Pitching updates: Fister could start Wednesday

The pitching news coming out of Saturday’s win was a little bit surprising. Manager Jim Leyland decided to go ahead and move Justin Verlander up to start Thursday against the Cubs at Wrigley Field on his standard four days’ rest, despite 127 pitches over six innings against the Reds this afternoon. The extra rest for Verlander before this start was a big factor.

When asked if that means Rick Porcello will have his start moved up to Wednesday, however, Leyland said he wants to wait and see on Doug Fister, who had an encouraging session here. Fister is eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list on Wednesday, so he could start the middle game of the series at Wrigley.

Fister is dealing with a left side strain coming out of his Memorial Day start at Fenway Park. He has been throwing off of flat ground, but throwing hard. If he feels good in a mound session, that could be the trigger that gets on out on the mound again as soon as possible.

No word on how far Porcello would be pushed back if Fister’s ready, or if Casey Crosby would move to the bullpen.

UPDATE: Sunday’s Tigers notes list Porcello as the scheduled start for Wednesday. Will check during pregame interviews later today to see if that’s now a lock.

On the bullpen front, Octavio Dotel said he’s feeling better, but still not ready to go. He’s hoping that if he feels good throwing on Sunday, he can be available in the bullpen Tuesday in Chicago.



Why would Crosby move to the bullpen? Casey is a promising young lefty starter with the value of a starting pitching prospect, and would be the next starter in line should the need arise. There is also no real reason to believe that he’d be an upgrade over any of the other guys that are currently in the bullpen. Below has been very solid, Villarreal, Marte, Dotel, Benoit, have all been solid. Casey is not needed in the pen and has more value as a starting pitcher. I don’t like that idea.

I don’t like it either. I’d rather see Crosby start in Toledo than relieve in Detroit. He needs to get regular work as a starter and he’s too wild to be an effective reliever. Guess it’s all still up in the air right now, though.

I’m just excited that Verlander will be pitching on Thursday at Wrigley because I’ll be at the game!😀

I liked the defensive alignment for the 9th today. It’s the best one JL can put together. And he’s had Santiago and Worth starting together at the same time for how many times has it been now? Santiago was a positive factor both offensively and defensively today. Should we be surprised? What’s with JV getting fouled off so many times today? They were fouling off fastballs, curves, it didn’t seem to matter. Reminded me of 2010. I don’t remember it happening as much last year. What does he need to do to cut down on those fouls? Our hitters, led by Delmon, were driving me nuts with their first pitch swinging after JV threw 60+ pitches in the 4th and 5th. It almost seemed like they couldn’t wait to get back out on the field. Crosby to pen is not a good idea at all.

Between the injuries, there have been several steps in the right direction. Mos of them are steps that the overwhelming majority of even casual fans would have made much sooner. Inge gone, Raburn optioned. Delmon to DH. Schlereth optioned- or at least they tried to option him before he called in sick. Balester DFA’d and outrighted. Santos gone. All these are addition by subtraction. There aren’t internal answers for all that ails our Tigers, but they’re making better use of what they have on the roster.

Getting Fister back can be huge. Smyly just needs to cut down on the go-fer balls (as do Rick and Max, for that matter, but they’ve been serving them up for years), and we need a couple out of Delmon, Boesch, Avila, and Jhonny to approximate their career stats. Just get that much together, and the central is within reach, despite an over abundance of slow, fat, non running, non fielding, free hacking hitters.

Many people were speculating they were stealing signs.

If they were stealing signs, knew what was coming, and could only foul them off, that says a lot about how good Verlander is.

There is a fine line with fouling off pitches. When a pitcher starts to lose “it” those fouls have a tendency to become fair. Both in the context of a game and most definitely in the context of where you are in your career.

if they stole signs on JV ,why it did not work with Villareal, Benoit and Valverde? The problem is in his mind. He is an Ace, he must act like that. Rogers also got incensed when his teammates failed him( once he wanted Magglio´s head because the ball went out of Fenway for his fear of the wall ).But he kept his mind on the game ,and won it (thanks to a slide diving catch by… Magglio)
Run support? ask Carlton about that 27 wins while his team won 58.
Does he need to shutdown every team to win?, a Cy Young winner and MVP can .
And if he doesnt like hitter bunting ,pull a Clemmens the next time. You dont need to hit them only allow them to feel the cold air of a 100 MPH pitch too near
He can win 20 again if he keep his mind on the game and use more his curve with full counts

Benoit and Valverde never had allowed a runner to second base where they could look in on Laird, so there was never really an opportunity. Villarreal did have Cozart on second after the wild pitch, though, so the entire at-bat to Brandon Phillips was a possibility.

Still,what happened with Boston, Yankees and Tampa. He allowed 4 or more runs to them.
The high pitching count is not new for him.
Signs can be steal from out of the field. It was famous the Ebbet Field or the Wrigley Field way.And they are supposed to have a different set of signs with runnes on base

They did change up the signs, El Tigre. Verlander and Laird discussed it on the field several times.

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