Santos called up to replace Raburn on roster

The mystery move to take Ryan Raburn’s spot on the Tigers’ 25-man roster is going to Omir Santos, whose contract was purchased from Triple-A Toledo. He’ll be the third catcher on the Tigers roster for the time being, at least until Austin Jackson comes back from the disabled list.

It seems like an odd return move to wait until the next day to do. The only complication in the move is that Santos had to be added to the 40-man roster. It’s also a move that doesn’t follow any sort of catching injury to either Alex Avila or Gerald Laird.

Was this a Plan B move after something else didn’t work out? Possible, but remember, when the Tigers designated Brandon Inge last summer, they waited until their trade for Wilson Betemit was finalized and then announced both parts of the move at the same time.

Was this a reaction to Austin Jackson not being ready by Friday? Jim Leyland said Monday’s game was a last-ditch effort to get Raburn going. If the Tigers weren’t going to do anything until Jackson was eligible to come off the DL on Friday, why make a last-ditch move on Monday?

Was this more about getting Raburn to Toledo than getting anybody to Detroit? Very possible.

Was this a move that was more about getting Raburn to Toledo than getting anybody to Detroit?


Are Alex and G$ ok? Seems like maybe one of them is kinda hurt to have a 3rd catcher on the roster….

I hope there is some master plan in motion. This makes almost no sense unless Avila is hurt or they want to DH him more. You are just adding another bump on the log on that stagnant bench IMO. Laird not getting much playing time as it is-maybe the idea is to use Laird and Avila more during the course of a game and Omir just sits as insurance.
I’d rather have some kind of threat on that bench though. Eldred was, at the very least, that.
Berry has been brought back to earth, as many of us knew would happen, I hope they don’t push AJ back in the lineup for his own sake, but Berry is a short term solution. Now there’s a good guy to have on the bench. He provides some useful elements other than cheerleading.
Is there something major in the works?

i just noticed, the Hens have been terrible since like May 8th. What gives?

I don’t get this move. Last August when we needed Santos, we kept him at AAA. Now we do not need him and bring him up???

Well this is just odd. Wonder what’s up? Laird suddenly became valuable in trade? It’s adding Santo to the 40-man that makes one wonder. Why not Eldred?
I don’t think Jackson will be ready on Friday, whatever that has to do with anything.
It won’t matter if this club doesn’t start getting some breaks. Yes, we’ve played poorly but some of these games should have been won anyway.

Washington needs a catcher and must be interested in Laird or Santos. Both of these guys have been hitting over .300 most of the season in their respective situations. On their side, Daniel Espinosa may be available.

It’s a fact that Washington needs catching help, but we can’t use Danny Espinosa. I might be interested in the switch-hitting Steve Lombardozzi instead. Maybe. Washington is no place to shop for offense.

Don’t get this at all……….hopefully there is some master plan. Otherwise who th heck knows.

I’ll just be glad to get out of Boston. Fenway Park, Coors Field, Oakland, just outdoor versions of the Metrodome as far as playing in them goes.

Laird batting 9th at DH. 6 for 25 vs LHP with 2 hr. when was last time Tigers or any team had DH batting 9th? these are indeed interesting times in Tigertown.

Leyland is a calculating kind of guy. We’ve all seen it. Maybe he sees the game as a sort of chess match. I’ve always thought that when star talent goes on the DL for something that most of us would get up and go to work with and not even be bothered, that there’s really no reason they can’t play other than the fact the management wants to let them rest and try out some other guys. Get a look at them you know. See what they’re made off in the big show.

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