Fister to DL, Crosby to start Friday

Add another key injury to the Tigers, who just placed Doug Fister back on the 15-day DL with a left side strain, similar to the injury that cost him a month earlier this season.

The move was just announced, so it doesn’t sound like something that was anticipated. There was no sign of trouble with Fister coming out of Monday’s outing against the Red Sox.

Casey Crosby will take Fister’s spot in the rotation and start Friday against the Yankees for his major league debut. Rick Porcello has been moved back to Saturday.


When it rains it pours.
Possibly explains why Doug was up all game and getting tagged pretty hard.
I really like the guy. He’s got grit, he’s got athleticism and character. He “looks” like he is putting out effort, unlike a lot of our guys who almost look disinterested or complacent.
IMO, Crosby has more potential than Oliver. I like Oliver for trade bait. I like Turner for trade bait. I think Crosby is worth taking a look at
Bad luck for Dougie. And for us.

You might like Oliver as trade bait, but no one will offer much for him, because he is too prone
to be wild.

Yea seriously, if we all know the guy has had many opportunities and looks like a project at best. Guys that actually make their living doing this know as well, and he has limited if any value. Turner might have had value, but those same people have to be wondering why hes still in the minors if he is that great.

I believe Oliver was available last summer, with no takers. Control questions, enough that some questioned last summer if he was healthy.

Have to defend Turner here…. he is 20 years old and “wondering why hes still in the minors” … give me a break. He is out top prospect and was hurt. Bringing him back. I hope Crosby does well.

Not Good.Tigers to battle KC for 3rd place.

Any chance Crosby walks less than four on Friday?

Yes–he’ll walk less than Oliver would.
Oliver will have LESS trade value the longer you wait to pull the trigger. The guy has a fantastic arm. Unfortunately his head and heart don’t match. Neither does his command.
Fortunately, a lot of GMs are looking fo southpaws “with good arms” and often ngeglect the other factors. May as well get something before his arm goes too.

Not only losing good players, but popular ones. This is getting less and less fun.
Yeah, may be a looming trade and I doubt we’ll like it.

At this point Rich I would be interested in almost anything. The “chemistry” is not in place. Laird may well be being showcased. Especially DHing him!
Avila is the future (provided his knees hold out), I don’t think he’s going anywhere.
I am starting to wonder about Boesh. I think the guy has so many skills but he just seems to be thinking wrongly. Does not have the right approach at the plate at all.
Bottom hand coming off the ball, overswinging, topping the ball, and poor selectivity at the dish. You couple that with Avila’s poor offensive showings and you take a lot of the dynamic out of this lineup.

Editing on slowbirne concern.
Power at the corner, defense at the middle.
The main problem of the Tigers is defense.
They are now 4th in the AL in avg. 7th in RBI.
They know how to bunt . They were third last year in the AL. Tied for 17th with Gibson´s DBacks. This year they are 8th in SF bunts.
Solve defense and the pitching will be better. Some runs will be enough.They can not fan everyone like Scherzer, Verlander and last night Villareal.
They need a good defense combo. I have been the main defender of Peralta but his soft throw came before the bad calling by the Ump. It was out. Having a everyday 2b could be the solution. With Worth and Santiago receiving the chance other had a shot term solution was found.Use Worth and Santiago at the same time for Porcello. As soon as they can make DP they can bat under the Mendoza ´s line(Mendoza lasted 8 years in MLB, his hands were of silk).Canos and Whitakers dont grow on trees
Play Laird more, give Avila a good rest. He is not helping at the field.There is no problem with his bat. No Molina bat over 240. IRod could reach the HoF , and he would because he was one of a kind.
Fielder and Miguel lead the league in errors . As soon they continue to project 30 Hr and 100plus RBI , no problem.
The outfield is solid,. A little concern with Boesch, even if his arm is fit for RF, but at CoPa LF is a bigger problem and was solved by Dirks a natural second spot hitter.
Young will hit, he was Twins´Raburn.
Fister injury could be as bas as Halladay´s for Phillies

agree on all those points!

well fister was like a gift from god – playing like a Cy young last year and such. Hey maybe crosby comes up here and does well. Maybe he, delmon and a hitting raburn can be traded for a nice 2B at the deadline. Now that G $ is the new DH. jk jk.

Tigers are screwed

sure is beginning to remind me of a pattern I’ve seen before..what was it?…OH! great 2006 then a trip to the post season! and THEN 2007 spending alot of money + injuries = NO Post season and alot of “potentual” fast forward to 2011 great season then post season BUT NOW 2012 “lots of Potentual”…sounding familular??????

Take your hottest hitter out of the line-up and replace him with an unproven hitter in the 2nd spot. That will help.

Dirks is hurt appearently. Achilles.

1st I’ve heard of that. It is pouring!

Is this the first time we only have one guy under 200 in the lineup? Shame about the pitching matchup but stranger things have happened.
We are now closer to KC than any other team and Chisox have won 8 straight sweeping the Indians and Rays.

With their manager who’s never managed anywhere at any level. What does that say?

Probably doesn’t micromanage.

Too true Rich. I can understand Managers keeping their robots but why owners throwing millions away allowing it bemuses me.
Too soon yet to give up on the season but having more than the passing thought not a good sign. If we keep slip sliding away, this end of season, if not before will be huge. Just hope Mr I. will still have the passion.

Lester ain’t the pitcher he used to be. Geez we better get to him whilst the opportunity is there and they keep hitting it to fielders.

Good base running by Cabby there!

Nothing like a ground out, sack fly recovery to score some runs. Get the feeling three though no where near enough.

Well, I hope the Tigers decide to hit more, because obviously they figured Smyly out. Geez with two outs.

No more big flies young fella!
He does give up the fly balls a bit too much.
Notice how the RedSox actually have men on when they hit them?

any more scoop on Dirks and the achilles?
Is that a fact?

Jason said it is.

All on 2 outs. Seems we can only dream of doing that.

I’m sure Lester will “settle in now”. Honestly I can’t stand listening to Rod for one more minute. The gushing over other teams, is at an all time high!

Just turned my radio on. I can’t stand it either.


I’m about tired of Rod Allen going on and on about David Ortiz. Give it a rest, Rod.

Okay FSN and our broadcasting team, ENOUGH about David Ortiz, I can’t take it!

And I am watching and listening to Jerry Remy!!! It’s a tossup.
BTW, I repeat, I am completley impressed with ortiz and his resurgence. I’m not happy about it mind you.

Shock of all shocks we get screwed over by an ump again in this series! Wonders never cease to amaze me!

Avila was safe but don’t worry umps Boston will win just the way you want it. Make the right call Alex scores there but don’t matter, we appearently have to play you as well! How do these idiots have jobs, honest to god!

Where is the BIG hit? Cabby hits the rest of the game and puts a couple of poor swings on when it really, really mattered. Granted he got a hit but still-not the drive you want to see pick your team up.
No delmon is up. It’s time.

Bases left loaded. Delmon continues to disappoint big time.
I missed the call on Avila. Sounds frustrating.

Ump was right there and missed it…….although we shouldn’t be surprised anymore that an ump missed it! .

Anyone see the beat down Seatle is putting on Texas!

Umpire Bill Welke was not in a good position to make the call on Avila at 2nd. Umpiring in general has been mediocre at best this year. (I feel somewhat qualified to judge…having humped for 23 years, as high as NCAA Div I).

Agreed. What I have seen borders on incompetence at times.
Dotel had Aviles struck out and the ump missed that one. I swear sometimes they call pitches based on circumstance rather than where it is pitched.
Coke in. Hold your breath. he can be atrocious at times-especially as a lefty specialist.

My point exactly–and just like I said earlier, we have trouble pitching in 0-2 counts. it’s killed us all year.
I just do not have much faith in Phil Coke. Never had.
Sox get a run because of a bad call by the ump on strike 3. Gotta be driving Leyland right around the bend.
Not sure why Boesch is so far away from that fly ball by Gonzalez. Seems to me you play the guy a bit deeper and you make that catch easy.
Where’s Raburn when you need him? (Just kidding-he exactly where he belongs)

Boesch just swinging away.

Mario just said ” we caught a break” by that being a ground rule double. Again no Mario the break would of been the ump actually striking out the guy who was actually struck out! I give up……. Can’t get away from this extroidinarily incompetent umping crew fast enough that have screwed so much up this series it’s amazing! And extroidinarily enough I don’t think they have screwed anything up that has favored us! Coincidence????

Maybe their gettin paid under the table?

they’re not their. I’m joking, but nothing would surprise me anymore. You know after Letland’s rant about the umpires, I just can’t take him seriously. Seriously, I would have gone completely berserk on Jim Joyce. A show no one would ever forget. So, JL doesn’t walk the talk as far as I’m concerned.

Honest to god I don’t believe in conspiracies but I am really beginning to wonder? I just don’t know how you can just screw up this much or be this experienced and be this bad! And I am so tired of complaining about it!

I think the ump was more concerned about calling too many strikes for Dotel. He was pounding the strike zone and the ump seemed to think “I better call one ball here”.
Well-another K that cost us a run(s) and the game. We al know we’re not gonna come out on top here. We hae 2 weak hitters coming up and Berry who is swinging at everything up around his chin. I hope we at least see a quality at bat by Miggy in this situation.
Can’t stand Coke anymore. Just not dependable against lefties or righties.

I meant to say that I really like the way Laird plays the game. Did he just call Byrd an A..hole? Wonder what that was all about. Didn’t look good natured..
He at least looks like he is putting out max effort and plays with heart.
What’s the point of keeping Dirks if he is hobbling again? Hopefully this is a strain but you can make them worse by playing on them.

He’e kinda rowdy. I like him.

Jim and Dad talking about Seattle vs Texas. Score: Seattle 17, Texas 0.

Interesting how Aceves got out of the strike zone pitches called strikes but our pitchers have to practically throw them own the middle of the plate to get a freaking call! Our luck this umping crew will follow us to Detroit!

Well, I missed the Avila call the first time around and they just showed it on Tigers Live. The umpiring is despicable.

Can’t agree about Turner. I don’t think he is gonna pan out the way mananagement has hyped. No typo there. I do mean hyped.
Dotel got jobbed. DY can’t keep coming up empty with the bases loaded. For that matter either can the rest of the team. We have stranded the sacks packed all year long and often with less than 2 out too.
Don’t expect Berry to be around much longer.
They’ll be trying Henry soon if AJ can’t make it back.

Pitching wins games.Get rid of everybody but Verlander.That includes relievers.Have to hold your breath every game.Verlander can’t win 100 games.

I’d lay down in my grave if they got rid of Miggy.

Total crap umpiring. Wheres the congressional investigation. Bordering on fixed. Might be time for an umpire bean ball if these clowns keep getting away with it. And yes i totally endorse a full ass whipping when the umps stink of corruption.

I’m starting to believe something stinks in the umpire world.

Do I sense sarcasm?

Not with me. It stinks.

All I can say about the umpiring is that, since the blowup on Monday, every single close call has gone against Detroit. It’s obviously a poor crew, but every call? We don’t need their help losing ballgames, we’re very good at it. Jeez, still one more game left in that place. We’re looking at a 10-game road trip where every series is a sweep?

When Bill Welke returns home to Michigan they might stop him at the border.

He lives in MI? We used to egg peoples houses when I was a teen. Now, they’ll put you in jail for it. Still, a tempting thought. He lays eggs.

Looks like we’ll be chasing Chicago for awhile. Of course, you’re not chasing anyone unless you’re above .500, but that appears to be how it’s going to be for quite some time to come.
Speaking of the Sox, Hawk had a nice rant today at umpire Mark Wegener.
The first order of business is to play better baseball on all fronts. No more resembling the 2003 Tigers on defense, no more fat pitches on 0-2 counts, no more poor ABs, the list goes on and on.

It would have been a no factor if Avila took a single off the wall. Bad base running. Boesch is no right fielder. Leyland finally sent Raburn down? Does anybody like Francona? Do you want to watch another year of Leyland? Go Tigers!

How can it be bad base running if you are actually safe, but get called out?

It was bad baserunning because a good tag gets him. It was a swipe tag by the 2nd basemen. The ball beat him there and the umps are gonna call the ball beating the runner 90% of the time. Even for us. Dont get me wrong. The umpiring lately has been bad and always against us; but I was not nearly upset with that call as some others in the past couple of weeks. Rich’s points above are right. They have to play better. I am a believer you can make your own luck and your own breaks.
The umpires arent causing them to serve up 0-2 grapefruits all the time. The umps are not causing them to be 4 for 1000 (exaggerating) with the bases loaded. The umps are not causing Boesch to top almost every swing and roll over to 2nd or 1st base. The umpires are not causing us to hit almost only solo home runs. The umpires are not causing us to continually expand the strike zone and swing at pitches 2 feet off the plate (even on the first pitch of the at bat sometimes). BTW, that was noticed by Leyland almost a month ago in Seatle and nothing about that has changed. And the umpires are not causing them to kick the ball all over the field.
They have to be better. Bottom line.
— Bob

Couldn’t have said it better myself Bob. Umpires are frustrating, and as long as guys play baseball, fans will complain about calls. BUT Bill Welke is not the reason the TIgers are losing. It is because the Tigers are playing terrible baseball. They need some urgency.
That said, on this last day of May, there is a lot of baseball to be played, and the Tigers have a lot of talent. I still have faith. I am just perplexed that my “other” team (the Pittsburgh Pirates) have a better record than my Tigers.

“The best laid plans of mice and men”…………big expectations, nothing’s going right, and injuries on top of that.
Agree El Tigre, with Prince and Miguel at the corners, you need the best defensive middle infielders you have available. That would be Worth and Santiago. Get the defense going and work off of that.

I don’t know, I can’t fault Avila on that, he was trying to make something happen and he was called out. He was safe, was a very close call, but I don’t know it was that bad of running, he hit the point of no return, put his head down and almost made it. I know we need baserunners, but since we never hit them in, might as well try to get as many bases as we can right now.

It is downright sad sitting and watching lately, I have no confidence in any of it right now, I usually have confidence in Coke but that is disappearing too. I am repeating myself, but we have to change things now. We are going to see the boys play in Cincinnati a week from Saturday, me and all my in-law Red’s fans – guys, I can’t take the heckling, show up and start winning.

oh, and Dirks getting hurt again is not good, he has been great for us.

I am not faluting Avila. We needed a baserunner and he hit it off the dreaded green monster. Alex is not that fast. Go Tigers!

Over the last six years, the Tigers are 4-15 in Fenway Park. Half of those seasons featured 4-game series there, which is too long in any one city, IMO. Strange things usually happen, be it umpires or wrestling matches or Robbie Weinhardt getting a start. Winning today would be a major accomplishment. Before we can turn things around, we need to get out of that place, as the song goes.

The Animals. I got that one right away.

Are the Tigers doing everything right snd simply losing because of dreadful umping…….heck no. But we shouldn’t have to fight the umps too. You shouldn’t expect that every single game of this series there are several obvious calls they are not making and EVERY single one has screwed us over EVERYONE! Regarding Alex last night, doesn’t matter if he ball beat you the tag wasn’t applied in time he was there he was three feet away and still seemed to miss. Welke missed a hell of a lot this series, for the Tigers that is.

GK, we agree to disagree.
Which is the great thing about this blog. Everybody gets a voice.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I agree to disagree on the disagreement that was agreed upon by both the agreeing and disagreeing parties taking part in the agreement and/or disagreement.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Nope … Still disagree😉
— Bob

Raburn still hasn’t suited up for the Hens.

On umpiring. Yeah, they don’t make bad plays or directly cause a pitcher to put one down the middle or high. However, they don’t seem to mind or bother them at all to have so many blown calls. From the PERFECT GAME to rallys that never should have been, it’s hard to see how the Tigers and thier fans cannot be perplexed and angry. I know I still am. If MLB can take away an entire career (Pete Rose) they can do just about anything…if they want.

On the team. I said when they signed Fielder and there was such unreasonable exhuberance that a game hasn’t been played yet and we should be very careful with expectations. We all had reason to believe that the Pitching would be there but seem to have expempted the team from having any letdowns or injuries or even….having to playagainst MLB quality hitters–who don’t quit trying to hit.

My hope is in our younger hitters and pitchers who have something to prove and our injured veterans who will hopefully be back soon better than ever. Furthermore, I know these guys won’t quit but would caution them from trying to do too much alone. In otherwords, go play ball and have fun.

It’s a lot “funner” when your winning! I think the winning will, regretfully, have to come first but they start having any fun at all.
They have to be careful with Dirks. He is not a thinker/planner type like Fister or AJ.. He will try to play through an injury he shouldn’t.. Kevin Rand??, Better be front and center on this guy.

All above, excellent quotes. My fear is that we have our team. They just don’t hit good pitching, and good pitching is becoming more of a daily occurrence in the American League. Throw in key injuries to those who are hitting, and disaster becomes a a real possibility. Don’t want to sound alarmist, but we are getting very close to becoming a non factor this year.

Omir Santos has caught Crosby in three of his last four starts at Toledo.

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