Leyland: Jackson return “not going to be as soon as we’d hoped”

For all the attention given Jim Leyland’s remarks about Ryan Raburn’s not-so-long leash and instant replay, his closing quote that Austin Jackson might not be ready Friday really got overlooked. That outlook went from “might not” to “not going to be” in his remarks this afternoon.

While Jackson is rehabbing his abdominal strain back in Detroit, he is not doing any baseball activities yet, and he doesn’t figure to do any until the Tigers get back. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said they’ll re-evaluate Jackson on Friday, which is also the day he’s eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list.

Even if he looks healthy by then, however, it’s hard to see him being ready to play that night without any on-field work in the days leading up.

Thus, Leyland said of Jackson’s return, “It’s not going to be as soon as we’d hoped, obviously.”

That’s a tough break for the Tigers, who could use Jackson’s glove and bat in center and leadoff even if it means shifting Quintin Berry somewhere else. But it also means delayed the much-speculated roster decision on how to make room for Jackson if Berry’s going to stick around.


I must say—I am very impressed with David Ortiz. I thought he was ready to fade away into the sunset and he looks as capable as he ever has at the plate.
What a nice DH situation to have.
Better get these hitters going. I just can’t imagine JV being able to handle another 1 run defeat.

Haven’t noticed this before really. But they show the slugging stats on the graphic in these RedSox games. Pretty obvious why we have been struggling as a ball club offensively. The slugging percentages throughout the lineup are way down and very unimpressive.
Sure would be nice to see BB start hammering the ball again. he really has not done that this year at all..
This game does not “feel” good to me. JV gives up another run or 2 and we’re done.

Another 3 runs. With Tiger hitters sleepwalking, this game is over.

Games over! Justin well lets say he didn’t have it and his underachieving loser teammates sure as heck aren’t going to to squat to do anything or him! And yes Welke is as big a piece of crap behind the plate as he was at first yesterday. Avilas was stuck out that last inning, but whatever this crew has decided how they want this one to go!

I remember the days of Kaline, Cash, and Horton and being 4 runs down in Beantown was nothing—I don’t feel that way anymore.

Lucky to get past Minny in that sweep–bad team they played they squeaked it out and they have not follow-up.
Bad sign. Back to bad habits.
No sustained offense and inferior defense.
This game is over–even at Fenway. You can smell the resignation all over this ball team and I fear it’s gonna get worse.

Bosox have the 2nd best ML record for bases loaded with their .378/.356/.730, just a tad more than our .152 slugging stat.

Of all the parks they play in, Justin struggles in Boston. Just gives the crappy fans more to cheer about. Come on offense, wake up & pick up JV like he has done for you.

Well had a chance to do something there snd Miggy whiffs at something so far out of the zone it had a different zip code. JV will again get nothing from hs teammate and nobody (Mario and Rod) better say how orderly Bard is, because he is average at best.

” how awesome Bard is”

When Miggy swings at those bad pitches it’s something hard to understand. He is too baseball smart to fall into that trap. So what happens if the Tigers get swept? Hey Jim, who will be accountable?

Bad at bats lately for Cabby. Lots of lazy flies and such. Very poor plate discipline on the 3-2 titch. -Great pitch though. Too bad JV has to rely on a 3-2 fastball just about every time.
Be nice to have some men on for our last 4 HRs eh?

Miguel is 191 lifetime at Fenway Park. He was lost in the last pitch.

He does not have it today. Pull him out.
He has made many bad pitches. The first one ended with the double by Ortiz was after he went out late taking JV out of concentration

Tigers can’t hit good pitching, average pitching or bad pitching. And unfortunately JV is getting shelled ( for him that is). I’m tired of this.

That is the Miller we know.

I am starting to wonder if this is what we will see all summer. Not the team we thought they would be. Can they turn it around? That’s the $64K question. Big Papi sure did something right in the off season. Gotta give him credit.

You mean the 120 million dollar question?

Isn’t it convenient the yellow line doesn’t come all the way down.

They need to make something. They need Jackson back,. Dirks is atrue second bat. Cabrera and Fielder are still with a good projection. Cabrera is on pace to 132 RBIs and Fielder around 100.
Verlander even if he has been tagged with 4 or more runs by three teams of the East division remains the best pitcher in MLB.
Fister has been unlucky. And Scherzser seems to be finnaly putting it toghetehr. Smyly deserved his shot. The bullpen is a little unreliable.
But the rest must have their post in jeopardy: Avila, Peralta, Raburn, Kelly, Young, Boesch, Porcello.
If none is to blame only remain Leyland. Someone must be at fault when they find everynight a way to lose

No clutch hitters on this team. Tw out hitting is horrible. Have had opportunity to get back in it, and nothing!

That’s why Maggs was so valuable. Carlos, too. Clutch hitters.

Lest I forget one of the best……….Victor Martinez. OMG, what a loss.

Yep kathy

the guys on espn were saying the same thing about VMart last night

From the looks of the radar I can’t imagine we get to take our final ab’s

5 homers here for 7 runs?
On top of everything else going wrong, this team is just flat out unlucky. Hopefully the luck aspect changes at least, but sometimes it’s season long.
I turned the game off for awhile there, and I don’t think I’ve done that in five years. It suddenly seemed pointless to be miserable watching a dull, hopeless team play in a ballpark I hate. Key word there is dull, Tiger management. Your product is not entertaining. Sad to say.

The days of Maggs & Carlos were great, I loved how they could make a game so exciting. Switch hitting Carlos was my Tiger. Glad to see Maggs retiring here. I also, was at the game in ’06 when Maggs hit the homer. My favorite baseball memory.

They sure brought baseball back to life in Michigan. It was hard to watch them 10 years ago, but bringing Pudge, Maggs, Carlos proved to be a winning combination. All the new fans so hungry to see a winning team.

OK, they’re back out there.

Ryan rayburn sent down to toledo mud hens.

Can we send JL down to Toledo with him? Bring the Triple A coaches up and see what they can do.

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