Avila could see minimal stay on DL

Alex Avila went on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday afternoon, and sounded Wednesday night like he doesn’t expect to be on the DL much longer than that. Asked how long he should need for recovery, Avila’s answer was pretty short.

“The doctor said 10-14 days,” he said.

The MRI exam taken after Tuesday’s game showed the injury was “a little bit worse than I thought it was,” Avila said, but still nothing worse than a strain. That’s huge news for the Tigers, who will have Bryan Holaday handling the duties behind the plate for the next few days until Gerald Laird can return.

Avila will not travel with the Tigers on their upcoming road trip to Cincinnati and Chicago.

“When you go on the DL you have no choice [but to sit and heal],” he said. “That’s the bottom line right there. You’ve got to take that time, get healthy and take it from there. In this game you’re going to play with injuries, and some nagging ones, but there are some that you just can’t play with. Obviously I’ve dealt with injuries and things like that the past few years, but some things don’t allow you to be productive or allow you to play at a level you can be proud of every day.”


get well alex. wish you were playing like last year tho dude.

I have not had much time to post lately, and will be taking a well-times break from the Tigers with a nice vacation where I won’t sit and be disappointed night after night watching them. I’ll keep an eye on scores, but after Sunday it will be 7 days w/out it. Wish the Tigers luck on Saturday, seeing them in Cincy and hope to see a good game. I am concerned that JV is trying to carry the whole team on his shoulders and therefore not concentrating on his pitching the right way.

I’ll post when we get back, and hopefully we can be back to .500 ball, but the injuries and horrible playing has to stop. That drop by Boesch was just terrible.

as I hate to see him gone please take the time to heal and get healthy, we will need huge play from him come July and the stretch

You take all the time your body requires to be healthy. Their is no game important enough to justify playing hurt or risk magnifying a current injury. We love watching avilia play but dont want to hinder his future health all for 1 more game of play.

yea, this isn’t Bonderman or Maroth – this is our boy Alex!

Well everyone getting ready for another day of below average disappointing baseball?

who is the pitcher the tigers will be making look like an all star today?

Well aren’t we all just full of confidence today. 😉
We’ll need bullpen and runs today. I think Jim has the pen in order for the game and we’ll need to put up 6 runs or more.

Derek Lowe who usually shuts us down emphatically.

We’re still six back. I’d like that to be five and we can hang there for awhile till we get some bodies back. One little chunk of the schedule at a time.

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