delmon Young “is hitting.” Does 5-for-28 and 2 RBI over his last 7 games consitute “hitting”? How about splits of .255/5/21 for the season? In truth, Young has performed woefully this season – both offensively in the critically important No. 5 spot, and defensively on the mercifully rare opportunities he has taken the field.

On the other hand, Berry provides the Tigers with much of what they need: speed on the basepaths, defense, and energy. He also happens to be hitting better than Young at the moment. It’s really simple: you play the hot hand. Not with Leyland. His stubborn refusal to manage creatively, or to improvise in response to the rhythms of the season, is just one reason why this team is still stuck. And nobody symbolizes the stalled Tigers more than Young, who is on pace for the worst year of his inconsistent career.

I agree 100% Scott! plus QB brings energy and multiple valuable intangibiles that are sorely lacking on this team so far!

Pretty disappointing. Berry at least right now is working, he is a career minor leaguer so it may of not lasted forever but it would of been nice to see it for a while.

No matter which is hitting or isn’t with Young and Boesch, Tigers have the worst corner outfield defense in baseball. This is on Dombrowski as well as Leyland. No other team was giving Delmon 6/7 million to hack and be a butcher in left.

“It is what it is.” What kind of comment is that? So sick of it. What it really means is he might be a bench player if he’s lucky. He just gets dumped because Andy is coming back. All of a sudden he’s expendable. What a shame! Seems to be a great guy who brings so much enthusiasm and energy to the team. There must be a team out there that needs a speedy OFer and I don’t mean AAA. That guy is a major leaguer out there for team.

I like Brennan but look how long did we have had to watch this guy struggle for months on end at the plate and in the field. The skipper never said it is what it is re Brennan. Oh, that’s right. That’s what Brennan said. JL makes me sick to my stomach.

I’m just glad Berry will remain with the club, even in a utility role. After spending seven years in the minors, Quintin probably is too. Nobody really thought he’d start over Boesch, Dirks, Young, or Jackson, did they?
Young will be traded this season and out of the equation. There will be plenty of opportunities for Berry. Not everything needs to be seen as a negative.
Re Delmon, I’ll repeat what I said last night. I’d limit his LF starts on this trip until we can get him back to DH and subsquently traded. JL won’t do that, but it’s what I’d like to see.

I really don’t see them trading Young, unless the unexpected happens and Tigers drop completely out of the race. Leyland remembers how Young hit down the stretch. He likes guys who can hit on the big stage. Young will eventually leave in offseason free agency.
Give Berry a slap on the back for a job well done in Jackson’s absence. This team is not built to play small ball, so he does give them another way to win off the bench in the late innings of tight games. His speed and defense, in fact, make him the ideal bench player.

Granted it’s impossible to predict trades. Delmon so far in 2012 has done nothing to improve his value, both in trade and in terms of his own looming free agency. That legal case is still out there. Even if we’re still in the race, he might be moved if it’s seen as improving the club. The return of a productive Raburn could make Delmon more expendable. I can grit my teeth through Young’s brainless ABs but I can’t tolerate that bad outfield play.

On the bright side, Santiago and Worth played well. Santiago is beginning to hit with regular time .And Worth´s defense really compensate for his lack of hitting.
On Berry, I would put him( and Kelly) in the OF after the 5th inning everyday until Dirks is back.

Jim can go double switch crazy with that.

I think JL and JB are absolutely correct in their positions. Despite the struggles of BB and DY, they are respectively 3rd and 4th in HR, 3rd and 4th in RBI and 3rd(tied) in 2B on the Tigers. Presumably they will soon ignite and play to their potential. QB started out hot, but over the last 7 games is hitting only.105 and has taken poor routes on balls. He actually even did a 360 on one of his recent grabs. JL’s projected use of him to lead off an inning to pinch-hit as well as to pinch-run is perfect. I wish QB well, particularly as it benefits the Tigers, but his track record in the minor’s has been only mediocre save for his basestealing. QB has proven to be only a career .267 hitter with minimal power.

360 but he got it and gets to some of them with absolute speed. We’ve been spoiled by Jackson because of all-star abilities. QB may not have the best routes as Jackson (few do) but he gets to far more of them than just an average OFer.

The question is not so much Berry over Delmon or Brennan the question is the arrogance and hostility JL exhibits when explaining his decisions that are steeped in obstinancy. He really gets his back up and reverts to primal (verbal) instincts.
“It is what it is” IS not a very social and intelligent response.
Berry does make good sense on the bench provided Dirks is back and playing well.
He makes good sense over Delmon in AL parks where Delmon can DH if Dirks is not around for sure.
I wouldn’t play him over Boesch. BB may be coming out of it. He is a decent outfielder when his confidence is not impaired. He does take his at bats into the field with him. At that age, it’s hard not to.
I still maintain the Delmon should be traded. He should be retained only if he adjusts well the the DH role AND starts to contribute to the cause with better plate discipline.
If he continues to selfishly Buzz Kill by ending rallies on the the first pitch he should be at least demoted in the lineup. (BIG) IF Raburn OR VMart are able to DH effectively, Delmon should definitely be traded. As anything other than a hitter he is a liability.

So berry is a .267 hitter. Whats delman hitting. Hmm. Plus delman gets on base and yippie another lumbering giant that cant get home without 2 hits by the non producing bottom of the order. Between prince and delman the basepaths become school zone slow. The tigers finally get a player that can manufacture runs and zonks they bench him. Guess we go back to 10 men left on base per game again. Also i find boesch’s fielding slightly subpar. A step up from what maggs performed with bad legs. When was the last time boesch caught a ball that made you say wow. Never. It is what it is? A joke.

Victor will get that physical assessment soon and the results of that will spell Delmon’s future in Detroit. We already have five outfielders better defensively so that leaves DH only.
I agree with Richard (that’s not me) and Woody. I have no problem with Berry being a bench player. He’ll be plenty useful that way.

frankly, I’ve been puzzled on what’s been reported on Victor, the ACL injury in particular. although DH, he still has to run. i cannot recall a player having even a partial ACL tear who was able to get by with rehab and bracing. that ligament is the prime stabilizer of the knee. the conservative approach being taken is unconventional. if he is somehow able to return and contribute, it will be a real life Roy Hobbs moment to me.

He did have one surgery, but appearently didn’t need the second one the doctors thought he would.

Very good questions and beyond my knowledge base. Is there anyone who has a qualified simple medical analysis of the situation for us?

Just watching Baseball Tonight I’m already annoyed by the announcers. Going to be a long night if the Tigers are losing. These national tv guys seem to dump on whoever is losing and over massage the egos of whoever is losing.

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