Jackson heading to Toledo on rehab assignment (updated)

The end of Austin Jackson’s absence finally seems to be in sight. Now that the Tigers have sent out their center fielder to Triple-A Toledo for a rehab assignment, his return could be within the next couple days.

Jackson took batting practice for the second straight day, taking about 4-5 rounds of swings, and felt fine, as he did during running drills earlier. He feels better now than he did when he tried and failed to come back two weeks ago in Cleveland, and he has been running at full speed for the last few days.

“I feel pretty good,” Jackson said Wednesday afternoon, “so I think the next step is getting a timetable when I can get some at-bats.”

That timetable was soon set. Jackson will join the Mud Hens on Thursday for what will most likely be a brief stay. Manager Jim Leyland said after Wednesday’s game that Jackson is expected to get three at-bats for the Hens on Thursday, then play a full game Friday before they figure out how to proceed from there.

Could he come back after that? Consider that when the Tigers designated catcher Omir Santos for assignment Wednesday, they filled his roster spot with reliever Jose Ortega, not another position player.

“We really didn’t have an extra player to bring,” Leyland said, “so we’re going to just carry an extra pitcher for a couple days, and just see how things play out. I can’t really forecast how soon down the road or what, but the injury situation — other than the catching situation — is actually pretty good.”

Leyland also reiterated that he wants to get his positional roster back to 13 players for Interleague Play, when the Tigers lose the designated hitter.


Having Jackson back would be great. Another bad game to watch. Time to grab the remote.

Great. Which position will he play now? LF or RF. I can’t believe they’ll move Berry out of CF after the defense and hitting he has shown. Keep him in there as long as he produces. Let’s not use the old JL brainstorm “if he hits, he sits.” He has saved several runs with his defense alone.

Send Boesch down to kiddie camp for re-training.

I’ve definitely got Berry replacing Boesch when Jackson returns to CF. Q has done nothing to justify sitting him or sending him out. Boesch, meanwhile, has become the target of the boo-birds, which will only make matters worse.
Excellent point, El Tigre, on Boesch’s ST injuries. I’d forgotten about that. Trying to run with the big boys during BP.
I hope Jackson’s injury won’t affect his swing. That can easily happen.

Absolutely Jackson is a better center fielder, move Quentin to right and gt Boesch out for awhile. It’s starting t even effect his play in the field. I feel bad for him, but he needs to be sent down I think, although I don’t know what his option situation is. Mercifully I didn’t see the game tonight. But my spouse told me it was very ugly right from the get go.

Check me out on this: from memory, Cleveland beat Detroit six straight times, then Detroit beat Cleveland ten straight times, then Cleveland has beat Detroit five straight times. Is that correct?

You already know, Rich.

Playing in the OF at this time of year is difficult trying to see with the sun in your eyes. Still, while Berry is not Jackson in CF, he’s Q Berry. Hope we can keep him. Jhonny is warming up.
I don’t know, but you have to wonder what Scherzer was thinking after watching that butchering of a play. It prob ticked him off, to say the least.

JL called it “a little miscue”….it’s part of the game.,

I didn’t see the JL interview, but I expected him to say something like that. On the whole, physical errors are unavoidable but……….you have to catch a flyball. This isn’t T-ball.
That’s only half the problem. The other half is our pitchers do their best to compound the fielding mistakes by giving up runs, rather than picking up their teamate by getting the out after the mistake. That has happened a lot. This team has had an unerring fixation on disaster. I keep thinking that will end at some point.

He probably felt like throwing the ball at him. What torture we have to endure. MLB network is about to discuss the Tigers’ problems in a few minutes.

I never thought I would believe we needed Jackson for his offense this year.

AJ is a noticeably better center fielder than Berry. Not to take anything away from Berry. I can see the Boesch fiasco carrying on for a while longer so expect Berry in LF unless they DH Boesch. I’d rather see him in left.
I didn’t keep track but how many times do Delmon make the last out today? I know the big rally inning he did…on the 1st pitch.
Holaday held his own OK. He causght the ball, threw the ball and blocked the ball.
I worry about AJ but you have to give it a go sometime.
Boesch has been unable to prevent runners going from 1st to 3rd for a while now. Other teams run us like crazy, we have to pretty much get a double to get the guy to 3rd. . Actually infuriates me to see this.

Borsch has become mechanical in the field. He moves slowly to ground balls, sets himself and trrows. Instead of charging and throwing in the same motion.

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if I can bear to watch today , Casey Cosby against Dereck Lowe? Sunk !

Oh, my. I forgot about Crosby starting.

What I want to know is when are we going to get a 2nd baseman besides what we have? Prince is never going to be a great 1st base guy. They need someone at 2nd who is good, someone who has range, speed and can hopefully hit.

I’m liking it Jackson in Center, no question, Berry in Left and Dirks in Right when healthy. If Boesch ever hits he is a DH anyway.

I wonder who’s available? I’m sure they’re not afraid to make a trade, so hopefully before the trade deadline we’ll have someone.

I meant for 2nd base. I was trying to respond to Kathy.

Move Berry to left until Dirks is healthy, then if in that time he stays hot and Boesch still looks lost, move him to right when Dirks comes back.

If the outfield ends up being Dirks-Jackson-Berry we’d actually have a pretty good defensive outfield for once.

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