Friday: Tigers at Reds

Gerald Laird is taking early batting practice as I type this. Unless something changes, he’s going to start at catcher tonight. Meanwhile, Brennan Boesch will bat second again over Ramon Santiago, who will bat eighth.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Gerald Laird, C
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  9. Rick Porcello, P


  1. Zack Cozart, SS
  2. Chris Heisey, CF
  3. Joey Votto, 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips, 2B
  5. Jay Bruce, RF
  6. Ryan Ludwick, LF
  7. Todd Frazier, 2B
  8. Ryan Hanigan, C
  9. Mat Latos, P


beautiful picture! I hope SO BAD that brennan gets a couple good hits tonight….if we can get that boy hitting again there’ll be some smiles going around! Also, I must say i like Peralta hitting 6th today – he’s been hitting well the past 20ABs or so

was Santos rejecting his assignment, expected?

I think it’s largely irrelevant. If he can’t get playing time with the big club when even the first 2 catchers are injured what’s he doing here then? It’s not like he’s a prospect trying to gain experience.

He seems serviceable as a backup catcher though.

Wouldn’t it seem that Santos saw himself behind three catchers, including Holaday, with more coming up through the system, and decided to try and hook on somewhere a little higher up the ladder? Can’t say as I blame him.

Okay now, that picture makes me wish I HAD gone on this road trip. Darn.

Time for Fielder to shine. It’s June. He had ten homers in June last year. Likewise, he had over half his homers against NL central foes last year. He also has a 14 game hitting streak going. Go Prince!!!!

Great start to the game???? Geez!

Welcome to the NL Tigers!
That’s how you run the bases and take advantage of everything the other guy gives you.
Fielder needs to be yelling at his mates that the guy is tagging up. He was standing there dreaming..

Sloppy first inning.

Actually Ricky did a pretty good job that inning. He sure didn’t get any breaks at all.
Could have been a nightmare but the damage was controlled.
No comment about Boesch.

On Boesch, I looked at his splits this afternoon. This is puzzling. He hits about .280 ahead in the count and about.250 behind in the count. Not bad. That leaves when the count is even and he is hitting about .150 in over 75 abs. My first question would be what does he hit when he puts a first pitch in play?? It can’t be very good. What do you think??

Well 1st inning was bad 3rd inning even worse. Rick appearently isn’t pitching tonight, instead throwing lollipops up there. 1st inning was a little bit of bad luck third inning he was just plain bad!

Yeah–it’s pretty ugly all right.
Think I’ll watch the Hens.

Rick can’t even the pitcher out! Geez

Please get rid of Delmon Young. You might actually get something useful for him if you do it quickly.

Miggy’s hot tonight.

Delmon ain’t. He’s a a rally killer in my opinion. Thankfully he didn’t hit into a DP anyway.
Should have been able to do more damage that inning.

Or hit a 440 foot homer! 😦

Really impressed with Boesch. Come on Tigers, win this one.

I hope I’m wrong but why the hell do you bring Ortega in?

Nope not wrong! Dumb move JL. Dumb!

Another dumb move by Leyland, typical.

Well that guy could of been called out at first! Not like the zithers would ever get a close call though. Guaranteed other way around he’s called out!

Not like the Tigers would ever get a call.

Ok. does Leyland hates Below? He must be starting but is relieving and he pull him at the first blink?
Ortega is from a little town near Maracaibo, he is the 275th venezuelan in MLB and people here is happy for him but it was not the time to call him

And Leyland shouldn’t take any blame?
How stupid is it (was it) to put a kid in for his 1st outing in a situation like that?
JL is part of the bad baseball we have witnessed all year.
I just shake my head.
BTW are ever going to hit a HR with a man on?

How dense is Leyland?
How dense?

If Leylands bonehead pitching change ticked us off, just think how the Tigers feel. I’ll bet they are silently cussing him out too. If the Tigers lose tonight, this is on you Jimbo. You failed your team. Go Tigs!!!!!!

My cable has gone out, been out since 9th inning. Listening to Dan and Jim.

Darn shame.

Well I didn’t get to see the last few innings (thanks comcast). But how close to foul was that Cairo (batting 163 by the way and he hd 2 hits and a walk) triple? What a disappointment. Last year that Delmon homer would of held up, but Ortego and Below in the 8th. No Benoit or Dotel? Seriously is there something wrong with Dotel why wasn’t he available in a close game, no we get Ortega. Whatever. It was still good to see them battle back and Boesch, Cabrera and both Youngs contribute. Not nice to see Rick do poorly again. What is it about every 3 or 4 outings he has a good one. He, Scherzer and Avila are my greatest disappointments this year.

You didn’t miss much. Poor rookie out in RF missplayed the ball and then couldn’t pick it up. It was awful. Would have been a double. Maybe even a single if the guy has a strong throwing arm and shoots it over to 2nd. The guy was on 3rd, no outs.

This one is definitely on the manager. The players finally played a good game and Jim blew it by overmanaging. When he initially brought in Below in a tie game, then let him hit for himself after we’d taken the lead, I thought Leyland had finally gotten it, but I was wrong. No, a guy gets on and is bunted to second and here comes Leyland looking for the righty. He didn’t have Dotel or Benoit and he didn’t want to use Villarreal so he brings in an untested rookie. That was an absurd move to make. He should have stuck with Below as I wanted him to do AT THE TIME. Don’t accuse me of using hindsight. In his postgame, Jim said he “had no choice.” That’s total bull and I don’t buy it for a second. It’s funny how he steps up and takes the blame for things that aren’t his fault, but when he really screws the pooch he won’t admit it. I’m sure he did hear Below barking into his glove as he stomped off the mound.
And I haven’t even gotten into the multiple double switches. Every year we go into NL parks and JL goes double switch crazy. Was it last year that he double switched in all six games of the trip? You end up with Boesch and Peralta out of a tie game and another rookie playing RF. You set yourself up to lose. Example: in the WS, Jim’s buddy, the genius LaRussa, double switched his way into having a pitcher in line to take the final AB in the elimination game! Fans are not paying to watch you guys dazzle us with your knowledge of the double switch. Just let the guys play.
Irritating to lose a game by the manager. Players have unique and unearthly baseball skills. Any mere mortal can learn to manage. Do it properly, Jim. It’s not all about you.

Oh, yea, it’s all about him. It’s why I can’t stand him.

If Jackson is back on Saturday, who goes to Toledo?? We need all the pitchers don’t we?? Ortega threw eight pitches in the wrong inning. The sixth inning should have been his. How many relief pitchers will not be able to pitch tomorrow??

The whole Below thing was an exercise in sheer stupidity.
If he wasn’t going to keep him in then he had no business letting him hit for himself.
Ortega coming in in a pressure packed situation in relief at that time of the game in his MLB debut was not only astoundingly absurd it was unfair both to Ortega and the players.
As to Delmon contributing, well a solo HR every 3 weeks and 1st pitch rally killing swings 3 times a week just don’t cut it.
Delmon has to be packaged up with a young starter (read rookie) and another player for a MLB 2nd baseman. Anything else results in a perpetuation of a problem in the batting order and an outfielder who can’t be counted on defensively. He’s a DH who will soon be very redundant anyway.
Awesome HR. Too bad he can’t do it more often along with the ordinary things that make a player important to the cause. I think his true worth is in his trade value, such as it is.

BTW- if anybody other than Matt Young goes down it will be criminal.

Yeah, Dan, or get a first-baseman, and deal Prince or Victor.

It doesn’t look like Delmon is going to help us much. His first pitch swinging makes him a true rally killer, a phrase which gets bandied about but in this case is totally accurate. Best case scenario is that he has a good statistical season up until the time we can trade him. The way this team’s problem areas fluctuate from position to position, it may depend on what’s going on at the time as to who we attempt to acquire in return.
I think Santiago and Worth could hold down the 2ndbase position if the rest of the team (manager included) was performing better, but do we have any names of 2ndbasemen who may be available in a trade?

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