Thursday: Tigers vs. Indians

Don Kelly gets the start in left field after his home run last night. Ironically, he’s gaining his strength back after a stomach virus left him unable to hold down solid food the last couple days.

Brennan Boesch is coming off one of his worst nights of the season, but with the sinkerballer Derek Lowe starting, Leyland wanted to take the chance that a favorable matchup could get him going.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Don Kelly, LF
  8. Danny Worth, 2B
  9. Bryan Holaday, C

P: Casey Crosby


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, CF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  4. Carlos Santana, DH
  5. Jose Lopez, 3B
  6. Michael Brantley, CF
  7. Shelley Duncan, LF
  8. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Derek Lowe


wasn’t it raburn who batted 2nd and then was sent down to toledo? mmmmmmmm

Good point.

i would consider Peralta #2 instead of Boesch at this point. bulk of offense coming from Cabrera and Fielder. tough putting a guy who is 8 for 49 over last 2 weeks in front of those boppers. Peralta, admittedly, is only 12-48 over same stretch.
grind out each AB, battle every hitter, avoid mental mistakes. it’s trite, but really all that can be done to bust this slump.

The idea is to get him to see more predictable pitches again. If he can’t make the necessary adjustments given the benefit of this advantage then he will be demoted to find himself in the minors. So maybe you guys are right…..”it’s TWO and OUT!”

Well, Jackson returning, Berry staying. There it is for Boesch.
I’d like to see Casey make these Cleveland hitters do some pushups today, like we did to Big Papi last week. Not near enough of that from this staff of gentleman hurlers.

Rich… Responding to what you said on the previous thread. No I am not optimistic anymore. After Tuesdays and yesterday’s game when it pretty much looked as though the matchup favored us I (along with everyone) I was kicked in the gut. So I’ve decided I would tell myself to expect a loss so if on the rare occasion they show up and win I can be shocked instead of mad and disappointed day after day.
I’m losing faith fast.

Ortega goes when Jackson is ready. When Dirks is ready, then it gets interesting…does Boesch or Berry go at that point? Dirks to RF and Berry to LF, Boesch to minors? Does Boesch have an option left?

Forgot about Matt Young…he would go before Boesch.

Unless they send down Boesch to straighten out his hitting.

Prince takes it to the bag himself. Good sign.

yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss (5 hits in the 1st)

Wow, what a way to start off. Awesome!!!!!!! I am so bummed I am at work and can’t watch the game. Great 1st inning guys.

Gk, I guess I’m just an optimistic person. The way I see it, it’s June and I get to watch baseball. Each season is it’s own story to follow. As is each game, like that unexpected 4-spot we just laid on Lowe.

Casey is doing pretty well. I just hope the Tigers can get some more runs, we (the Tigers) tend to get a few hits then get shut down.
Rich I’m finding it harder and harder to stay optimistic. You’ll have to be our Tigers psychologist and keep our spirits up. Are you catching any inter league games this year?

Well here in the ourth another defensive blunder by he Tigers, they had Kipnis picked off, but Fielder screwed up the throw to 2nd …… Wham run. Now Fielder screws up a routine ground ball and screws that up. Should be out of this inning right now. But here the Indians sit with runners on the corners and 1 out with 1 in! Same old same old Prince.

Ok he got the doubleplay ball AND they turned it!

Very true about Prince. Brutal. But even more astounding is his posityioning on the Lopez base hit (which would have been pretty much right at him). What are Belliard and JL thinking? No way he can get to the bag himself and I don’t think he could have flipped it that far! IF Casey would have remembered to cover the bag.
That was one poor inning for the Prince.

oh wow – Boesch responding well. Raburn did not – but Boesch did. Kinda justifies the skips right to TRY to get raburn going that last game…..albeit raburn was further along the shit trail than brennan.

Finally a big break–the way things have been going you know Choo was going to catch that ball.
BTW-only 1 error last inning? No error on Prince’s throw? Now the scorer can’t anticipate an out on a pick-off?
Weird–he was dead at 2nd with a decent throw.

Cabby! Nice 2 out rally!

Boesch? Do we start to hope (and dream)?

Don’t get crazy!

Holy crap two double play balls AND executed

Good thn BV in the bullpen. Crosby has about had it.

Ya, but he has a lot more to feel good about this time around.

Good job, Casey. Won’t say I knew you could do it, but good job. He and Holaday mixed up the pitches well, kept them off balance.

He pitched well.
Luckily his team has given him some run support.

Gk, I was in two minds about traveling to Pittsburgh, then we came up with tickets to see Ringo Starr’s All Star band that weekend in Baltimore. We talked about making a Cincinnati/Chicago trip, but it would come pretty close on the heels of the ST vacation. Might not have gone over well at the workplace.

Good to see the Tigs score some runs. I saw Crosby pitch here in Grand Rapids a few years back. Op toe Mystic! Go Tigers!

You can get some glasses to fix that optomistic condition.

All you Coke Lovers haven’t switched yet?


I like Coke Zero … not Coke 4.37
Good win today. Maybe the start of something.
— Bob

Here we go!! New it was too freaking good to be true!

Optimistic eh?
Boy if we manage to blow this game I can’t imagine the clubhouse or how they can ever get going again.

He could have left Villareal in for that matter. Started that search for the one reliever who doesn’t have it that day. Poor strategy that most managers engage in.
Berry turned that into a pretty good catch. 🙂

I’m not as down on Coke as some, in my opinion two of the hits he allowed a decent fielder makes those plays, what do you think? Choos single and the Kipnis single.

That inning is why I have lost faith. I start to feel good and “optimistic”. Wham the kick me in the gut!

We have a theory in our household, (not sure if it holds water, but). Fielder is shorter than most 1st baseman and therefore shorter arms. So even if there is few inches difference and probably more, he just can’t stretch or reach as far therefore more are safe on infield stuff than in the past??

The only area that Prince may be good at in the field is picking the low throw.

Not talking about picking it, talking about his actual ability to stretch and the length of his arms. I think that 1st baseman are a bit taller than him so therefore has a longer reach, the ball simply is in a taller persons glove a second quicker. Nothing he is doing wrong, he’s just 4 inches or more shorter than most 1st baseman.

That would make sense if comparing him to taller 1stbasemen who know to reach out to catch the ball quicker. It would seem to be a mathematical equation to see how much quicker a tall guy catches one compared to one an inch shorter, two inches, etc. Sounds like something for that sports science show.
I’m not tall and played 1stbase and it seemed to keep the infielder’s throws lower, so I got very good at digging them out. I think it’s an interesting and very fun position to play, but baseball people often seem to want to just stick someone there.

Prince plays shorter than he is by not fully extending his arm receiving throws or fielding ground balls.  He does not stretch his legs out very far either.  He was signed for is offense and has not disappointed me in that area.

Manny’s boys don’t quit, do they? Good manager.

Sure needed all of my six runs, didn’t they? It’s a win.

Three things that impressed me today:
1. Crosby has a very good curve ball; the left slow curve.
2. Holliday is a good receiver.
3. Miguel Cabrera can hit the ball

Meant to say lefty

Prince is not a good 1st baseman–no matter how you cut it. awkward, out of position, poor arm, bad instincts. 5’10 or 6’5″. He just is not very good.
Is he worth it? Hopefully. He sure can hit.

Enjoyed a day at the park for once. Was happy to see lowe play but happier to see our tigers win. Derrick grew up a few blocks from my current home so everybody is gung ho on him near me.

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