Saturday: Tigers at Reds

Austin Jackson returns to the starting lineup. Quintin Berry does not move to the corners. Instead, he’ll be available off the bench. Unless something changes, that seems to be Berry’s role for the rest of this trip.

“It is what it is. He’s an extra player on the bench,” Jim Leyland said in his pregame remarks. “I’m not going to take Boesch out. Hopefully we’ve got him going. I’m not going to take Delmon out.”


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Brennan Boesch, rf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Ramon Santiago, ss
  7. Gerald Laird, c
  8. Danny Worth, 2b
  9. Justin Verlander, p


  1. Zack Cozart, ss
  2. Chris Heisey, cf
  3. Joey Votto, 1b
  4. Brandon Phillips, 2b
  5. Jay Bruce, rf
  6. Ryan Ludwick, lf
  7. Todd Frazier, 3B
  8. Ryan Hanigan, c
  9. Bronson Arroyo, p


So…no left fielder?

Our leftfielder IS a DH. Obviously an error. Thanks for clearing up the confusion…

Any bets on how many of those guys actually finish the game?

Maybe he will move Young to RF for Boesch in the late innings for DEFENSIVE purposes!

Young couldn’t possibly be DH in a NL game.🙂

Verlander needs no LF

Santiago 6th?
Laird 7th
Worth 8th?
Verlander 9th!


Good bye Ortega. Welcome to MLB with Jim Leyland. Are you good with a Yo-Yo?
Welcome Matt Young. Welcome to MLB with Jim Leyland. Where you can be a hitter that strikes out 6 out of 7 times with absolutely no power and limited D

Well i guess berry could use a little rest but i hope its not for long. I would be shocked if hes not onfield by 7th inning.

I read that Berry will be sent back down once Dirks comes back. I hope that is not the case because Boesch sucks.

Leyland sees the need for power. It’s clear we need to supply some HRs from the guys we expected to hit 17-20 this year. We haven’t hit many this year, not really, and fewer still with men on base.
It is power that will transform this roster, if anything can. Yu can clean house a bit and start bringing in some speed and D but the balance of “power” still has to be maintained.
I don’t much like Delmon out there as our everyday left-fielder but I can see the choice over Berry.
Delmon has been disappointing to be sure but he has had company in that department. We all knew there would not be an improvement across the board for Peralta, Raburn, Young, Boesch, Avila but I don’t think any of us figured they would all slump across that same board. It’s killed us.
I hope today’s game doesn’t devolve into JV’s 1st big league hit diversion.
We need JV to come out and be the stopper he has been in the past. Have fun at the plate but don’t get yourself distracted.
Hey, remember Earl Wilson? I wonder how many times he pinch hit for Wert or Oyler? Those were the days, my friend.

They are fouling a ton of pitches off JV here early. Our batters. Sure don’t do that, they just whiff!

Austin is looking at too many pitches upon his return.

Arroyo looks pretty good out there. Or is it just us?
JV getting frustrated with the calls. Understandably.
True—the Reds hitters are making JV work. He has tried to pitch backward but has ended up elevating the high hard one and thus his pitch count.
That is another downside of high pitch count–you give the opposition too many “looks” at what you’ve got. This has been one of the reason we have seen guys catch up to one of the best fastballs in the industry.

I don’t understand why a guy from Lakeland class a is on the 40 man roster and not somebody who is a higher level?

Because he is on the 40 man roster and no one has to be taken off.
Doesn’t mean it was a good call-up though. Not sure why we would need another infielder for the bench for 3 days.
Delmon Young’s new nickname—“Buzz Kill”

2 more solo HRs—-what is that now? The last 10?

Young is brutal and that is a ball that has to be caught but JV has to take blame for pitch selection. 3 straight fastball and an 0-2 count to an excellent hitter is plain stupid..

I’m not sure that Justin will ever be aeally, completely, able to learn about the “cons” of getting fastball happy. It’s his one big obstacle to overwhelming potential.
He has to mix in that devastating curve ball to keep the hitters from timing the hard straight fastball. It’s pretty simple. And Laird (or Avila) have to start insisting.
JV is his own worst enemy.
He had himself out of that inning if he had mixed in an appropriate breaking ball to keep the hitters off balance. I’m amazed he still has not figured this out and falls prey to its “lure”

Bottom (dregs) of the lineup now. They HAVE to work Arroyo. If these guys go up and start swinging at the 1st or 2nd pitch after the inning their Ace went through-they should be benched.

He’s not gonna bench anybody especially if they’re one of his favorites.

Votto gets a double ( he actually deserved something for being smart) but Delmon gets a way with butchery at the expense of his team and his pitcher’s ERA.

I can’t believe these jerks are 1st pitch swinging, yes they got 2 hits but this is not smart baseball. Those 2 hits could easily have been outs and your pitcher is now out on the mound after 5 minutes.

These guys stink in all facets of the game

I quit. Can’t stand this kind of stupid baseball.

Yep. Just did a little research including today, they have hit 59 homers. 39 are solo shots, 15 with 1 on and 5 with 2 on. No slams this year. That’s 66% solo shots. No clutch hitting here.

Do you think our freaking hitters could work up a pitchers pitch count like this. No they whiff and get out on the first pitch or two. So sick of these jerks!

They must hate JV. He throws 60 some pitches in 2 innings and you manage to go out 1-2-3 on about 13 pitches. He’s throw 30 extra pitches simply because of an error in left and yes it was an error! Losers.

Stupid, ignorant, mindless, no thought for your pitcher batting approaches. It’s actually incredibly unbelievable. Poor JV working his tail off, foul happy Reds, and these guys can’t work a count if their lives depended on it. Finally Prince at least sees 6 pitches.

Beyond stupid!

Well I did add ignorant and mindless GK. I don’t know no other words🙂

Benoit!! Number one guy I trust in the pen. Probably number two guy on the whole staff.

The Tigers needs an inning eater to keep their bullpen available on a regular basis. The last days , the bullpen is winning the few games in the W

Verlander needs to focus. Today was the defense , last week a 11 minutes delay. But against Tampa, Yankees and Boston what? Less commercials and more studying his own games would help his cause.

He’ll probably need that Bayer aspirin after today.

A win is a win.. JV wasn’t lights out by any means but actually should have gotten away with a shutout over 6.
Wild Man Villarael iinteresting but a bit too predictable and can’t seem to play catch with the catcher or his 1st baseman. Could be described as Volcanic.
It is worth considering being proactive with Benoit. Ease him in subtly to the 9th inning when situation permits. I don’t mean a JL grandstanding dramatic announcement I mean groom him a bit. If Valverde is a little sore or thrown 3 in a row, then just ease JB in. Valverde is not going to last forever and maybe not even the season, so be ready with a backup plan.
Good to see Boesch contributing and that was excellent base-running to score on the hard one-hopper to CF.

I thought it was a pretty good game, in fact, I enjoyed both of these games so far. I hope I’m detecting a turnaround here because they’ve played pretty well for a couple of days and against the NL Central leaders. Boesch coming around at the plate helps, and having Santiago in there helps, as always.
That was an amazing number of foul balls hit by the Reds. Delmon cost JV over an inning’s worth of extra pitches, yet it could have and should have been a shutout performance despite it all. Good work from the bullpen.
So Delmon also doesn’t know how to shield his eyes from the sun while tracking a flyball. Great. This is one of those examples of players making it to the big leagues and not having learned the proper skills. I would seriously consider limiting him to pinch hit duties for the remainder of the trip. Berry can play the outfield in his place. We can’t trade Young quickly enough, IMO. He’s very disappointing.

Dan, I was in the stadium when Earl Wilson hit a pinch hit walkoff in the 13th inning over the Orioles in 1966. I was also there to see him hit one over that centerfield gate where they kept the batting cages. That was in 1964 while he was still with Boston. That man had a big powerful swing.

pretty dependable on the hill too!

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