Brookens ejected again

For the second time in a week, Tigers first-base coach Tom Brookens was ejected from a game. This time, first-base umpire Jeff Nelson ejected him in the second inning for arguing over a close play at the bag in the first inning.

The play in question happened with the second batter of the game. Brennan Boesch grounded out to short, but replays showed it was a very close call as to whether he beat Mike Aviles’ throw.

Brookens immediately exchanged words with Nelson on the call, then continued it later in the inning. Once Brookens took the field again for the second batter of the game, he apparently picked up the argument with Nelson, who promptly tossed before the Red Sox defense was in place.

Infield coach Rafael Belliard quickly jogged out of the Tigers dugout to take Brookens’ place in the first-base coaching box.

It came exactly a week after Brookens was ejected by first-base umpire Paul Emmel in Cleveland for arguing that Indians pitcher Justin Masterson balked with a runner on first. Replays showed Masterson never came set before going into his delivery.

Brookens said earlier this week that Emmel had warned him that he wasn’t going to hear any more argument, then promptly tossed after the next thing Brookens said. Brookens said he did not use a curse word.

Neither Brookens nor the Tigers staff knew if umpires were operating under a new philosophy on not allowing continued arguments, but the same stance seemed in place when third-base umpire Tim Tschida ejected Tigers third-base coach Gene Lamont on Monday.

There does seem to be a limited tolerance,” Brookens said Tuesday.

The Tigers have to wonder. Leyland and members of his coaching staff have been ejected six times on their 10-game road trip.


I think frustrations with the play and the complete deplorable umping we have seen on this road trip, but here especially.

It is my true belief that the Tiger organization lost creds when they gave in to the Jim Joyce call. Selig’s office should have been bombarded with calls, emails, internet petitions absolutely outraged over that call on a perfect game. There is no way NY would have given that up so passively. So, we get screwed over again and again.

Delmon swinging on the 1st pitch again! He was good last September, but we have to find a trade for him.

Like I said, why is Delmon even in the 5 hole? We’ve got DP Delmon and DP Jhonny. The good news is Berry and Worth came to play!

If only MLB had a “limited tolerance” of incompetent umpiring. But no, the idiotic fools are allowed to screw up over and over and over again and nothing ever happens.

Screw the umps. They need a sock in the jaw.

Most umpires are blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other! they should be issued seeing eye dogs.

not sure why it took Mario and Rod so long to figure out what he was arguing, we clearly saw it was a bad call. I bet Brooky went and watched a replay before heading to the field.

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