Did Chris Perez take a shot at the Tigers?

Considering Chris Perez has already been in headlines for things he has said about the Indians not getting the respect they deserve, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he brought the Tigers into it after the Indians had just swept them. A reporter asked him after Thursday’s Cleveland win whether this sweep should get the Indians more national attention, and that’s where he fired his final pitch:

“I hope so. I don’t think we care. We’re not like flipping on ESPN to see if we’re leading off SportsCenter. We don’t care. They do their thing. They cover the Yankees and the Red Sox and how bad the Angels are. We’re doing our own thing. They’ll eventually turn. I saw a couple articles. We’re starting to get some love. It’s just we don’t have the star power. You look over there and you’ve got Cabrera and Fielder and Verlander and Valverde. But that doesn’t win baseball games. Good teams win baseball games.

On the one hand, it’s a pretty good line. But when you look at where the Tigers are right now compared with the expectations built up, you’ve gotta believe he isn’t the only one thinking this. The fact that it came from Chris Perez makes it a headline.


can’t blame him for telling the truth

Statements like that can only come back to haunt you…..it does nothing to help you and it might focus the other club a tiny amount. Thanks Chris! The Indians were the Champs of May last year too.

^^ more truth!

They were 30-15 last season which is better then their record now look were they ended up just saying its to early to be talking play baseball

As a Tigers fan, I admitt he’s right. It’s what us Tigers fans were saying in 06 when we beat the Yankees in the playoffs.

Perez is correct in his assessment, but Perez should also know when to shut up. That wasn’t too intelligent a thing to say. He should have quit with the shot at ESPN.

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Who cares what Perez says. Now………… on to more important matters.
Excellent points you made in the previous thread El Tigre. I think you are correct on every point. You lay it out there analytically and don’t let emotions clutter matters.
Regarding JL’s comments on left right…. you just lower Fielder to the 5th spot like I said. Drop Miguel to 4th and let Dirks have a try at the 3rd spot. Now you still have LRL. Was that so difficult?
El Tigre, I was thinking the same thing about Berry maybe being the 3rd outfielder. But I missed most all of the last 3 games (my eyes weren’t seared) so I haven’t had a look at how he plays. He’s fast and a good defender, that’s good enough for starts.
I’m not going to say anything more about Prince’s fielding. It’s not going to change anything. He is an enthusiastic player who plays hard and with emotion. I’m sure a good teammate. When he starts hitting HR’s people are going to be less critical of his play at first, myself included.
How about this? , first before AJ returns, then after.
Berry CF Jackson CF solves LR problem
Santiago 2B Santiago 2B
Dirks LF Dirks LF
Cabrera 3B Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B Fielder 1B
Peralta SS Peralta SS
Bosch RF Bosch DH
Young DH Laird C
Laird C Berry RF


Yikes! My 2 lineups got squeezed..I guess they’re readable. Somebody said 5 and 6 spots weren’t hitting. Now we have Prince and Jhonny there. In the second lineup you could even switch Santiago and Berry around.
Rich, that wasn’t a snip back at your comment which was exactly right. I was just saying, why do we even care?

No snip taken, Marty. As you know, I have a comment on everything, including the price of butter.
I think JL’s hand are nearly tied with this lineup, other than doing as you suggest, moving Miggy and Prince to 4/5. I think Laird should catch more, and I keep hearing that JL knows that. If so, he does nothing about it. I obviously want Santiago in there but that won’t happen for another couple of months in LeyLand. And, going back to the original subject of this entry, Santiago was the only Tiger to get on base against Perez, with a walk on Tuesday and a single on Thursday. Maybe JL was watching on TV the second time. Or not.

I don’t think switching Cabby and Fielder around is going to accomplish much. Now, if VMart were here then yes, by all means.
Cabby getting up in the 1st inning makes sense to me. AJ and Dirks ahead of him should provide him with opportunities too.
Fielder simply has to start hitting properly. There’s no reason to think he won’t.
Young batting behind Fielder is not helping matter much. A pitcher knows that he can work the plate against Fielder and then quite likely get out of the inning on his 1st pitch to DY. IMO, Delmon Young is the key batter and key batter in the order that will activate this offense. If he starts to hit in that spot–things change dramatically.
Do I think he will? I have my doubts. I know he can but he still needs to be more selective (I don’t think he has that discipline to do that) in order to become a feared MLB hitter.
I’d be quite happy to him go. If they could package him up with an Oliver or Wilk for a quality 2nd baseman then this cahnges our team for the better. Then you can DH a guy like Raburn and keep a decent outfield defense.

Its a comment. Give it up. I throw out comments everyday. Take it or leave it. However i do believe at seasons end we can tally up fielders games won by his go ahead run at bats versus games lost by his blooper reel defense and base running and i suspect the tally will be negative. At least this year. Maybe next year when lineup and personel changes are made that could easily change.

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