Jackson plays full game in rehab for Mud Hens

Austin Jackson was scheduled to get three at-bats Thursday night for Triple-A Toledo in the first game of his minor-league rehab assignment, but he ended up playing a full game. He got an extra at-bat out of it, but he didn’t get a hit, mainly because White Sox farmhand Terry Doyle nearly no-hit the Hens. He also got three extra innings in center field out of it and made three putouts, plus tracking a few hits off Andy Oliver, who actually had a pretty decent start.

The plan still calls for Jackson to get a full game in center field tonight, the final game of the homestand in Toledo. The Mud Hens are scheduled to go on the road to Durham after that, so that’s a big sign pointing towards Jackson rejoining the Tigers on Saturday, though he could conceivably head over to Erie for an extra rehab game Saturday night if he needs it.


I have to admit im a bit anxious to get austin jackson back and see how the dynamic duo works in the outfield. And when andy gets back it opens up some interesting options in the batting order. Personally i would go berry dirks in 1,2 slots and move aj into 5 or 6 slot untill he regains his demeaner since he has been out of mlb a few weeks plus delmons less than stellar obp so far. It could light a fire in the middle of order. Always an optimist i soppose.


It’s been awhile since Henning has wrote one of these fluff pieces. Come on, Lynn. You are comparing the talent pool of the 2005 Tigers with the talent pool of the 2012 Tigers. He thinks the fans are a dumb as JL does.
Fire Leyland or dont fire Leyland. Everybody has an opinion. But dont just say the idea is nonsense. I would say LA Kings fans are quite happy they made an in season coaching move. It may not work, but 6+ years is a long time to hear the same voice.
Go Tigers. Need a big road trip.
— Bob

lynn can be a slappy some times. as are mario, rod, jon keating, dan dickerson and jim price….
but do you listen to 97.1FM’s Valenti and Foster show during the afternoons in SE michigan? I think you’d enjoy Mike Valenti’s views.

I wouldn’t call it a fluff piece as we know the meaning of the word. At no point did he say that Jim and Lloyd are particularly good or bad at what they do. It’s human nature to look to place blame when something goes wrong. People want to know who’s at fault and punish that person or persons. Lynn is addressing the fans complaints and that’s where the the murky, bottom of the muddy lake definition lies. What is a fan? If you’ve got 9 million of them, you have 9 million different opinions. Some are strikingly intelligent and some know very little about baseball. All of them have two things that didn’t exist in the old days. Talk radio and the internet. Now we hear what people are thinking and it comes heavily into play. Listen to Rod and Mario make semi-hidden references to fan comments. But enough of that.
I agree with Lynn that it’s silly to blame the hitting coach, or any other coach, when players fail on the field. These guys don’t just sit around chewing sunflower seeds all day. Players fail because of lack of talent in certain facets of the game, coupled with being allowed to advance to the big leagues with too many areas of weakness.
A manager can be at fault sometimes, but usually not. Likewise, changing a manager will definitely have some kind of impact, be it negative or positive. No one can predict the direction of said impact.
I don’t think it matters if they fire Leyland or not. But the blame will continue to be meted out for every failure.

good points

Good points Rich and maybe “fluff” was the wrong word. Fan is short for fanatical and that is what most of us are. I was mainly taking exception to calling a change nonsense and comparing this group with the 2005 group. Not the same; not even close.
The players fail and they are at fault for much of this, but you cannot fire 25 players. But to call a change nonsense is not true. There is just as many examples of a change having a positive outcome as there is of a change having a negative outcome (or no difference). But I know this: if you do more of the same; you can expect more of the same. If the players canot make the adjustments and make the changes, something else has to happen.
Evan, sorry I cant listen to that station as I live just north of Toronto. I am a transplanted Windsorite. Making my first trip to Comerica since 2006 in August of this year. Gosh, I hope those games are meaning something.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I agree, Bob. A change is not nonsense. It’s a part of all sports and is never treated as nonsense.
Now, and with no particular reason to pursue it, I have heard that the term “fan” does not come from the word fanatical, but darned if I can remember the details. I guess the details are buried at the bottom of that murky, muddy lake that takes over my brain at times.

I guess Jim know best and his buddies know best. Take that, fans. Hardy har har har.

Hardy har har? 🙂

I watched/listened to tigers games occasionally as a child, but started following every game in 2003. I had season tickets in 03, 04 and 05. People laughed at me for having 1 single season ticket and devoting so much of my life to following the Tigers. I enjoyed those seasons – even though we sucked.
And maybe that’s why I don’t panic – idk – but i just thank god (read: mr. I) we have a game tonight. Albeit I want to see good baseball – but i don’t think firing JL is going to guarantee that happens.
Long season fellas. Be glad for that.

Good point. We followed the team when they stunk and it’s certainly better now. A baseball fan just wants to watch baseball, usually through the following of one team, usually inherited.

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I presume the Tigers had no interest in 19 year old (5 tool) Jorge Soler?
I guess they are happy with their outfielders in the minors.

Evan, I agree with you, Mike Valenti has great comments. He does not sugar coat anything, tells it like it is. Tigers looked good last night, could there be more winning baseball played tonight?

interested to see how we do in this series

Our manager likes his team. He has been very even keeled this season until just recently when we have had three three game losing streaks in a very short time while having three more key players go to the DL with injuries. Remember most of these guys won us our first Central division championship EVER just last season. We picked up three players over the off-season. Two of them played for the team that won the World Series last year. The other guy played for a division champion team last year. Oh, by the way, he is also one of the top three or four run producers in the game. This team knows how to win. Let’s all chill out and let the professionals do their jobs.

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