Matt Young joining Tigers?

John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reports that Matt Young was pulled from the Mud Hens game early tonight and was getting hugs from teammates on his way out. Both are usually signs that somebody’s heading to the big leagues.

The Tigers had no move to announce before the game. Likewise, they had no results to report on the MRI exam Andy Dirks underwent on his right Achilles tendon. If Young is indeed coming up, Dirks would be the logical move, given that Don Kelly was the only outfielder available on the bench Friday and he’s perfectly healthy.

Young made an impression as a non-roster invitee in Tigers camp this spring, and entered Friday batting .260 as a Mud Hen with three doubles, four triples, 16 RBIs, 45 walks and 12 stolen bases in 14 attempts over 49 games. He went 10-for-48 with the Braves last year.

The Tigers’ 40-man roster is currently full, so if Young is coming up, somebody would have to come off. They’ve churned through at least two pitchers who would almost surely clear waivers. They could also move Daniel Schlereth from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day DL, a move that would basically be a formality right now since he hasn’t pitched since April 21 and he hasn’t resumed baseball activities yet in his rehab from shoulder issues.


Andy must really be hurt. What a shame. Well, these young guys seem to give the team energy. Loved that triple off CC.

How do you hit a grand slam? Be an ex-Tiger.

Wouldn’t mind seeing another pitcher right now. Seems like Below could have started this game, ala Zach Miner.

After Granderson, time for Below

send don down if you can. He is batting like .75 for the past 10 games.
goodbye casey….ugh.

HIS last 10 games

I thought they would bring up Henry not Young.
Boesch was brutal , as expected, in the clutch situation. Very concerned about him. He doesn’t look like he’s in the process of “fixing” anything.
Hopefully Marte can turn things around, or should I say that PLUS his team respond offensively. When we let other teams up for air they breathe deeply and they hurt us for it.
We have to learn how to do the same.

If you were sending down Kelly, Henry would be the logical move. I’d be surprised at this point if they’d give up an infielder-outfielder for just an outfielder, especially when Kelly’s out of options and would have to clear waivers.

Ramon looks plum tuckered out after his 2nd AB.

Come on now, we can still win if our pitching holds. 3 runs is not impossible.

Reminded me of why I never liked the Granderson trade and NEVER will. Boesch lets a fastball go by and swings at a curve in the dirt. Crosby was soooo close on the breaking ball to Jeter! We need a right fielder. Mr. Kaline, can you still play? Go Tigers!

Yeah – Not sure whether it was Rich’s or Jason’s comments about Brendan trying to impress with his homers at spring training.
The writing was on the wall early.

This bases loaded nonsense is actually worse that it is (if possible). 2 of the 4 hits we have with the bases loaded happened in the opening series of the year. Ajax walk off hit on Opening Day and JP hit a 3 run double in the 1st inning of Sundays game off Buckholz. You would have thought that a few bloops would have fallen in. Truly unbelievable.
— Bob

Not impossible, just not very probable with our current production levels.
Weber throwing a nice one down on the farm tonight.

Non related to this game. Would you take out a pitcher coming from an injury after 107 pitches?

Has he kept his team in the game? What kind of an injury? Does he look like he’s running out of gas? Is his team ahead? idk.

The game is Saint Louis- Mets

Oh, and how many innings has he pitched?

7 1/3

Tha bad 0-2 pitches, the collapse of hitting approach with base full are indicative of what happens when a team is choking. You see this at lower level ball but not very often in the majors.

If he could hit like now for a while: Q, AJax and Dirk.The faster in LF( CoPa is unique) .The best one in CF. the strongest arm in RF .

Are you kidding me!!!! Brutal bad luck.
— Bob

Cano is something else. We can still win, though. Can’t just give in.

It doesn’t sound like AJax is coming back any time soon. Neither is Dirks, apparently. Now, Laird.

Boesch first pitch swinging with guys on 1st and 2nd. A weak pop up. Bad luck for Santos hitting one up the middle. Boesch has left 5, yes five guys on base in his last 2 at bats. JL, do you have the nads to sit him on the bench for a week?

We know he won’t. He left him in that lineup 2 years ago, while we all knashed our teeth. The radio guys were even joking around about what floor he was sleeping on in the hotels. I thought it was bordering on sadistic. Never could figure out why he wouldn’t send him down, but we’ve been through that with RR, also.

Here we go with not working the pitcher.

Boesch needs to be spanked.
At least benched. He’s totally ineffective and is entering the brennan no confidence zone that we saw so dramatically when he screwed up batting 5th after Cabby.
They better nip this in th ebud.
Our OF has become a disaster zone. Our lineup looks like anemic.
at least Young has picked things up but there just seems to be an overall inability to get big hits no matter who is up.
They did the right thing with Peralta, you look awful at the plate then sit on the bench and thnk it over. Do the same with boesch though he needs professional help (not sure McLendon can provide that) as well.

Ironically our bullpen seems to be sorting itself out. One of those years I guess.

5 walks and every single one of them scored. Different script, same result.
— Bob

Oh, crap You can’t walk those guys.

After 14 no nits by ex Mets, the first ever for the good( non evil) NY team. 131 pitches

Johan once played minor league ball for the Michigan Battle Cats quite a few years ago and I saw him play. He used to live in an apartment just a few blocks from my house and I’d see him in the local grocery store sometimes after games. We knew he’d be a star.

Left game early, really glad I didn’t stay! Actually I didn’t want to go in the first place. I was right.

Sorry you had to go through that GK.

Poor Casey. His mother was imploring everyone around her to stand and cheer as he walked off. Some pretty lady next to her just turned her head and smirked.

Jurjens explode in his first game against Oakland. The next game he threw a no hit into the 7th.The first impression is not always the right one. He will have another chance to show his value

The Laird injury is to blame on himself. You never threw headfirst at 1b because you risk an injury for nothing. You are slower when diving head first. it looked great when Rose did it but still bad baseball.

I couldn’t tell if G$ dove for the bag or went down from the injury.
Regarding Boesch, or anyone else for that matter, we’re running out of players so I doubt he’ll be benched. And yes, his approach is terrible.
Crosby pitched like this in ST too, so I wouldn’t expect better now that the games actually count. How about they put Below in the rotation and bring up anybody to be that one bullpen guy who doesn’t get much work? Doesn’t that make sense? The big leagues is no place to hold tryouts.
All we can do is try to stay within 5 games (it’s 6 as we speak) and hope for healthy players and a strong second half. As it is, this is some really dull baseball being played.
I did win the prize tonight for calling A-Rod’s shot in the 9th. I figure with the game well in hand already, he’s your man. He does that a lot.

Laird said the injury is what caused him to dive into the bag.

The cold front and rain hit me this evening . Had to fire up the wood stove on June 1st. I got on mlb and saw that the Tiger Yankee game was a free one. Well that didn’t help me at all even though I’m a subscribed, paying mlb customer. Blacked out as usual. Apparently living 300 miles from NYC isn’t far enough to escape the greedy tentacles of network contracts.
Curtis, you’re breaking my heart….. it wasn’t your fault. Traded at the beginning of your prime baseball years. You keep making us pay.
There are problems and limitations with this team that don’t seem fixable. I keep hoping I’m wrong about that. If this does not turn around Tigers might be (big)sellers before the trade deadline. June will make or break the team. Not to say they couldn’t finally wake up in July but can you afford to wait that long hoping. I don’t see the defense improving. They’ll have to hit like crazy to have any chance at all. SP has to be just about perfect. Put Below into the rotation.
A bright spot. Berry is fun to watch and adds the dimension this team has lacked for so long. Pure speed and good base running instincts. I say he’s done enough to earn a spot even after Austin finally returns. I mentioned before, I’d like to see an outfield of Quintin, Austin, and Andy however they best fit. Unfortunately two of them are injured so it aint happening for now anyway. Anyone agree Boesch needs to sit? That swing is brutal. I’m growing increasingly annoyed. Which means Delmon has to play LF and Kelly or call up in RF.
I like Jhonny but I was glad to see JL start Danny Worth and Santiago as some of us were campaigning for.
All right, somebody please explain to me why Prince couldn’t DH (the guy can hit that’s for sure) and then play our best option at 1st. Who would that be? Somebody in the minors ready for a try? Miguel? But if Prince DH’ed, then Delmon would either have to play LF full time….or traded. Anybody agree? Disagree? Is this panic mode or reasonable thinking? Very boring and uninspired baseball.
Now that I’ve vented, (I hate being negative) maybe they start winning? That would be OK.

prince can DH he just won’t

Prince prides himself by playing every game. Personally, I’d like to see Donnie do a spot start at 3rd and let Miggy DH for a day or let Miggy play 1st and Prince DH. Did anyone of you listen to he interview with Tim McCarver after the game. He mentioned the “black holes” Leland referred to last week. Too many of them.

You and me both Rich. Did the same thing when they were going on about him maybe striking out 4 times.
I think your idea about Below makes a great deal of sense. I wouldn’t count Crosby out but I admit the loss of control is a huge issue.
I like the way things are shaping up with Marte and Villarael. Brayan needs to not throw fastballs where they can be slugged but he looks like he might just well become a pretty intimidating pitcher.
I don’t see Matt Young helping us that much.
Pleasantly surprised with Quintin Berry. He’s hangin in there and he’s showing good instincts.
Looked to me like Laird’s hammy started to go and he went down to protect it. I’ve done the same, but not nearly as gracefully and effectively as Laird did.
Boesch needs help. He can’t figure this stuff out on his own. As much as his problems may have stemmed from trying to compete with Miggy and Biggy I actually think Biggy is the one who might help him out. I know it won’t be Lloyd.

Leyland on starting Crosby again next week: “I don’t want to give up — I think that sends the wrong message to give up on a kid after one start,” he said. “Let’s just see what he does.”
See, here’s where we mess up by trying to develop players up here. Afraid to shake his confidence, hurt his feelings? This is big league baseball, not Dr. Phil. Crosby has control issues that need to be fixed before he comes up, not while he’s here. “Go back to Toledo and work on your control” is the message I’d send. You do him no favors by coddling. Yes, he’s a nice kid with a nice family but this isn’t a reality show, it’s a high stakes competition.
We already have a tough minded lefty on the team named Duane Below who could make these temporary starts. Instead we chose to throw away games by engaging in confidence building. We can’t afford to throw away anymore games.
Casey may do okay against Cleveland if they still have that left-heavy lineup, but Below could do the same and probably better.

Anyone watching last night’s postgame get the impression that Berry was somewhat embarassed for getting excited with his first inning triple? Like getting pumped up is a bad thing? Does this go over poorly on this team? Just wondering.

He kinda put the kabosh on gum-time or someone did. The fans and kids loved it. I r eally don”t get Leland. It seems like the players hold off on their emotions. Too bad.

Rich, great point. I like to see players get excited. Maybe that is not Mumble’s (SOC’s) style. Let’s loosen up a little, like when Leyland was playing doctor to Avila. Crosby missed with that curve by an inch to Jeter. We know what Grandy did. Brennan lets the fastball fo by for strike 2. Is someone telling the hitters what to do when they go to the plate? Boesch needs to sit. The White Sox have won 9 (NINE) in a row. C’mon Tigers, time to get some 2 out hits! Go Tigers!

I dont think the tigers have a chance with kuroda on the mouind tonight he has been sharp lately and i wrote all about it on my blog so come by read and enjoy!

Why not try Avila in the 2 Hole if Boesch is going to mess the bed there?

Schlereth officially goes to the 60 day DL. That makes it unlikely that either Kelly or Santos would be sent down, because they’d both have to be DFA’d and outrighted in which case they wouldn’t need to move Schlereth to make room on the 40 man roster.

Lineup announced: Berry 8, Worth 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Kelly 7, Santos 2. Porcello P

Avila’s out with a hamstring issue, Dirks and Laird are out.
Kelly is the emergency catcher and Santiago is the only available pos player on the bench.

Something has to give.

So that’s 3 hamstrings, 1 achilles (counting Dirks twice), and 2 core injuries? Doesn’t that sound like less weight lifting and better stretching might be in order?

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