Wednesday: Tigers at Indians

Indians have their Weather Day promotion today. It’s the third one the Tigers have seen this year, including their own a few weeks ago. It’ll be sunny and warm today at Progressive Field, but it’s overcast on the Tigers side. They wasted a good performance from Doug Fister last night, and they probably can’t afford to do the same with Justin Verlander on the mound for a noon getaway game.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Carlos Santana, DH
  5. Michael Brantley, CF
  6. Jose Lopez, 3B
  7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  8. Shelley Duncan, LF
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Justin Masterson


am i seeing lineup consistency from the skipper?
I just want to see hitting with RISP. And maybe a little infield defense. I know what i’m going to get from JV.

Interesting scheduling quirk: the Tigers have embarked on their second 10-game road trip of the season. They will, however, play 14 of 17 at home in July surrounding the AS break, then have two more 9-game homestands, one in August and one in September. Maybe that’s meaningless, but it’s certainly not a bad thing looking forward.

Ya they wasted a good pitching performance, but they wasted mine and a bunch of people’s time that we will never get back. A lot of them are millionaires they will be fine. ( yes I know nobody is forcing me to continue to watch). Tell ya I can’t take this much longer, I might put my season tickets up for sale, but nobody will probably want them. I can watch these losers at home for free.

Some of us can’t even do that. We have to pay for subscriptions. I get the Nationals and Orioles for free, both teams playing well.

if the tigers played with the heart that either of those teams have….boy we’d be #1 in the AL prolly

Gk. I know how you feel. I paid for a year’s worth of MLB.TV and I am growing weary of watching the same ineptitude game after game. Maybe it’s just my old age but the hype of Cabrera-Fielder & Co. has not helped my circulation at all. I never thought I would grow tired of watching Tiger baseball after 60+ years but I am reaching that point…..

Isn’t it Thursday?🙂

One last thing about last night – gotta love those Cleveland fans with chants of “Detroit Sucks”. Hey, maybe true, but geez, they must have short memories of themselves, and don’t they have their own ball players questioning their support?

Please give JV some breathing room today, 6 games back will not be good. We already left one player on base that was in scoring position in the first inning.

what’s that – you haven’t hit for power this year? Just play the tigers – you’ll hit with power!

Two left on base already (although Delmon put a good charge in it). Then Verlander puts one on a tee for Choo

This blog is getting to be a place where people just mindlessly pick on the Tigers. Not everyone, of course, but more and more. Criticism is fine, but let’s keep it constructive, if we are fans.

You think I am mindlessly picking on them? With all due respect to you I think there are some well paid individuals who are not living up to their potential and what I have witnessed them do in previous years. I am not asking them to be anything they are not.

They’re making foolish baserunning decisions now, probably because of no confidence in their mates to get it done. Things are snowballing.

Is it groundhogs day?

Nice work there by Berry and Dirks.
Delmon’s got a lot of Vlad in him, doesn’t he?

Yes he does. Did you think Cabrera might of been safe? I thought maybe but not sure.

It was really close. Perhaps. Miggy is not happy when the team is not doing well, and I like that about him. Team first kind of guy.

Dirks is a pretty decent outfielder, he has been a very pleasant surprise at the plate and in the field.

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Just an incredible stretch of games we’re in right now.

Miggy at looks like he cares!

This umpiring crew has been aweful! Even I can tell it was a balk , and thos are nearly undetectable to me!

Was it a non-balk call that got Tom and Jim ejected? Watching on game day so that tells me nothing. i see we had another throw out at the plate – was that close and was it a worthwhile attempt?

The balk was an atrocious non-call. One of the most blatant blown calls you’ll ever see. If that answers your question. 🙂

No he shouldn’t hav gone home, bad base running.

I believe that if anyone has the desire to win, it’s Miggy. I have seen some posters get down on him and I don’t think he deserves it. If he does come up with bad swings I think it is because he is trying too hard to pick up this team. And is he not better at 3rd than anyone expected? He is also attempting to steal bases this year. Give the big guy some credit.

fully agree, he is a true competitor and can’t be liking this situation much at all

Somebody needs to do something big. Just one guy to do something big. And it just doesn’t happen. I’d rather do this in May than in September like the Red Sox did last year.

My lord they strand it again!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been given another headache by this team and these umpires aren’t helping.

frustrating. but it’ll be nice to see the fair-weather fans become disinterested. ticket sales will drop however.

Well, they’ve blown every game of this series. 6 games out? How far below .500?

Well Verlander, Smyly and Fister should all be angry. They have pitched their tails off and have little to show for it.

I wish I could clunk Rod and Mario’s heads together. They often get on my nerves.

This season is going to call for a whole lot of patience.

well I hope you have enough for the both of us, because I am running out of it.

Every day a new anti-hero. Everybody discontributes. Today Andy can’t get a blood bunt down to help this team. Truth is likely if he did they would have walked Cabby anyway and Fielder would hit into a DP.
You couldn’t be a Tiger-hating sports writer and write a more perfect script every time out. Yesterday’s was classic. Today, and we all knew we were gonna lose when the Tribe got that 2nd run, was insulting to their ace.
They need to sit several guys out. The excuse will be they don’t have replacements.
Well, duh, then sit ONE guy out for non performance. Perhaps more than ONE light will come on when this is seen by the other guys who could be next.
Peralta, Avila and Young are 3 critical everyday players that are not doing their job.
Sit Avila (or concoct a DL assignment) and play Laird. I love Avila but call a spade a spade. He is also lost his touch with his arm. He had the same guys last year throwing to him so it’s not all the pitchers’ fault.
YooHoo. Delmon Young is not a good DH. What does it take to see this? And by that I do NOT suggest he should be playing OF. Peralta would be the last guy I would threaten but he is playing uninspired and without confidence. His saving grace is the fact that he plays a solid defense.
Young needs to go. He is not supplying power and can’t provide anything else. Keep some speed in his place.
Leyland has to take these guys out and instead of batting practice MAKE them learn how to bunt. There is not a good bunter on this team, Ramon included.
They need to find a productive MLB 2nd baseman.
They need to DH Fielder more than they do.
Make a decision between Worth and Ramon. The redundancy there does not strengthen the bench.
Valverde’s name shall not be etched in stone as the closer.
Make sure the walls and lockers around Verlander’s cubicle are padded. We don’t need him punching holes in any walls.
Send Putkonen down. He’s not nearly ready.
Last but not least, if this team is not convincingly winning ball games by the 15th of June send Leyland, Lamont and McLendon packing .
As for fans, if you don’t have season tickets (and I feel for you GK) don’t go to the ball park. Works for the Tribe!
I was going to make a different post before I started. It was going to be 2 words-“Who Cares?”
Somehow, I guess I still do.

Judging by the reactions of the coaches to umpires.. They are feeling the heat… they know their time is coming…

I give Avila pass. I think he has struggled since the knee problems returned. Whether that is still an issue or whether it just got him out of rhythm or he is altering his swing to avoid re-injury, I’m not sure. But he did hit a 3-run HR yesterday and Laird isn’t going to hit for any higher of an average and even less power if he played every day.
Why Balester was designated when they could have just sent Putkonen down…maybe they needed the 40- man spot open in anticipation of calling Berry up?
Delmon Young had a nice run in the playoffs last year but he hasn’t taken well to DH-ing and just doesn’t justify his daily lineup spot, especially not behind Fielder, when there is often an RBI opportunity this season.

If Leyland doesn’t make some changes to shake up this team I will be forced to stop watching this train wreck. A good manager would realize something has to change to try to stop the madness. I am so tired of his “they just have to start playing better” speech. Be a manager, step up and do something for a change.


Three basehits at the right time this week and we could have swept them. Just three. Not making excuses, just pointing out how thin the line is between “now we’re coming on” and “fire Leyland!”
I am concerned with the boneheaded desperate baserunning and that overall travesty of a game they played on Tuesday night. There are issues here. Cleveland won’t continue to have the Midas touch but we have to elevate our game. The season itself is far from over but we have to make improvements in a number of areas. Just waiting for it to happen is something we fans can do, but those directly involved cannot.

Rich, I agree. But I think the problem is we are starting to jump at shadows now. Every umpire is out to get us, we need to worry about balls and strikes. We need to be more aggressive on the base paths etc. These things eek of a desperate lost team.
Plain and simple we need more consistency. Guys need to come up to the plate with a plan in mind and execute it.

The wheels haven’t fell off yet. This has every makings of every JL team we’ve seen since he got here. I called the sweep before the series started because its identical to last year. Cleveland swept us and we roared forward to the division title. This team IS better than last year(with the exception of the non bigs ready Putkonen). Juju and bad officiating has been the culprit behind the recent schnide. It’s hard to have timely hitting when the umps keep calling strikes a foot and a half off the plate only for the bad guys. Delmon is a second half player that needs to stop swinging at first pitches and Mr Raburn should start all years in the 60day Dl for dead bat. We desperately need a 2b or one to step forward and take the role. I think Worth gets it defensively but hasn’t had enough AB’s to get an offense. We have the tools we have the talent, don’t be surprised to see the worm turn as does the calendar.

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