Lamont, Leyland ejected as contentious trip continues

Memorial Day turned out to be a short day at work at Fenway Park for Tigers third-base coach Gene Lamont and manager Jim Leyland, both of whom were ejected as the club’s contentious stretch with umpires continued.

Both ejections came in the wake of a disputed 0-2 pitch to Red Sox shortstop Mike Aviles with two outs in the second inning. Home-plate umpire Jeff Nelson said Aviles swung and missed at a Doug Fister offering, but Aviles claimed he fouled off the ball and catcher Gerald Laird caught it on a bounce.

First-base umpire Bill Welke overruled Nelson and said the ball wasn’t caught. Replays showed Laird did indeed catch the ball and that Aviles might have missed the pitch entirely. Laird held up the ball to try to show the lack of marks on it, but it was to no avail.

Two pitches later, Aviles hit the first of three straight RBI singles and likely ruffle the Tigers further over the call. Lamont exchanged words with third-base umpire Tim Tschida almost as soon as the inning ended and soon earned his first ejection of the year.

Leyland stormed out of the dugout and picked up the argument, waving his arms at Tschida, who did not eject him. Once he kept arguing from the dugout, Welke ejected Leyland.

It marked Leyland’s third ejection of the season and second of the road trip. He was ejected from Thursday’s game in Cleveland, along with first-base coach Tom Brookens, over a disputed missed balk on Justin Masterson.

Brookens took over in the third-base coaching box for Lamont on Monday. Rafael Belliard, who filled in for Brookens at first base last Thursday, took the same post Monday. Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon, who was ejected last Wednesday in Cleveland over a disputed 3-0 strike to Miguel Cabrera, took the lineup card from Leyland and took over as manager.


If I were Leyland I would have been thrown out too. That was an absolutely brutal call.

Well, Peralta found the ‘Wheaties’ box but a little too late. Cabrera must still be in lala land after hitting the HR yesterday.

Leland is the one who still likes the “human element” of MLB. I guess he likes watching himself on national television. Umpires have become a joke in today’s world. imo.

The umpiring is just bad. Can’t spin it any other way. I suppose these guys have a seniority system that keeps poor umpires in the league for years while good young umpires like Alan Porter toil away in the minors. You know there have to be some better at AAA.
I’m not familiar with how it all works, but I’d assume that an ejection calls for a report and whoever monitors umpires looks at video of the play(s) in question. What, if any, discipline is meted out I have no idea.
I have NEVER wanted replay in baseball but I’m beginning to change my mind. That play today was butchered by those umpires, giving Prince a run for his money on who is chief butcher. The Worth call was just icing on the cake. Teach us to argue with umpires, right?

In a season full of odd stats, here’s another one. Since his return, the Tigers are 0-5 in games started by Fister. Obviously not Doug’s fault, but if we may have reasonably expected and gotten a 4-1 from his starts, we’d be in first place. This is the stuff taken into account when predicting the Tigers’ success this season.

Anyone still arguing against replay in baseball needs to have their head examined. It is really more fun to watch blind idiots like Tim Welke ruin games than have instant replay? If the system can’t find competent umpires (and it obviously can’t) then we have to have replay.

Replay doesn’t always give a result beyond the doubt needed to overturn a play, so you still need the correct call made to start with. Umpires need to stop anticipating the play. That’s behind most of these gaffes.

Umps were bad today, but not why we lost. Need to play better tomorrow…

Do you mind if I amend that to MAY not be why we lost? A pivotal play that early in the game effects the rest of the contest. It’s a lot different when you’re up 3 runs instead of being tied. That said, Fister was off, we didn’t hit well, and batting Raburn second was either some kind of sick joke or a final test for him. I see no use in playing him any further when we’ve got other guys. And that’s not to pin this all on Ryan. They all need to do a better job.
I just now got around to watching the postgame. Leyland really went off, like he rarely does anymore.

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