Avila DL move official, Holaday called up

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Alex Avila move to the 15-day disabled list is official. It doesn’t sound like a long-term injury, just a hamstring strain, but it’s bad enough that they can’t wait it out.

Holaday essentially replaces Omir Santos, who has been designated for assignment. The explanation from Jim Leyland was that while they like Santos as an insurance backup catcher, they prefer Holaday is there’s a situation where they need a catcher who will play regularly. And with Gerald Laird available only in emergencies for the next few days, Holaday is going to play.

Look for Santos to clear waivers in the coming days and likely return to Triple-A Toledo, barring something unexpected.

The other roster opening will be filled by Jose Ortega, giving the Tigers an extra reliever for the time being. The hope appears to be that Austin Jackson will return from the disabled list in the coming days and take that spot. Until then, basically, they didn’t have anybody they particularly felt like they needed positionally, kind of like when they called up Santos last week.

“We really didn’t have a position player to bring,” Leyland said.

Jackson, meanwhile, could be headed out on rehab shortly. He said that’s probably the next step after he took 3-4 rounds of batting practice the last couple days, along with fly balls, and didn’t feel any discomfort.



What a mess. I can’t imagine that a small part of the reason for the team’s disappointing play is the fact that Fister, Jackson, Dirks, and now Avila are on the DL. AJ and AD were at least contributing something. It doesn’t excuse Boesch, D Young, Raburn and Peralta for their non-contributions. And so far Worth, A Young and Crosby haven’t helped.
It always seems other teams can come up with someone to fill the vacancies. Where is the Tiger farm system? Can Berry hang in there?

Wow nobody is looking for a catcher who plays at major league level and recently had a walk off sac fly. Seems like washington or somebody would take the chance on santos. Of course he has been a bit headstrong in past if im reading into his history correctly.

The only possible reason for Ortega to be brought up is that some team is interested in him.

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