Saturday: Tigers (the ones still standing) vs. Yankees

So Alex Avila came in today complaining of tightness in his right hamstring. He tried to go through exercises to loosen it up, but it got to the point where he worried he was about to full-out strain it. Treatment didn’t work. So he’s scratched.

As you remember from last night, Gerald Laird tweaked his right hamstring running out an infield single. He’s out.

That leaves Omir Santos as the lone healthy catcher, so he gets his second straight start. Don Kelly is the emergency backup. Kelly is also the starting left fielder, because Andy Dirks is shut down for a second straight hamstring with his bad Achilles. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Saturday that tests on Dirks showed bursitis and a little bit of tendinitis.

Manager Jim Leyland said last night that Dirks might be closer to a return than Jackson. The information today might be the reverse. Jackson is catching fly balls and running the bases during batting practice today, and he hit soft-toss pitches in the cage earlier. He sounds like he’s getting close.

Got it all? Good. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Danny Worth, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Don Kelly, LF
  9. Omir Santos, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Curtis Granderson, CF
  3. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B
  5. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  6. Raul Ibanez, LF
  7. Nick Swisher, RF
  8. Eric Chavez, DH
  9. Russell Martin, C

P: Hiroki Kuroda


Afraid I am going to be annoyed again tonight at game.

Hiroki isn’t playing games these days either!

No excuses, let’s go.

At what point do they just bring up the whole Toledo team? It’s gotten to the point where the only that hasn’t happened yet is to have a volcano hit Comerica Park.

Errr…I mean tornado. Gittin’ old here, folks.🙂

I liked it as volcano hits Comerica Park. Not believable, like the Tigers.

John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reports that Matt Young will be called up, after all. No word what move is made to make room on the 25 man roster.

they might need to DL either Laird or Avila soon…can’t get by with one C plus emergency for very long. they have no other Cs on the 40 man.

Everytime it looks like they have hit rock bottom something else happens. Hang in there Tigers.

Porcello comes out sharp, live fastball, getting grounders…….and rain delay. Nothing goes right, nothing.

Nothing is right. Even Miggy not being patient after a rain delay. And then a laser beam right into Tiexiera’s glove. Geez.

Couldn’t get Berry in from 3rd. That’s just pathetic.

My god, he was out at 2nd.

He certainly was but fortunate that for once there were no negative consequences after the missed call.

This is one crappy hitting ball team.

Theo only thing keeping Boesch in the lineup (besides JL being a SOC) is there is really no one else to put out there. He’s jus god-awful out there. Pop-up to left after pop-up to left.
Now if we can get RP to start making some strikeout type pitches on those dreaded 0-2 counts.
He simply keeps going to that sinker even when he has the opportunity to play with something else. He’s throwing well, but we all know there is a ratio of ground balls that go through.

It is always dark before the sun rises and the ball go out of the park

Still a crappy hitting team. Prodigious blast by Miggy but the fact remains we have a club that does not hit with men on. The last 4 or 5 HRs have been solo shots.
This team needs to start playing off each other.
It goes without saying that they will not win this game with 1 or 2 runs. In fact their record with 3 runs or less is pretty dismal. They will have to support Porcello as he won’t be able to keep the Bombres off the board.
I get a kick out of the good natured dialogue betyween Grandy and Miggy. Nice to see.

Second bunt of the night. Another run. It is like killing an elephant pinching it but is working

Growing pains

Not liking what I am seeing with Peralta in the field either. He is a little too casual out there and Ibanez just about beat out that lazy throw. Another one pretty similar earlier in the game and he also made a poor throw Worth on a possible DP ball.
We just have no solid depth in the minors to replace him or Boesch.
I am hoping Jhonny will pick up his game and hit like we think he can, but I must say I would not be unhappy with this being his last year here.
Great guy and all but this team needs to find some dynamic in the middle of the infield, somehow, somewhere, sometime.

He’s really struggling at the plate and I think that is what might be the problem. Cleveland didn’
t like him and they were a losing team. When he came to Detroit, he did everything right on a winning team. Now, he’s playing on a losing team again.

I have never been a Boesch fan and he makes me crazy with the way he lets go of the bat with one hand. Holding on through the swing sure works out for Grandy.

You must never be the first or last out of the inning trying to reach third base.

Now I’m not saying this because he got thrown out (that was not a good baseball move) but is Miggy looking like he may be putting some weight back on?
One thing about him, he is aggressive and he plays the game with some heart and soul.
Unfortunately, that may have been a game-changing play.
Coke in. All I can say is that RP thre a pretty nice game and it is a shame to put it in the hands of Phil Coke.

I’ve been thinking he’s looking even slimmer and so does Prince. Seriously.

Again, Phil just seems to keep proving my point–almost every time out. he can’t be trustedk He is not a late inning specialis anymore. I’ve never liked the guy.

A crying shame.
Below will never get out of the bullpen now Rich! They can’t afford to go it alone out there with Coke.

Pure torture. Almost every night.

Tigers are making the Yanks look like the recent Tigers. Gotta love it. Nice pitching, Benoit!

7 pitches of rest

Benoit did what a guy needs to do for his club. You think it would pump us up but no—3 up 3 down and a return to polite baseball. Seems like nobody or nothing cn motivate this team.

C’mon and do your job, OD!

You gotta hate being a starting pitcher on this ball team. You throw a good one and that means nothing in terms of your chances of getting a W.
Dotel has great stuff, sometimes. Unhittable sometimes. But please somebody take him out and play catch with him. He dropped a DP ball (at least a force out) and he did the same thing not very long ago. A one-hopper back to the mound needs to fielded. Brutal

As I mentioned before around half of his HRs for Detroit have been for the tie or puting the team ahead

I’ve already lost my dog within the past week. I can’t take any more loss. Had to shut it off. Please, win Tigers!!!!

A demoralized team and a paralyzed manager.
No way will he take Valverde out.


Does anybody reasonably think we can afford to have a closer like this and be a championship caliber type team?
C”mon Leyland. Do YOUR job.

Can there be 2 blown saves in one game? Dotel and Valverde?

The only way they can win this game is for a walk-off homerun. No Valverde in the 10th. Whoever pitches will get hit by the Yankees.

Not sure whether a bullpen sets or reflects the mood of a team. I tend to go with the latter.
Either way we have serious issues at the crunch.

Yeah-Peralta get a hit. Booo-his brutal base-running keeps the Yankees 1 pitch away from getting out of the inning.
Nobody covering 2nd base—Swisher back by the warning track- no way he can get an accurate throw to 2nd and if he does-Boesch goes home on the throw anyway..
I sure hope Laird or Avila can get back soon.

They won. Thank goodness.

Well-the guys who have been messing the bed pretty much all contributed there.
Baseball is a pretty funny game. Valverde is the winning pitcher. And santos, who had to feel like he was seriously out of place, delivers the walk off win.
Go figure.
Is this finally the game that maybe changes things?

Well, I was wrong. But it is a win. Who would ever have thought it would be Omir Volcano.

Guys two things. We were at the game, but we couldn’t figure out what Girardi was fired up about, and did they give the distance on either of Cabreras homers?

Yes,910 the sum of the two. 466 the first one ( ESPN retweeted by Henning)

The hit by pitches? ARod did not move and allowed the ball to hit him but he deserved it for asking time too late.He wanted the HbP called intentional?

The umpire had ejected the hitting coach for the first strike on Grandy while over there for that foul pop on the second pitch, and Girardi came out to protest. They said the first Cabrera homer was 436 feet but that’s wrong. It may have landed there after it hit the netting in front of the walkway. I say 460 on both of them.

It’s time for the red-bearded clown to join the circus. He’s definitely a clown of a closer. This team has too many holes to plug without bringing him in.

In a game like that, Porcello was clearly the best pitcher. Anybody else think a rule change is due? Let the official scorer decide the winning pitcher. Coke, Dotel, and Valverde clearly were not.

Yep, there it is. Two (2) blown saves. Dotel and Valverde. The way VV pitched, Porcello should be given the win.

Giradi got tossed complaining when his batting coach got tossed for telling the ump what are you looking at when the ump was over by skankees bench on a pop up foul ball. 1st hr was 427ft estimated 2nd no estimate that i heard.

Our relievers are now 2nd worst in the AL and we have a 6.43 ERA for pitching in the 9th or later. Pass the parcel bullpen going to an out of sorts/injured closer has to change.

We got good Papa for 2 years. Not so good 3rd year. His shoulder or arm probably messed up.

Well im glad they updated the distances because the initial estimates were off.

Oh, great. Dan & Jim say Benoit has sore arm.

Yes, thank to the ump for caling a time off too late. It is usual when the Evil Empire is there.

The line of the day goes to El Tigre for “It is like killing an elephant pinching it but is working.”
I thought Prince could have come over to help out Santos on that foul pop, but fortunately it didn’t effect the outcome.
Same with Peralta when he didn’t get to 2ndbase on the one that Swisher barehanded. No replay. Was he running at all?
I think the entire world knew that Miggy would have to hit a second homer if we were going to score, and he did, big time. Amazing.
Let’s not forget Kelly’s homer-robbing catch and Porcello’s excellence tonight. Nor the two more blown tag calls by the umpires who, after the blown call in last night’s no-hitter, continue to deteriorate in their abilities.
When Below was warming in the 9th while Valverde struggled, I wondered why bother? Leyland was never bringing him in until the game was gone. Never in a million years. I could have told McCarver that.
At this point, I’ll take a win in any way, shape, or form. Frustrating for both teams. The Yankee fans must be as frustrated as we are. In the end, it’s Omir Santos getting a huge personal moment by driving in the winner in front of 44,000 fans in attendance and a national TV audience on a Saturday night in Detroit. Good for him.

Good call Rich on the Say of the Day.
How lucky were we to load the bases with only one out.
Has any team ever hit under 100 for bases loaded? With 4 from 37, we have four more attempts to reach the feat.

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