Memorial Day: Tigers at Red Sox

Happy Memorial Day from Fenway, where the weather is a lot more mild than it was back in the Midwest. Forecast high in the 70s under sunny skies with a nice breeze.

The Tigers will have holiday caps today, but they’re different than in years past. They look like the regular road caps except that the inner part of the Old English D is in camouflage colors. They actually look pretty neat.

Jim Leyland went with the righty-heavy lineup against lefty Felix Doubront. One exception is Andy Dirks, who stays in the lineup the way he’s hitting. However, he moves down and Ryan Raburn moves up, avoiding back-to-back left-handed hitters atop the order.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Daniel Nava, LF
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. Adrian Gonzalez, RF
  4. David Ortiz, DH
  5. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
  7. Mike Sweeney, CF
  8. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
  9. Mike Aviles, SS

P: Felix Doubront


Well-this is probably as close to an ideal time (southpaw + short porch) as any to give Raburn a spot in the lineup. Batting him 2nd seems a bit of a stretch though.
I am ambivalent about RR. While I know he can hit the lights out of the ball at times, I know he will always regress. His defense is sub par. About the only thing he does well is getting off a pretty strong throw while turning the DP.
I would suspect this is a crucial week for him. If he continues to flail then Leyland has not option (Raburn does!) but to send him down to Toledo. Justifiably so.
There’s some talk of Kelly being let go. He’d be picked up by someone else in a heartbeat.
I’d keep Kelly over Raburn (particularly with the luxury of Raburn having an option left) just for the versatility factor. Raburn can play the same places as Donny but not nearly as well.
Big week for Delmon too. Court coming up and all. He’s been a big disappointment.
What I’ll miss seeing:
Porcello vs Youkilis.
4 games against the BoSox and the one guy who doesn’t face them is RP!
It seems as though Ricky has not faced KY (is his nickname Jelly?) since the “takedown”. Is that correct?
We are going to have to contain Mr. Ortiz and Gonzalez these next 4 days. Bueno Suerte.

Porcello would have faced Youkilis at least once, last year in Detroit. He didn’t last long in the game, so I don’t know if it was one or two ABs. Rick has not pitched in Fenway since the Takedown. It was mentioned yesterday that he is a tough kid, and that is true. Wouldn’t know it to look at him, but he is.

Wouldn’t they just send down Worth to leave room for Berry?

Raburn 2nd? Wow! I agree that Raburn’s performance this week is critical for him to stay on this team. I don’t see them moving Q Berry back down at least not while he’s hot. Anyone notice pitchers don’t get near the leash as Raburn. If a pitcher is called up and has a bad outing or 2 they are sent down or released while RR hits under .150 and stays in the lineup.

As for Berry if he does stay on the team I think he should stay in the leadoff spot. Where do you bat Austin then is the question? I wouldn’t move Dirks from the 2 hole so I’m not sure what is a good spot.

I was thinking of Berry staying as a part time guy, unless he actually kept up his offense. If he did that, you can have lineup fun, like hitting Jackson third and moving everyone down a spot. JL’s head would explode.

Find a lineup that works…. Change it…. Find a lineup that doesnt…l leave it alone….. Got to love JL

Well–I wouldn’t move AJ. He’s been the best hitter on the team and has shown great perseverence in cutting down the strike outs with his adjusted batting style.
As to Raburn, I thought the idea was to get men ON base in front of Miggy and
Biggy, Ciggy?
Fister (and Porcello) have to make better 0-2 pitches. I know they lack the true K pitch but they have to do better. Fister can throw such a good game but get burned on the 0-2 pitch. With the kind of support he can expect, he simply can’t do that. He has enough command to miss a pitch or two in any at bat.
Cabrera has a real field awareness about him. Anyone notice him ready to field that Ortiz drive off the left field wall? And to have the presence of mind to know where Oritz was on a 2 out ground ball? He knows how to play the game.

Again a freaking umpire f’s us over again and it winds up costing us. It seems to be happening more and more to us this year? Doesn’t it. I get so freaking mad anymore watching those idiots over and over making this stinking mistakes. So far it’s cost us 3 runs. And Rod Allen sitting here making excuses for the idiots in black!

These umpires, man……………they get worse every year.

I will hear no more excuses for officiating. These umps keep giving the “bad guys” games. Whether it be blown plate calls or own calls in the field. How can you judge any team on any merit when umps give up extra plate opportunities. I’m disgusted, I’ll check back at the end for the damage.

I didn’t hear any excuses for the umpires.

I did!

OMG. Good teams take advantage of breaks I guess.
Fielder probably doesn’t get charged with an error on that either!
That was pretty bad umping. The home plate ump should be taking charge of that.
I’ve never liked the foul strike in the dirt rule much. IMO if a guy swings and the catcher is able to field it he should be out-period. In the dirt or not.
Anyway, tough break for Fister and the tigers but the bad thing is Fister is getting hit pretty hard regardless.

Umpires make mistakes, all part of the game. What I don’t understand – if the home plate ump cannot make the call (Laird catching the foul tip) he sure as he## better know it was actually a foul tip (it wasn’t). One mistake I understand, two major mistakes on the same play is complete bush league,
BUT…. Fister can’t leave the ball up in the zone….

Appearently the name of this game is how many calls can idiot umpires screw us over with. I’m about to have an aneurism. And to listen to Rod and Mario sit and make excuses for the umps just about throws me over the edge!

No reprecussions for umps they are like tenured professors. Untouchable!

So Aviles struck out and the ump said it hit the dirt? Laird showed him no dirt mark on the ball? What kr*p. But Mr Fister is not the same pitcher as what we saw last year. So far.

He missed the call on Worth too. They’re just punishing us now. May as well pull the team off the field and come back tomorrow after the league has looked at it. That was clearly a payback by Tschida.

And Lloyd, put in Boesch for Raburn like right now.

I don’t like to make excuses for our team via the umpiring. But, we all know, when you play in NY or Boston you are quite likely not going to get many calls yur way. Seems wrong, almost improbable but it is a fact.

Now that Leyland has been tossed maybe he can watch the game on TV and notice that Raburn is the worst hitter in baseball right now.

Terrible calls by the ump. But Fister isnt right yet. And Raburn shouldnt be playing.

Well, we watch every Tigers game. How often do these atrocious calls go against the other team? Rarely, if ever.

Tschida for having 25 years umping in the big leagues is sure an idiot! Arrogance!

Turned the sound off on the tv can’t stand listening o Rod and Mario gush for one more minute. Fister seems out of sorts now, not himself.

Well Remy and the other guy are sure no tret to listen to.
Raburn has struck out on every conceivable pitch this season. Swinging, looking, up,down,in, out, fast, slow, bases loaded etc etc etc.When is enough……..enough?

The Missus never lets me turn off the game she turned it off and went upstairs to nap with my 4 yr old son. I’m wondering if you can’t win lets turn it into a plunk fest, where we only plunk the home plate ump over and over

That Welke is the same one that called out a runner with the fielder 3 feet off the base? Or is his brother?

That’s the same blind guy

Fister threw two great games for nothing. That must have some effect on a pitcher. He is out of rhythm as expected after missing almost a month. In his worst day he is still better than MS or FP.
Berry could hit 9th after Jackson is back giving you two leadoff hitters ( La Russa´s thoery)
Ranburn ? A California´s team could like him . In hot weather he will hit all the year around ( Dodgers asked for him and get a no from DD)

This is where the Tigers need to get going. They can still win.

They can always “still” win but it’s getting old having to work from behind godumps idocracies.

I hope Young and Laird pass those ‘Wheaties’ around the dugout. Have the Tigers ever seen this Doubront before? It seems to be the same old problem with them and a new pitcher.

Look how long it took Danny to get out of the box.

Appearently we have to play the Red Soxs and the umps. Pitch he just called Raburn out on?? Honest to god this should be a tie game right now.

Umps are pretty selective on the calls they get nd miss in this game. All I got to say it must be nice to have them on your side. I think I’m going to stop now.

Well, if you can’t catch it, you better be hittin it out. Just godawful defense.

That was a brutal call! Helton wasn’t even close. If he is the cream of the crop there I a problem with the crop

This is just a bad game by our guys. in 2012 it has beena problem. Too many of them.
I must say it does irk me a littl bit to see Prince smiling after the other team takes the lead or after we have done something brutal in the field.
Good to have an animated character but not after you have been butchering the ball in the field.

Kathy has mentioned it too.
But I know people that cant stop laughing at wakes. Hope it is that and not he does not care

It’s true. I’ve seen people smile or laugh at the most inappropriate times. Benoit used to have this smile when he was turning into a gas can.

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