Avila leaves game after foul tip off mask/nose

The Tigers, who have battled a rash of injuries over the last two weeks, had another from an unexpected player. Catcher Alex Avila left Thursday’s series finale against the Red Sox after taking a third-inning foul tip hard off his catching mask that busted up his nose.

Avila was pulled from the game for precautionary reasons, the Tigers announced later. An examination from doctors revealed no symptoms of a concussion.

Avila is known for taking a slew of foul tips and pitches off his body and enduring, earning him a reputation as one of the toughest catchers in the Majors. That toughness allowed him to catch 133 games last year, making him a fixture down the stretch after his backup, Victor Martinez, suffered a knee injury.

That said, Avila was clearly rattled when Ryan Sweeney fouled off a 96 mph fastball from Max Scherzer went up off Sweeney’s bat and into Avila’s mask before rolling.

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand immediately attended to Avila as manager Jim Leyland joined him out from the dugout. A broadcast replay caught blood streaming down from Avila’s nose as Rand attended to him.

After a lengthy discussion, Avila walked off the field on his own power, with Rand and Leyland joining him. Avila’s backup, Gerald Laird, replaced him behind the plate.

Ironically, the Tigers called up a third catcher, Omir Santos, on Wednesday. He was brought up to allow Leyland to use one of his other catchers at designated hitter without worrying about what to do if his other catcher was injured. He didn’t envision this kind of scenario.


Delmon is nothing if not predictable. this guy is a major buzz kill.

ended up havin a pretty good game i thought. me and capt’n hindsight.

Nice polite baseball by the Tigers in the 6th. You know what polite baseball gets you? It gets you an “L”
The worm has turned now and even though were’ ahead by a run we are palying like we are not going to remain that way.

Ouch—leadoff walk to a .100 hitter. Now we have to deal with 2 Tiger Killers in 1 At Bat. Podsednik and Phil Coke.

Well Nava came close to ruining the night, Berry made a nice catch to save it for the moment.

good to hear that Alex is ok immediately after coming out of game. word of caution, though…sometimes there is a delay before onset of symptoms or symptoms with exertion. so as with most other injuries, how he feels in the next 48 hours will be more telling.
baseball equipment continues to evolve to protect against concussion: “Approximately 300 MLB® players chose to wear the Rawlings S100 Pro Comp this season before the league-wide rule goes into effect in 2013. The mandatory use of the updated version of Rawlings S100 batting helmet is outlined in the new, 5-year collective bargaining agreement signed last November by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association™. This protective provision was specifically included in “Health and Safety” category (Section VIII) of the labor agreement…The next-generation S100 Pro Comp is 300-percent stiffer and 130 times stronger than traditional ABS plastic helmets, yet features a lighter and smaller design specification compared to previous S100 models.”

Now I’m hoping these aren’t those space helmet type things that Carlos Guillen wore once.

Love watching Quintin, he’s having a ball. Wow, a homer for Delmon. And nobody on base…….again.

That was fun!!!

Sweet dreams are made of this. Running, clutch, homers, SO, relief and great defense.Who would think the journeyman would be the spark?

Amen! I didn’t have to yell to much, at the Tigers, the umps or Rod Allen gushing over Ortiz too much!

I had a power failure between innings 2 and 5. Came back and we were ahead. I’ll have to look at some of that on MLB later. And no, I’m not going to volunteer to cut all power to my house between those innings every night. 🙂
That was a bigger win than might be expected this time of year. I am so glad to get out of that place and away from that umpiring crew.

A win! At least Delmon is taking advantage of the smaller Fenway Park. I wish he would share his Wheaties with Cabrera who couldn’t seem to get anything out of the park. As for Berry, how can he be so successful stealing bases when Granderson and now Jackson always seemed so timid? Didn’t JL give the green light to them to steal? So far Berry has added another facet to the Tigers offense, as inept as it has been.

I don’t think JL has ever given anyone the greenlight to steal. He may not be doing that with Berry either. Sensibly, he is letting (telling) him (to) run and create consternation in the enemy’s camp. Something we have long had to deal with.
Berry had a great game and I am pleasantly surprised after all the Ks. I particularly liked the idea he hung in there in his last at bat (a fly out) against a tough southpaw.
Coke did his job well tonight. As did Benoit. Valverde threw strikes—good for him.
Impressive at bat of the night (for me) goes to Boesch who had two outside pitches (one really outside) called for strikes to get behind 0-2 but managed to get a sac fly out of the situation. He may not be in the groove yet but this was an important RBI early on.
Max threw pretty well and got away with not having much more than a well located fastball.

Poor alex. He gets hit by so many foul tips.

Real fun to see another team’s pitcher and defense placed under pressure for a change. All round great game for Berry with his only minor blemish early getting caught playing too shallow leading to the early scored run from 1B.
Maybe we should have the Blog’s best comment of the day award. There were many beauties today with Dan’s how to get Delmon out, which we were all probably agreeing with just as he hit his laser like homer. My pick though was Rich’s “Strange things usually happen at Fenway, be it umpires or wrestling matches or Robbie Weinhardt getting a start.”

Forgot to mention getting a kick out of watching JL fake being a doctor testing Alex for concussion on his return to the dugout. Real nice to see the light hearted interaction even though the game was on the line, everyone obviously tired from the roadtrip and the pressure the team is under.

Ahhhh…home at last!

glad to be home – great win last night!
on another note, did anyone notice that Phil Garner testified at the Clemens trial and said there was a positional player from the 2001 tigers who admitted steroid use to him. Any ideas to whom that might be?

Wasn’t Juan Gonzales linked to it?

AH true true….him and his trainer Presinal and that mysterious bag…

It does kind of feel like they took the entire fanbase on the road with them. What a trip, as they used to say.

does anyone else think that maybe delmon and Alex are coming around, offensively? And boesch batting terrible….

Delmon appears to be. He’s always been a very aggressive hitter and that worked out just fine last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Slowbyrne, Jackson and Grandy do have speed, but I believe neither has the speed of Berry. He’s electric. Imagine him make that great bunt and being able to beat it out. Now, that may not happen all the time, but he still brings something we haven’t seen in a long time………..speed.
He may not be able to keep the pace up, and the pitchers will make adjustment for him, but it would be a fairytale come true if he could.

Evan, Delmon could very well be ready to break loose. June is generally a good month for him in respect to BA bit I think he might even give us some solid run production, too. We need him. Alex is on the upswing the last ten games with the hitting but my concern with him is the defensive side of his game. Boesch finished May with a 1 for 19 slide. Just prior to that he had a very nice ten or twelve game stretch and that is just baseball. Right?? He may already be feeling the pressure to improve because when Jackson returns the competition for playing time will heat up in the outfield.

Dan, according to JL Jackson has the green light all the time. Jackson is just not a good base stealer, don’t think he reads the pitchers moves very well.

I agree with that. Never tries to swipe 3rd. Confident base thieves will do that.
Cabby is one of the best base runners (instincts, reads) that we have. He’ll swipe double digits this year.
Didn’t know AJ had the green light fronm JL. I assumed this was just another aspect of the game that JL likes to control.
I hope Boesch figures it out soon. He has challenging at bats almost every time up there. Never seems to have the advantage over the pitcher.
I’m hoping he’ll get some pitches to hit batting 2nd but in order for that to happen, Miggy and Biggy have to be hitting the ball over the wall instead of keeping it in the park like they have.

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