Jackson activated from DL, plus other moves

Austin Jackson’s on his way to Cincinnati after two rehab games up the road for Triple-A Toledo. The Tigers, as expected, activated their center fielder from the 15-day disabled list Saturday morning. But they had more moves in store.

All-Star shortstop Jhonny Peralta, whose wife has been expecting with their first child, has been placed on paternity leave so that he can join her at their home in Cleveland. With just two infielders on the 40-man roster who aren’t with the big club already — and just-demoted and currently injured Ryan Raburn being the other one — the Tigers recalled second-base prospect Hernan Perez from Class A Lakeland.

The 20-year-old Perez is batting .252 (53-for-210) with two home runs, 53 RBIs and 11 stolen bases for the Flying Tigers. One would expect that he’ll be on the bench in an as-needed role while Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth handle the middle infield spots.

That said, if Perez does get into a game, he’ll become the 40th person to play for the Tigers this season.

UPDATE: To make room for Jackson, the Tigers have optioned Jose Ortega back to Toledo. That seems to be more of a statement about getting by with Justin Verlander on the mound Saturday than it is about Octavio Dotel being ready to return. The available relievers for sure are Valverde, Benoit, Below, Marte and Villarreal.


So is ryan not coming up because they can’t bring him back up or because he is hitting .250 with absolutely no power to speak of and more strikeouts than walks?

Raburn is out with a hamstring problem.

This is turning into a nightmare season.
We can’t get the sticks starters or pen going at the same time.
We have some key injuries.
The umpires have seemed more terrible than ever this year.
To many of our mediocre guys who were expected to have good years or at least produce at an acceptable level aren’t, ie Boesch, Avila, Peralta, Raburn, Santiago, Kelly.
We’ve been relying on AAA arms to play a big role in the pen.
All equals out to a tough year that has no change in sight unless the guys we have turn a magical corner and become ball players again.

Leyland said the called Ortega because there was no one else in AAA to call. Now they call an AA.Perez a 1b would be the 276 th venezuelan to play in MLB
(Journalists and fans here are delighted but surprised for the cup of cofee for players nobody thought would be called that soon). That means Henry has no chances of making the team. He plays the Of and 2b. He is a contact hitter with no power at all. But has speed. But he has been overlooked,

2b available for trade:
Scutaro, Caroll.
Maybe: Polanco, Fonenot. Phillies are the only eastern team in both leagues under 500 .Without Halladay they are near the point of thinking in 2013

I’d rather keep what we have then to trade for either Scutaro or Caroll.

Im only mentioning who is available.Or could be based on standings.

You can bet Leyland will double switch his way into inserting the Perez youngster into the game. Jim just wants bodies so he can do his thing. All hail the vast intellect.
We can’t use either Scutaro or Carroll unless they come practically for free. I will grant that they both know how to play the game properly. Like Santiago.

And that’s what they both are, another Santiago.

Agreed. Those guys are serviceable ball players. As is Ramon. But we need an impact, everyday, both sides of the ball player to man 2nd base. As to Danny Worth–no. He’ll never be able to hit enough. As to Ramon. No. He’ll never be able to hit enough (BTW, I don’t believe the crap about him “breaking down”). He just won’t hit enough.
There are not a lot of guys that you can expect to get out there. Altuve being the best that could be available. But he is still pretty inexperienced. Darwin Barney MIGHT become a better than average option, jury is still out on him. Infante would be OK there for this year but I am not convinced Leyland would work well with him.
One possibility is see is Aaron Hill. This is a guy who can do it all but he also has a tendency to go into serious funks both offensively and defensively that would seem out of character. He has good range, knows how to play, some power, and good in the clubhouse. If a glove is what you want then perhaps. DBacks have a good OF on paper but they could use Young too.
Dustin Ackley. He can pick it and he is young enough to come around as a hitter. Very strong up the middle. Bats left. Seattle could use Delmon. Ackley is worth going after.
Houston needs some power. They would want 3 arms and 5 legs for Altuve though.

I did not mention Hill because he was available as a free agent and Detroit passed. It would strange to give a player for him when he could have been signed in the postseason. im not aware if they would heve to surrend a daft pick ,the 91 pick was no worth keeping anyway.
The same goes for Jhonson

Kyle Seager in Seattle was a 2nd baseman in the minors. He can hit. Playing 3rd for them now. Energetic and gritty.

Hill can play. He’s a good ball player. Maybe not impact consistently but good.

Oops. Perez has 23 RBI. He hasn’t even produced 53 RBI in an entire season of professional ball.

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