Fister won’t be ready for Wednesday

After some hope from the Tigers, Doug Fister will not be able to return when he’s eligible to be activated from the 15-day disabled list on Wednesday. Still, he shouldn’t be far off.

Fister, sidelined for the past week and a half with a left side strain, threw his first mound session Saturday afternoon and felt sore on Sunday. For now, though, the Tigers are treating it as a typical reaction to picking up the intensity on his throwing.

Fister will rest for another day or two, then throw another session and see how he feels, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Sunday. If he feels fine after that, he should be close to a return.

With Wednesday out of the question for Fister, the start that night against the Cubs will fall to Rick Porcello on his regular four days’ rest. Justin Verlander will still start Thursday afternoon’s series finale against the Cubs.

Casey Crosby, whose spot will be skipped coming out of the off-day, will be available out of the bullpen for the next couple days before rejoining the rotation for Friday’s series opener against the Rockies at Comerica Park.


We have a team that couldn’t hit the water if it fell off the boat.
Polite baseball and pretty lousy umping could mean another disturbing viewing experience.

Hard to believe–now Smyly is down and out.Today we have 3 new injuries, Fister (again), Boesch and Smyly.
BTW, IMO Jacob Turner is our biggest asset right now (as trade bait). He will be far more valuable to us as trade bait than on the hill.

It was safe

Are you kidding me? How can PF not score on a 2 out double like that?
I don’t get it.

Neither I , he was supposed to be running on contact with two outs

When it rains it pours with injuries. And it looked to me like Cabrera was safe but my guess ithe umpires will get fired if they make a correct all in favor of the Tigers. I have no other explanation how so many calls this year could go against us, how they could get so many wrong.

I think you’re right. I am thoroughly convinced that a struggling team, especially one that is playing badly defensively and offensively will be less likely to get favourable calls

in sum regards i’ve been waiting to say “see i told you the tigers don’t do well under high expectations”, but i am more inclined to say “damn that injury bug!” now. what a hot mess!

Damn, I was really hoping for a little excitement last half inning—no, not on defense but I was really pulling for JL to lose his cool and utter something rheprehensible on national TV that would get him fired..
But he was good boy, just stuck to the mantra about “grinding it out”.
I doubt this club is gonna do much against Baily tonight. Actually it doesn’t matter who is pitching, the Tigers are making opposing starters lick their chops.

Those Tigers are scarey at the plate. I’m sure Baily and the Reds are shaking in their freaking boots!

Better lucky than good, he gave twice the HR . Cabrera just missed the first pitch and hit the other just short enough

Cabrera needs to get back in the weight room! Haha. Of course it didn’t go out, not the Tigers mo this year, we’re into the solo shots!

Sean Casey, the best player for Detroit during the 2006 WS, will be inducted into the Reds´ Hall of Fame next month

I loved Sean Casey!

I remember seeing Sean Casey play in a minor league game in Akron when he was in the Indians organization. Casey is the only player from that game who I can recall…because of the “Casey at the bat” association and his near .400 average at the time.

Heaven forbid Tigers get a clutch hit

And the glaring, obvious, incessant, exigent need for a 2nd baseman continues.
Is it not clear Danny Worth doesn’t have the ability?

BV is in now. If we get away with anything but ONE Wild Pitch we better count ourselves blessed.

One pitch hang too long … and only in Cinncinatti is a HR

And the 2 out 2 run homer for the Reds! Why the hell am I surprised. I don’t think this group will ever get their heads out of their butts!

Are we listening to the next Tigers manager tonight?
Let’s put Perez in Leyland. Better now than in extra innings. At least we might have something interesting to watch.

For the record… it was ball four

Ah ya, and these a-holes from espn don’t even mention that it wasn’t even close to being a strike, yet they make such a big deal and pull out k-zone in those Ludwick AB’s. I don’t mind Francona but I can’t stand Herchizer. He’s annoying.

Better than watching Matt Young go 7 for 8.

Candy Maldonado thinks Jackson is reverting to his old habit a pulling the ball instead of going with it.

Baker taking Baily out? Smart, proactive, pre-emptive, Would JL do the same in this situation? I don’t think so. for 4 reasons. A LHB is not up, and he’s not smart, proactive or pre-emptive.

In fact was strange. Dusty Baker is known for breaking arms

Is it at all possible to hope for a 3-run HR here? Somebody on this club please step up and put me out of my cynicism.

Don’t worry Dusty Fielder only hits solo shots.

Don’t blame Prince—everyone is doing that.

He hasn’t hit one that wasn’t a solo shot though, not one? He gets some clutch hits, just not the big fly!

They only showed once the best take when it looks safe by wide margin

Safe by a mile. Not even close.

Still think Baker was smart.
BTW, the comment about how “good” the umping is (and I must say the announcer just caught as I was writing)–he should not have called Berry safe before he touched the plate. I have never been comfortable with Angel Hernandez.

i dont doubt Baker was smart.Only that it is uncommon for him to pull a Captain Hook

I sure hope Delmon can do something here or he’s gonna be vilified, I’m afraid.

Oh, that was awful.


Really, what would you realistically expect? Clutch?
Forget about it.
Phillips play changed to hit!!! Why not change the fly ball out to D3elmon yesterday that cost JV 2 runs?
Official scoring is not nearly as astute as it was “back in the day”.

Both pretty obvious errors!

He was signed as SS…

Did I just hear Herchizer correctly? Did that idiot really just say that he hopes the Cubs will get hot before the Tigers get there? Why would a neutral party say that? Does he have something against the Tigers? Unprofessional comment!

Dan & Jim are broadasting on the radio. Can’t stand listening to the ESPN guys.

Kirk Boesch?

Chapman does anyone think we really stand a chance? We can’t even hit bad pitchers!

What’s going on.

Chapman is impersonating Valverde

JL was asking the runner from third to score. Without the interference , Perez scored

All Star Jackson and the supporting players did it

Wow that was unlikely! Now can we hold it?

Nobody out and Cabby and Fielder up with men on 2nd & 3rd—and guess what. nothing.
We have a lead but I’m not sure we deserve it.

Can Valverde hold us?
I’m pretty sure Benoit will.
I have zero confidence in Valverde

Any other 2nd baseman besides Phillips or maybae Cano and that ball get through on Miggy’s at-bat.

Did Prince pull something there?

That was a fabulous play.

Nominated for the top ten at Sportcenter.. Santiago and Fielder

BTW: taking a 101 MPH for the team means something

This inning is going too fast.


Holy Cow, who woulda thunk!

11-11 in one run games
46-34 Baker- Leyland
Villareal winning thanks to a wild pitch
A triple ( double by fan) with bases loaded by Jackson who took it where he left it
A perfect Valverde

Gotta give Valverde credit. He came in and threw strikes at the bottom of the zone. Good job.
Matt Young–no credit on that HBP. It’s not like he was taking one for the team. He got hit by mistake, his and Chapman’s. No pain involved. Good break yes. Good ball player, no.
Austin Jackson saved the day. Impressive. Boesch too. not an esy feat to pull the ball with authority against Aroldis.
Great victory.
Dare to dream?

There ya go. Two in a row. That was the most exciting Game Day game I think I’ve ever not watched. That’s the kind of win that could get things going. Comment of the day goes to Dan. “Somebody on this club please step up and put me out of my cynicism.” Hilarious.

I thought that was good comment too!

It sure pays to stick with a game even though it looks bad most of the night. That was a heck of an effort, and the club played all three games well.
When they showed that shot of Chapman warming in the pen, everything he was throwing was away and in the dirt. I was praying for patience from the hitters. Real good ABs there. That was a huge hit by Boesch to get that going, and it wasn’t an easy task. Looks like Jackson is back.
Picked up a game. Suddenly we don’t look so bad, hey?

Two wins in a row. That’s two inter-league series and we’ve won both of them. On to Wrigley. Keep grinding. Win another series. Go Tigers!!

The question is, why was Porcello warming up in the 7th?

Do you think it was just his bull pen?

They may of wanted to do it after dark when it wasn’t so hot.

I’m off to the mountains for a couple of days. See you all on Tuesday evening.

You call those mountains?!

BTW, nice to see the kid Perez fly down that line for his first MLB hit. Cool.
Enjoy the respite Rich. Don’t even think of baseball while your are gone!

How about the way Perez called for that pop up to end the game??

Miggy and Biggy have to do better than they did in the 8th. That could have cost us the game.

Three things I liked about this game:
1. Good solid defense; Thanks Prince for the stretch. I hope your guts remained intact.
2. Strike throwing from Valverde; this is the key for his success
3. No evidence of defeatism in Tiger eyes even as Chapman comes in; the subtle smile and glean in Boesch’s eyes were priceless; so was the hit.

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