Benoit leaves with forearm tightness

Joaquin Benoit rescued the Tigers in the seventh inning Saturday by stranding two runners on after Phil Coke had allowed back-to-back singles. He did not come out for the eighth inning, leaving Octavio Dotel to face left-handed hitters with a one-run lead.

There’s a reason for that: Benoit, as it turned out, became the latest Tigers injury.

“I’m more worried about Benoit than I am anybody else right now,” manager Jim Leyland said, “because when he threw that pitch that went up against the screen, when [Alex Rodriguez] called time and he threw the pitch, he got some tightness there. It tightened up on him pretty badly. So that’s the one that’s got me concerned because we’ve been pretty much snake-bitten.”

Leyland pointed to his forearm to indicate where the tightness popped up. That kind of arm injury will get any manager concerned.

Benoit has been on a roll of late, striking out 23 batters over 15 1/3 innings in his last 16 appearances, while allowing four runs on 11 hits. He has been the strongest part of the Tigers’ late-inning relief corps. Leyland has survived with a short bench the last several days, but he would have a tougher time protecting leads without Benoit.

The Tigers should know more about Benoit’s situation on Sunday morning. With Justin Verlander starting, they’re a little better equipped to give Benoit a day to rest and recuperate if need be.

Leyland did not put any blame on Rodriguez for calling time out when he did.

“I don’t know that there’s a late time call,” Leyland said. “It really doesn’t make any difference. I’m not looking to blame anybody, it’s just one of those things that happened.”


Well it just keeps getting worse doesn’t it. And if you don’t want to blame the piece of crap that is Alex Rodriquez I will and the piece of crap up that granted an extremely late time. Umps seem to be a reoccurring theme lately don’t they. Hopefully they a few days off will help Benoit.

A-Rod might be the most unpopular HOFer in history, unless you count Ty Cobb. Strange how unlikeable he comes across. Yeah, I get the same gut reaction to him.
All pitchers know on an intellectual basis to just go through with the pitch in that situation, but instinctively it’s not that easy.
I was surprised when the umpire granted the TO.
Phil Coke was among the bullpen’s best in retiring the first hitter and leaving inherited runners stranded. After last night, he still is. The same can be said of Duane Below.

Dirk DL stint going to be retroactive back to the 30th or 31st?

Berry CF, Worth 2B, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young DH, Boesch RF, Peralta SS, Kelly LF, Santos C, (Verlander P)

Do you think they really let rodriguez in with his admitted steroid use?

if he does, it’ll take much longer than if he did not use

I have no idea. I should have used the term “HOF numbers.”

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