Saturday: Tigers at Twins

Ramon Santiago gets the start at second base. He’s 5-for-15 lifetime off Carl Pavano. Ryan Raburn is 3-for-8 with a double and a triple, but he’ll get the day game after night game off.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Brian Dozier, SS
  7. Alexi Casilla, 2B
  8. Drew Butera, C
  9. Jamey Carroll, 3B

P: Carl Pavano


Stay with the program. Keep going with the putch and don’t get frustrated and start gettng pull happy. They will start to find the green.

I believe that makes Morneau 4 for 6, 3 of them homers, off Max. At some point you just start pitching around a guy. Or throwing at his feet.

I see my man Vinnie Ruttino, from spring training, just hit his first homer for the Mets.

Not sure how Pavana has been doing recently against us. I think kinda so-so but I do remember he was very tough on us a few years ago. He’s keeping us off balance so far. It goes without saying that it is kinda important to have two good offensive games in a row here. Let’s go hitters.

Perhaps it is time to give Worth a chance at SS

Hey, finally got to the ol’ Tiger Killer. Nice hitting and very impressive baserunning. Looks like everyone did their homework.

Singling all the way home

Now that was pretty to watch. That’s more the way we should be hitting.
The 2 bad at bas were Peralta trying to pull the ball!
And Delmon, man is this guy ever a rally iller with the 1st pitch swinging. It would not bother me in any way to see this guy gone.

I think he will be. Just a matter of when.

That rain was on the projected radar. No surprise. Looked like they were zeroing in on Max anyway.

I hope this one is rained out. The game will be in the books and Scherzer won’t have to leave the game with a really bad taste in his mouth. He pitched really well but boy, he is HR machine. Anyone remember Frank Lary?
Actually Jack Morris would give up a few too. Solos shots help though.
Fielder hitting the ball hard–now he needs to get under them a bit–maybe HE should talk to BOESCH for advice for a change!

They should begin play again around 5 PM, depending on how long the prep takes. Max is done.

To this point (bottom of 9).
We have had good starting, good relieving, good team hitting, good baserunning and no errors.
Now–hopefully we can get Valverde to pitch half as well as Dotel and Benoit and you have a team coop victory. Exactly what the Dr. ordered.

Two games streak, good all around.

Nice to see two wins in a row. Valverde 3 up and 3 down. A few comments. Have they found a permanent LF? Dirks. How is Delmon handling the DH? I mean mentally. He has been hitting a little better.
What happens with Berry when Jackson comes back? I know it’s early but I can’t complain with what he has done so far. Can he play 2B? LOL. Does Lloyd talk to Delmon and Brennan at all about that first pitch swing? One way or another it is helping opposing pitchers have lower pitch counts and that may help them stay in a game longer. It always seems like Tiger pitchers are higher in pitch counts.

One way to improve our defense is to strike out 16/17 hitters, or whatever it was. Still messed up that 1st to pitcher covering the bag with Fielder/Benoit. That’s got to be a
timing issue. Might have to devote more of spring training to actual training and less to tryouts.
TWO wins in a row! And they said it couldn’t be done.
Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone.

Berry to rf. Jackson cf. Dirks lf. Boesch dh and young to pinch hitter/spot starts at dh. Kelly utility and pinch runner. Worth back down. Thats my opinion. I would have put dirks in rf but he has a gun for an arm and i like that in the more often hit to left field than waste it in rf where it would rarely be utilized. Although berry would be under utilized in rf he would gladly take the position to stay in the show. Plus his range combined with jacksons means very few hits to rf. I would also considor jackson at left field berry at center and dirks at rf. Any combo really shores up the slightly weak infield.

Don’t get too enamored of Berry yet. And please don’t misunderstand. A great passion and energy added to a a very slow offense. He’s the type of player every team needs. But he’s got to show he can get on base above .360 constantly. it is nice to have someone other than Kelly who can capably fill in for Ajax. And I certainly respect Kelly. Hopefully, Berry’s energy has helped to ignite an overdue offensive built team.

He definitely brings some energy. That kind of energy in ST when people were still tyring to win spots or get noticed. He impressed in ST, that’s for sure. I wish him the best.

Berry is the kind of guy you tend to root for. He has provided a spark for a stagnant offense, but really has done less than Jackson was doing when we weren’t scoring runs. He also strikes out a lot, every 5 PAs in the minors, high for a non-power hitter. 6 Ks in his first 20 PAs up here. Players his age can improve suddenly, so I hope that’s the case with him. If nothing else, if he’s still with the club in two weeks (which I kind of doubt), he’ll have an opportunity to stick it to Cincinnati, the club that released him last winter.

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