Sunday: Tigers at Twins

Waiting for my flight to Boston. In the meantime, here are your lineups for today’s series finale over in Minnesota. Delmon Young gets replaced by Don Kelly in the Tigers lineup, while Ryan Doumit returns for the Twins, who also give Brian Dozier the day off at short.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Don Kelly, RF
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Ryan Doumit, DH
  7. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  8. Alexi Casilla, 2B
  9. Jamey Carroll, SS

P: P.J. Walters


Casey Crosby yesterday. 7 IP,4H,1 BB, 10 K

Interesting to see Boesch in the 5 hole today. If he could hit in that spot it would be great. But more effective if Miggy and Biggy were flipped. We’ll quite likely see Sipp brought in today after a Miggy at bat.
Glad to see Delmon out-he would have hit into 3 rally killing DPs yesterday had Dozier not made a horrible play on his last ground ball.
Raburn getting yet another chance. I think patience is wearing thin (even though it doesn’t much look like it given his massive amount of playing time).

This time il will take The Mister´s side. Yesterday, Berry SB. Miguel got the IBB. Fielder made them pay. But I still think taking out the bat of Miguel and launching and anchor there is not the best move

Hey, slowbyrne, isn’t Sipp with the Indians? LOL. No big deal. Maybe you’ve caught some of my amnesia. Instead they might see Perkins or

I am constantly living in the past!
That was pretty dense.
Good to see Berry running.

Interesting on base behaviour! Cabby caught napping but Prince picking him up with a very smart base-running trick.

First inning…..2 hits, 2 runs, 2 base running errors?

Cabrera is totally out of the game

Well Rick looks pretty good so far. Can’t believe they didn’t give Raburn an error on that 1st inning. Now Cabby gets an error. They again are not helping their starting pitcher.

At the plate either. We have a team that often seems to hit into DPs with 2 or 3 men on.
It’s almost uncanny.
I was very worried about this inning. Why.
Because RP got hurt last inning but more because we let the SP{ off the hook again. (Old habits) Usually this breathes life into the opposition. Leadoff double here in the 5th and this is the most important inning of the game—right here.

Well appearently after doing a good job with risp the 1st two games Tigs have regressed into old patterns. Typical.

Did I just see 2 innings in a row with the bases loaded and no runs scored?

Time to call the bullpen. Before the game goes out of reach

Yes they have. Back to no hitting with men on. Very disturbing.
Back to taking called 3rd strikes with base loaded.
Back to letting the starting pitcher get away with poor pitching. Very disturbing. And Boaes back to hittin nearly .000 after an intentional walk.
If Minnesota doesn’t ake the lead in their half of this inning I will be shocked..
We needed the big hit by Cabby that inning and he just didn’t have a good at bat at all.
I am very worried about this game and this inning.

This is the Tigers, I know and hate! After two consecutive innings in a row of have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out, they lay an egg. And the Twins two innings in a row add on runs. Pitiful!

That post above was supposed to be posted at the beginning of the inning. Not sure what happened. Honest!
That inning did pan out pretty much like I felt it would. The “creepiness” could be palpably felt going into the last two innings.
We are playing poorly again and how many darn times have we seen a run or two in the 1st then nothing? Seems like we are a 1 inning team offensively too often..
Let’s show some character here and actually start taking advantage of leadoff men on and baserunners in scoring position.

Donn Kelly has not been the guy that he used to be, he used yo always come through and here again in the 6th two runners on and no outs and they waste it again. I should of know not to even get an inkling of optimism with ths group.

Last 3 innings…..8 runners stranded on base.

As I said before, uncanny. What a knack for squelching opportunities our hitters seem to have.
Kelly not playing well is, to me, understandable. The fact that he so often has played well, given his very limited playing time, always pleasantly surprised me. That can’t go on forever.
Raburn, quite simply is not major league material. His presence has deluded JL and management into non-action as far as obtaining a viable replacement.
Twins up now and guranteed they will get the bunt down.

We got a break on the SB—Avila’s throws have been late and poor lately. He seems to have forgotten how to throw on the inside of the bag.
Holy cow—another DP that goes in the books as a an FC.
Brutal execution by our infielders almost every single game.

Well GK, these next 3 innings will tell us a whole lot about the character of this ball club. They got into a pretty lighthearted, animated celebratory mood yesterday. They have succumbed to bad bad habits immediately thereafter.
The question is, can they play with a level of determination and intensity or will they play with what we have been subjected to this season, self defeating baseball.

9 men LOB now. Double digits, once again looming. I would love for Boesch to be able to take over the #5 slot so we can lose Young. But, I think BB has a mental block when he gets inserted there. For godssake Brenna, try swinging with two hands please. you might find you can square the ball just that little bit better that you need to do.

Self-defeating? Self-defecating. 4 innings…..10 runners stranded.

Boston is licking their chops in anticipation. Hopefully those annoying fans will inspire the Tigers to finally open up that can of whoop-a$$.

I knew DY would K (since he couldn’t hit into a ist pich ground ball DP).
I absolutely knew Raburn would do nothing at the plate.
For this team to have a chance–both guys have go. I am dead serious.
They are rally killers, they are marginal MLB players, they are not clutch players, they have no defensive skills and they are demoralizing to the rest of the players.
I am not the only fan that can see this. I am quite sure a lot of people close to the club can see it too. So why is it allowed to perpetuate.

Time to trade raburn or send him to Toledo

He will cool down soon or later but as now thre is no way to keep raburn or kelly there and send him back to aaa. Berry must remain.
And Worth deserves his day at the field too

Past time. It has always been clear that Raburn was an incomplete ballplayer.
So is Young. How many incomplete ballplayers can a MLB team afford to roster?
We seem to have quite a few of these types.

Berry singles—now you steal then ya bunt.
My guess is none of that will happen

4 Letter word! Can’t believe JL does not know enough to lay one down to get that tying runner to 3rd on the road.
He should be fired for that singular reason alone.

Half of his HRs for Detroit have to tie the game or put the team ahead

have been.

Gardenhier went by the book

Cabby =character. But that does not excuse Leyland n that inning.
Way to Miggy–way to pick yourself up after a so-so kind of game.

Now we get see if we can be be excited by Valverde this season.
3 or 4 runs are pretty easy.
A 1 run lead with the top of the lineup coming up will be be the predictor of what we can expect.

longball wins it. tigers however have been outhomered so far this season. a bit stunning to note that at this point in the season.

It is very hard but I guess we can forgive them for all the stranded RISP’s.
A win is a win. We’ll take it. I guess Cabby decided to stop horsin’ around.

A win is a win but there sure is some sloppy defensive play out there. The LOB issue is looming larger than it should because we don’t hit enough homers. Homers make up for a myriad of sins, as today’s game attested. Some teams do little else but hit homers and win games.
I may be the last one here to lose patience with Raburn but it’s reached that point. He’s failing everywhere he goes, and failing big. Wonder if JL has ever considered starting Santiago and Worth at times? Anyway, the decision upon Jackson’s return could be an ugly one. I don’t think Berry will continue to hit like he has been but he’s certainly a useful defensive outfielder and pinch runner. He could replace Kelly very easily although I don’t think that will happen. I see today that JL moved Raburn to RF in the 9th to replace Dirks! For some reason, Ryan is high on the outfield defensive depth chart.
We’ve avoided a bullet here at the end of May, and remain in reasonable shape in the division race.

Dirks did go back to left for the last inning.

In Porcello pitched games, I would be tempted to DH Fielder, and move Cabs to first. Rayburn can’t be at second. I know this would never happen, but ground ball pitchers just don’t deserve shoddy defense. Having said that, Cabs is amazing, and you must admit that Fielder grows on one as a player. Victory was a great shot in the arm. Would love 3-4 from the “SAWX”, but might have to settle for a split. Berry continues to make a positive difference. Ride it while we can.

I think a split would be an acceptable outcome for sure.
I know what you mean about DHing Prince in the Porcello games, but I wouldn’t want to start shuttling Cabrera over to 1stbase. If we had a slick fielding backup 1stsacker, I’d go for that. As a matter of fact, we don’t have a 3rdbaseman any better than Miggy either. It would be good to have Fielder and the pitchers work on the timing of covering the bag, but doubtful you can do that mid-season. That should have already been done. And other than Verlander, our pitchers aren’t handling the play correctly. Watch JV bolt for first in a dead sprint on everything hit to the right side, arriving at the bag in time to calmly take the throw. All pitchers should do that. Physical errors are inevitable. Not knowing how to play a position is not.

When Jackson comes off the DL, the best option will be to send Danny Worth to Toledo so he can get regular at bats. Don Kelly was given first chance to fill in for AJ and he did not do it. Quentin Berry impacted the last five games more than Kelly, Raburn, Santiago, and Worth have since the start of the season. All four of these guys have been scuffling off and on all season. Berry did this against division opponents and Cleveland will be back in Detroit early in June. Our manager should be able to set up a rotation among the three outfield positions and DH during the first six games after AJ returns and give Berry a couple more starts if he deserves them. His only weakness in these past five games has been K’s and four of those were against Cleveland and Minnesota lefty relievers. Going forward he is the top pinch runner on our team. Trailing late in the game and against righthanded relievers, he is our best option to pinch hit in a lead off situation. And he is a true plus defender in the outfield and should get the call for late inning outfield defensive replacement.

Why can’t Worth and Santiago both start the same game at the keystone some times, in either position? Is there an unwritten rule against that? Neither Peralta or Raburn have been great guns out there. The truth is that we don’t need Kelly to fill in at 3rdbase, and we have better options for outfield defense. They won’t drop Don, though. Everybody likes DK, myself included, but there are better options. Hard business.

It would be great to see Berry continue to be effective. He has been one of the reasons e have been able to win this weekend.
I’m not sure we’ll be able to say that much for our bench players very often this year.
Raburn is playing himself out of town. No question in my mind about that. Even JL will not be able to save him. Young may not be far behind.
Fabulous to see the main guy wind this game for the “D”. A good game yesterday then aved by the big guy today. That should pick them up. A loss in that game would have instilled doubt back in the minds of the strugglers.
Not saying we should have taken a run at O Dog but interesting to see the Chisox do it.
A sweep!

Love to see Worth and Santiago start at the same time Rich.
Two things I was most impressed with today.
1. RP’s intensity, especially on the play where he was hit in the leg by the hard comebacker, and, under a lot of pain, pounced on the ball and threw to first. Then the play were he took the toss from Fielder and dove at first with the glove hand for the out. Can’t remember when I saw that last. A real gamer. Bad things could have happened there.He definitely was in competitive mode today.
2. Berry’s overall play but especially that catch. I recall he made at least one hi-light catch similar to that in SP. Reaching over his head and diving fully extended on a dead run away from home plate. That stuff makes the game fun to watch. He can field, he can run and he has shown he can bunt. Even if his hitting cools down, and it has to from his present .381, he’s just what this team has lacked for a long time. Don’t want to draw comparisons between him, AJ, and Curtis (they are both highly skilled players with tons of talent), but in terms of visible intensity and the ability to draw the attention of the opposition when he is on base, I give him the nod over them. He’s fast. Seems confident. An outfield with him, AJ, and AD would be pretty tight from a defensive standpoint. Much different than what we’ve seen for the past few years. When Austin returns the problem will be who goes if JL decides to keep him. Let’s see what he does against Boston in that very hostile environment.

Let’s look at our bench this way. We have a veteran catcher, Gerald Laird, backing up Alex. For the rest of the season, he should get twenty to twenty-five starts to keep Alex fresh. We have probably the best middle infielder backup in the league in Ramon Santiago. He should get ten to twelve more starts at shortstop and perhaps as high as thirty starts at second base. Don Kelly is an adeqate defensive replacement at the four corner positions and also serves as an emergency catcher. His starts need to slow down and when we play in the NL parks he absolutely must start on the bench so he will be available for the double switches that may be necessary. To these three vets, we now can add Quintin Berry to backup in the outfield with perhaps thirty or forty starts, pinch run, and in cetain situations pinch hit.

Jackson might have a tough time breaking back into the lineup with the way Berry is playing. Either way, it’s good new for the Tigers. Don’t forget that Kelly has pitched, too…

Perhaps the weirdest stat of the team is bases loaded, now an amazing .121/.167/.152 from 33 AB’s for 4 singles, 1 double and 11 RBI’s. Not surprisingly the worst record in MLB by a long way. The Rays with the best record are hitting .385/.417/.692 for 41 RBI’s from 39 AB’s with 14 teams hitting .280 or better.
No pressure to deliver being felt??

That may be the worst stat I’ve ever seen. Your BA is supposed to go up with the bases loaded, not down. The pitcher has to throw strikes and the hitter can be selective. The pressure is on the pitcher, not the hitter, and that’s where the Tigers are falling down. They aren’t understanding that. This is 100% mental. Makes ya wanna slap some guys in the helmet before they go up there. Is there a job opening for helmet slapper? They’d only get several millions applicants.

Unfortunately (and that is ironic actually), we get a lot of bases loaded situations due to the lack of speed on this team. You get down to the middle and bottom of the order and it is station to station to station baseball. Now that doesn’t mean I hope we don’t get the bases full!
For awhile there it seemed like the only way we could score a man from 3rd and less than 2out was on a passed ball or wild pitch. I think things are picking up.
Still have to get Jhonny hitting better and laying off the balls down and away. Raburn and Young are rally enders. Raburn is a boring out while Young’s at bats are more action packed (read 1st pitch swinging DP). This team can improve if those two fellows are addressed.
Raburn must have some compromising photos of JL in his back pocket. He just gets plugged in the lineup no matter what. And then to add insult to injury, he is deployed as a defensive replacement. Why would anyone want to keep his bat AND his glove in the lineup? If that fellow starts a ball game he is the one that should be taken OUT in th elate innings.
Leyland is an astute baseball man, but he sure has tunnel vision when it comes to some of his players.

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