Friday: Tigers at Twins

I’m off this weekend, flying to Boston on Sunday ahead of the Memorial Day afternoon opener, but the Tigers lineup is out for tonight’s opener at Minnesota. Though Jim Leyland said Thursday he wasn’t sure if he’d be throwing Ryan Raburn into the starting lineup right away, the Tigers’ struggles to get much production at second base might have forced his hand. Raburn’s in the lineup, the only change being that he’s batting ninth.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Drew Smyly


So remove santiago because he isn’t batting very well recently? I don’t think he has struck out since may 14th – the past days his average is like 385.
or is this a fatigue issue?

7 days

6 for 18 in the last 10 games played for 333.

This lineup is producing such an abundance runs, why would we want to mix it up?

Outrighted To Triple-A: David Pauley

That is funny CJB. “abundance of runs” good one. Obviously JL was not impressed with my lineup on the previous thread. Or maybe I just submitted it a little late. Yeah that’s it.

Yeah. That struggling to get production out of the 2nd base position was all on Santiago JL. Ramon you forced JL’s hand.

Now you know Ramon is plumb tuckered out from his exertions in Cleveland. He’s lying on the trainer’s table hooked to an IV as we speak. If only he was a burner……..

I don’t even knows if it matters who’s in or who’s out anymore. If they hit the other day they won’t hit today or they won’t get the hits in the right order. No matter who no matter where in the order, THEY CAN’T get it right!

Too many guys are not getting good swings. I think this is the province of the hitting “instructor”. Peralta is not hitting for power (or much else when it counts), either are DY, Avila and Boesch. These guys need to reach the seats. All should be capable of 20 homeruns . Those kinds of homeruns from the bottom of the lineup are priceless. They deflate the opposition. A pitcher works his butt off to contain the big hitters then . WHAM, they get tagged by a more unexpected source. Hapens to us all the time.
I like Ramon as much as anybody here. I, however, do not think he is an adequate SOLUTION for 2B. He’s the best we have right now but he is not going to provide the stimulus needed.

Just noticed a comment about subpar at bats by the tigers. Hmm dont we pay a guy handsomely to solve those problems. If the bats dont get corrected by all star break than bye bye hitting coach.

Stupid managerial move #1: Not running Berry on pitches. Duh. What was he brought up for?

1st inning Cabrera grounds into a double play, and Peralta has the 1st defensive blunder of the game! Different day same stuff

And there ya go not turning the double play comes back to bite the Tigers in the butt! Mad already and pretty sure it is already an insurmountable lead!

Smyly had a rough inning but it’s tough to pitch when 2 guys not on the other team, play a factor.
Peralta is entering the chokes zone. His hitting now looks like it has mutated to his fielding. He should have had Riveras ground ball. The DP ball was completely inexcusable. He had all the time in the world to make a good throw.
Then the ump totally missed strike 3 on Willingham.
That’s the kind of calls you can expect if you are a rookie and if you are playing for the Tigers. I’m sure that poor play begests questionable umping. Good teams on a roll will get that call.
I know umps miss things every now and then but smyly deseved better than that.

Hang on GK, here they go.

Well we got 4 but we darn near got close to getting only 1. Peralta is far removed from being a good hitter right now it’s laughable. We have 2 other guys that can play that position on the bench.
Raburn should be optioned out till he starts hitting. Anythng else is Hope & Dream and there is too much wrong with this club to compensate for that and wait for him to do something. If there are 6 other guys on the club that are meeting expectations than you can afford that luxury. Look around Leyland, there aren’t.
Berry looked safe at 2nd to me. Have to look at that again.
Why didn’t Young score on Boesch’s double- that was obviously going to be high off the wall.

Dan and Jim said he was safe.

We though Berry looked safe as well!

Berry proably was thinking he better go for two because he wasn’t gonna get the green light from the dugout to steal it!
BTW, does anybody else thingk it makes sense to Option Raburn to Toledo. I mean why didn’t they do this 3 weeks into the season? How long can you afford to wait? How can you expect your role players not to get demoralized watching this?
You send him down and he starts hitting in a more relaxed environment, and then you call him back up.

Marcos Scutaro could be available soon. Good 2b, so so SS , plays 3b too.

Smyly ovelasted his rival, who would have said that after the 1st inning

Scutaro is OK. Not what I had in mind though.
Glad to see Peralta pick up his game after my initial tirade. I do feel he should not be a Leyland untouchable though.
Cabby has been pretty aggressive on the base lately eh?

With less weight , he must think he could put somee speed there.Last year he was second in MLB running from 1b to 3b on a single by the next batter. It was credited on “doubles” by Vmart who did not go beyond 1b.But he usually, not this season, is smart running

I forgot how bad I hated the outfield camera angles at Target Field.

And now the bull pen. Keeping my fingers crossed.

And an ump jacks up another call, oh what a surprise!

And 2 error cost us 2 runs this inning, swell. Doesn’t mean I’m letting idiotic ump off the hook either.

Well at least we have discovered that Villareal won’t be converted to a 2nd baseman.
He looked like an alien out there..
This team has looked so bad this year most of this year. An not because of moving Cabby to 3rd.
It looks like we are gonna find away to blow a 4 run lead and lose this one too.
I’m not sure how, but I am sure not many of us here would be surprised.

Would the real Fielder please stand up?
They are defying him

Appearently Dirks can’t bunt!

Managerial stupid move #2:
Not sending Berry during the Dirks at bat. Asking him to bunt was not too bright either. It’s pretty clear Dirks couldn’t bunt a bowling ball.

Nice job Raburn. That’s your defensive replacement in right, JL.
— Bob

Has Raburn ever played RF in Target Field? I’d think not.

Don’t stop now Dan, keep them rolling!!!

All that’s missing is the rim shots, hey? 🙂

Darin Mastroiani played along Justin Henry here. Henry was far better

Stupid managerial move #3:
Raburn replaces Boesch in RF for “defensive” purposes?? Nice catch Ryan.
Glad you didn’t get a concussion on that one.

Why not simply bring Ramon in to play 2nd? You want to give slugger Raburn another at bat?

No one, and I mean no one, will ever convince me that Ryan Raburn is even an average MLB outfielder.

Well time to cross your fingers not only is it not a save situation Valverde hasn’t pitched in a good long while!

Actually he hasn’t pitched good, in a long while!!

Here we go! Fasten your sealtbelts.
— Bob

One splitter, six 4 seam fastball. No mixing again

Great last pitch by Papa,

3 29´ but a W is a W

Took Valverde some 20 minutes to pitch to 4 hitters. It was driving Blyleven crazy, he was timing him with a stopwatch.
Alan Porter, the firstbase umpire, is the guy some of us were complimenting last year. He’s got the plate tomorrow. He must have heard Carroll wrong, because I can’t imagine Jamey uttering any magic words.
I know there have been worst fielding innings by pitchers, but I can’t remember anything recently to compare to Villarreal’s 6th inning. Two blown DPs and a throwing error? Thrown in Peralta’s blown DP and the Twins may have been held to about 2 runs tonight.
Some guys in the middle of the order getting it going, it seems. Interesting that Cabrera, having been overly anxious in Cleveland, took a walk after his mates began to hit.
Berry has added a little spark. Always fun to see the new guy light it up some before the league learns how to pitch him. Don’t know why he wasn’t stealing in the 1st inning, put some pressure on them right away.

I guess they wanted the penalty for Valverde for taking too much time.

I think Berry provided a lot of spark. Refreshing to see someone on OUR team run at will. Effectively disrupts the concentration of opposing pitchers and infielders. As long as he can bunt and be as selective as he was he’ll get on base. He looked a little over matched in the Perkins AB though. I actually enjoyed the game last night. Imagine that.

Villarreal, the worst defensive replacement at pitcher I have ever seen.

Irony: Villareal won his first ever game in MLB without throwing a pitch to home. He picked off the runner on first before making the first pitch for the last out of the inning and the W

1. Quintin Berry, CF
2. Andy Dirks, LF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
4. Prince Fielder, 1B
5. Delmon Young, DH
6. Brennan Boesch, RF
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Alex Avila, C
9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

The best available and the right order

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